Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 980: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 4)

Luo Qing Chen nodded as her eyes turned red.

It was for that: Hoping that you would always be there…...

Although she had just arrived in this place, this body had some feelings that made her heart panic a bit.

“I know, mom.”  She pursed her lips into a smile, “Relax!  After almost reaching the underworld, I’ve found that this world is very beautiful!”

This was definitely the truth, the great truth!

“Un.”  She gave a slow nod and handed her a black card, “You can use this black card for all your expenses when you’re in China!  Don’t worry about anything, use the best!”

[Ding, a side mission has been activated.  Live a happy life without using the black card!]

Is there a problem with you!  Reject!

[This is a forced mission, the host can’t reject it!]  The system said with a slightly proud mechanical voice that really made people want to destroy it!

…...She really wanted to curse someone…...

Luo Qing Chen took the black card with a twitch of her mouth, “Thank you, mom!

“Right.”  When she took the card, Luo Wang took her right hand, “This ring, you have to take care of it.  You definitely can’t lose it.”


Luo Qing Chen looked down to see a sapphire blue diamond ring on her right middle finger.  The diamond ring was in the shape of a heart and there was a beautiful blue glow around that white diamond.

She looked down and seriously looked over the ring.  The match of light and beauty was simply a feast for the eyes.

This blue diamond was rare, it made up 0.00001% of all diamonds.

But thinking of how she was from the royal family, it wasn’t strange that she had this ring.

But when Luo Wan said this, it must have had a different meaning.

“This ring was designed by a very beautiful woman, she was a very, very powerful designer.”  When Luo Wan described this woman, there were a few tears in her eyes and her words were filled with praise.

“How amazing!”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips, like she had a million dollars.

“Un, this is a paired ring.”  Luo Wan gave a bitter laugh, “It’s called Fate.”

“Fate?”  Luo Qing Chen’s eyes trembled.  She wanted to keep asking, but Luo Wan destroyed her curiosity and her words made her swallow her words.

“This was her final piece before death and also the one she is most satisfied with!”  Luo Wan seriously looked at her, “In short, if there is fate when you return, you should meet the master of the other ring.”

This matter brought up the memories of eight years ago that suddenly hit her heart.

“The other owner?”  Luo Qing Chen asked with an interested voice, “Mom, do you know them?”

She was not the previous owner, there was nothing wrong with her heart.  She could naturally hear the ‘secret’ contained within Luo Wan’s words.

Although she seemed reluctant to mention it!

“Un.”  Luo Wan nodded.  After tidying up her things, she revealed a gentle smile, “Anyway, take care of yourself.  You’ll definitely be happier after leaving this prison, that way mom will feel assured leaving you alone!”

At the end, Luo Wan became a bit silent.

This was her only daughter, she was always reluctant to send her away.

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