Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 981: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 5)

Han Zai Zi came with her to the airport that day.  He kept clinging to her, it really was a bit cute.

“You go first and I’ll come later!”  He handed her a limited edition LV bag and said, “This is the ‘big surprise’ that I prepared for you, it’s an absolute treasure bag!  Wait until you arrive at the hotel to open it!”

Han Zai Zi said this as he raised a brow like he was causing trouble.

“Thanks!”  Luo Qing Chen’s lips twitched as she took it and then she turned to Luo Wan, “Mom, I’m leaving.”

“Un.”  She nodded as she was unwilling to let her go.

Watching her walk into the security check, there were complicated emotions in her heart.

There was no absolute pleasure in this world.  It was fine for nobles to be normal, living the way they wanted was a kind of happiness.

The blue sky with white clouds.

When the airplane took off the runway, she knew that this was a new chapter in her life.

Whether it was her or the previous host.

She suddenly understood why the system had her complete the Su Xiao Xiao side mission because this was what the original host wanted to do.

When she got off the plane and walked into the airport, she felt a bit uncomfortable.

There were many people in this country, it looked very busy.

Traffic jams should be what a lively city was like, she took her suitcase and headed to the hotel on the side.

But when she took two steps, a young man approaching attracted her attention.

This young man had a hair of handsome black slanted eyes that had a sharp look in them, thin pursed lips, sharp features, and a tall, but not overly buff body.  The collar of his white dress shirt was slightly open and the sleeves were rolled up, it looked so good that people couldn’t look away.

With two more looks, that person put his hands in his pocket and his lazy eyes looked away.

(ˇ^ˇ〉Is there a problem?  What are you pulling away for!

Luo Qing Chen rolled her eyes before walking past him.

But she never thought that person would lose their balance, suddenly falling to the ground.

“Young master, young master!”

“Is there a doctor, can someone help!”

“Quickly save our young master!”


The two rough looking bodyguards on the side were suddenly at a loss.  Luo Qing Chen wanted to keep walking, but she couldn’t stop her legs from stopping.

She suddenly turned and squatted down, “What is happening?”

“The young master’s heart isn’t good, he’s already taken his medicine.”

“Call an ambulance.”

“We already did.”

She leaned over and put her hand over his heart.  His figure was good, she could feel the strong muscles when her hand went over his chest.

When her hand came over his heart, she could feel that his heartbeat was weak.

She leaned over him and crossed her hands to perform CPR…...

Artificial respiration…...

Although she disdained this handsome fellow whose pride reached the heavens.

But all people were equal when it came to life.

After thirty chest compressions, she did artificial respiration before continuing the cycle.

But when she touched his slightly cool lips, the other side turned and pressed her on the ground.  There was a dangerous glow in his deep eyes and his posture changed.

It went from artificial respiration to him pressing her on the ground.

The crowd all watched and Luo Qing Chen’s face turned red as her heart skipped a beat.

The airport floor was a bit cold…...

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