Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 98

When Gu Qingmei came downstairs, she saw Yao Jin sitting and drinking tea.

Her pretty features, straight back, and a hint of indifference and detachment unconsciously shown in her eyes.

Regardless of gender, the surrounding eyes couldn't help but fall on her.

Gu Qingmei's heart was a little sour.

Whenever she was around the eldest senior sister, no one else could see her.

She fixed the hem of her dress and walked over to Ah Jin with light lotus steps.

"Eldest senior sister, it was my fault for losing my temper earlier."

Saying that she lowered her head and looked like a good girl waiting for Ah Jin to punish.

Ah Jin looked at her and said, "Children of Jianghu's are very sharp and bold. Since when did you learn to behave like a young lady in a boudoir? You're acting shy and pretentious."

Gu Qingmei just wanted to cry hearing those words. She stifled them again.

"No! I've always been like this."

"I don't like it. Change it in the future."

Gu Qingmei sensed soft laughter around her, and her face turned red.

Before, even if Yao Jin didn't like her behavior, she would only frown at most.

Never had she been reprimanded to her face like today, making her so embarrassed.

She held back her grievances and bowed, saying, "Yes."

There was no way she could be rude in front of everyone.

Yao Jin was the senior, and she was the junior.

The most taboo thing in the sect was to disrespect the elders and not distinguish between the younger and the older.

Ah Jin nodded indifferently, "Sit down."

The third and fourth junior brothers had already shrunk their necks like quails as soon as she came down.

Gu Qingmei looked at the two men.

One was staring at the teacup in his hand as if the tea was blossoming in the cup.

The other one was teasing the bird in the cage.

San Qi still hadn't recovered its strength and was still weak.

It did not respond to his teasing.

Gu Qingmei took the teapot and poured a cup of tea.

Her fingers were already white from holding the cup.

The third junior brother found the situation a bit awkward.

He kept looking at the door, 'Why isn't the second senior brother back?'

As the saying went, speak of the Devil, and he will appear.

His second senior brother finally came back, thanks to his eager anticipation.

He walked quickly to their table, grabbed a cup, and drank it.

The tea was finished with a few gulps.

He wiped his mouth and said, "Senior sister, I found it. There's an escort mission coming up. It leaves in an hour."

Ah Jin instructed them, "In that case, pack your bags. If you need anything, go buy some more. We'll leave in half an hour."

All of them said in unison, "Yes."

Then they dispersed and went about their business.

Jianghu people kept their word, so they were on time.

When half an hour was up, everyone was there.

Ah Jin led them to the place where they were supposed to go.

It was a shipment of goods.

It was not something valuable.

They were 7 or 8 boxes of scrolls and books.

People thought they were boxes of gold or silver jewels because they were kept in good wooden boxes.

These books were very precious to the master of the house, and he was afraid that something might happen.

Thus he hired escorts.

When the time came, they officially set off.

Ah Jin and the others were on the outer layer.

The inner layer consisted of the master's own family guards, and the innermost were the housemaids and carriages.

Ah Jin practiced her internal force as she walked along the road.

Even with the memories of the original character, this wasn't her body.

She was not familiar with the internal force of that body.

The Tianshan Sect's martial arts moves, sword techniques, and mind practices, all of these should Ah Jin be familiar with from the beginning.

The second junior brother felt Ah Jin's internal force fluctuations, and his heart became even more respectful of her.

As expected of the eldest senior sister.

She was so diligent that she did not forget to cultivate while she was on the road.

But won't this deviate the qi?

He was torn for half a day.

Nevertheless, he opened his mouth and reminded, "Eldest senior sister, it is better not to use internal force when walking. Should there be problems, it would be bad."

Ah Jin withdrew her internal force and replied, "I can do two things at once. I'm not afraid."

The second junior brother was still a little worried.

But seeing that she looked very confident, he could only believe it.

The first half of the journey was smooth.

No one came out to rob them.

In the second half of the journey, a small wave of mountain bandits was encountered.

Before Ah Jin could draw her sword, the mountain bandits ran away when her senior brother revealed who they were.

The bandits were able to fight with the guards, but not with the Jianghu people.

The fight was impossible.

They ran for their lives.

Once they entered the boundaries of Pingyang City, the tension in the group began to rise.

The family guards were clearly getting scared.

It was evident that this wave of bandits was very powerful.

As expected, barely a few minutes after they left, a group of people came out of the woods and surrounded the carriage.

The leader at the front shouted, "If you want to live, then leave what's worth! Otherwise, don't blame us for being impolite!"

Ah Jin's eyes signaled for the second junior brother to come forward and speak.

He came to the front of the group and clasped his hands together in a fist, greeting the bandit leader, "We are from the Tianshan Sect. I hope you will make it easy for us to escort our goods.

Let's not get into trouble. Otherwise, don't blame us for being merciless!"

The leader smiled fiercely.

"Humph! This mountain is all ours. I've never heard of the Tianshan Sect. You refused a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit. Boys, let's go!"

The mountain bandits rushed forward.

The situation instantly became chaotic.

Ah Jin stood by and watched them fight, holding her sword.

The mountain bandits were a group of punks.

The viciousness of killing the enemy was there, but there was no method of attack.

There was no need for the guards to fight.

The four of them were able to handle it.

The bandit leader saw that something was wrong.

This time, he was going to fail.

He quickly searched around so he could capture the king first.

Ah Jin watched her four brothers in action and familiarized herself with the routine.

At that moment, the sound of wind came from behind her.

Ah Jin turned and took a step back, dodging the blade of the bandit leader.

The bandit leader's eyes were red.

He shouted, "Die!"

Ah Jin remained calm and did not draw her sword.

She relied on her body's instinctive memory in dodging his attacks.

Undoubtedly, she had angered the bandit leader even more.

What a way for him to be underestimated by a woman.

He used his internal force and danced his blade like a tiger.

Aiya, the bandit leader, still had internal force.

Ah Jin fought a little to deal with him.

The bandit leader's movements were faster and fiercer.

Ah Jin dodged while using her scabbard from time to time to block.

It took several exchanges.

Ah Jin was getting familiar with the skills and routines of the original character's body.

Then the bandit leader jumped up in the air.

His blade came straight down to Ah Jin, trying to cut her in half.

Ah Jin used qinggong to avoid that blow.

The bandit leader was at the point where his strength had been exhausted, and his force had not yet been renewed.

So Ah Jin seized that moment and approached the bandit leader with the sword in one hand and slapped him on the chest with her internal force.

The bandit leader was sent flying backward and fell to the ground.

He spat out a big mouthful of blood.

From the beginning to the end, Ah Jin did not draw her sword.

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