Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 979: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 3)

When she opened her eyes again, she was in a high class hospital room that was filled with the scent of alcohol.

She liked the scent of alcohol since she was young, she felt it was a very special scent.

“Qing Chen……”


“Are you awake?”

Her parents and her best friend Han Zai Zi were around her.  The doctor spoke a bunch of words in French.

Un, she could understand.

“Her stomach has been washed clean, but there are some parts of the sleeping pills that have been absorbed, so miss Luo should be sleepy over the next two days.”  The doctor respectfully said, “Also, we’ve had miss Luo take some mental tests and we suspect…..she might be suffering from severe depression!”

Normally speaking, people who swallowed sleeping pills to kill themselves were a bit depressed.

But someone who swallowed a hundred pills to kill themselves was definitely someone who was severely depressed!

But that was the previous host, not her!

She wasn’t sick.  If she didn’t come too late, she wouldn’t have needed to feel that kind of pain, alright?

“It’s all you…..Qing Chen is just a girl, but she has to take all the rules of the royal family and something happened in the end!”  Luo Wan cried as she angrily hit Jane Allen and reprimanded him.

Luo Qing Chen’s name in France was Jane Qing Chen.

Allen pushed up his gold rimmed glasses with a bit of blame in his eyes.

He always said that his daughter wasn’t well or didn’t do things right.

When she almost died from swallowing a hundred sleeping pills, he was filled with a deep fear.

There was nothing more terrifying than death.  She could not be a princess, but she had to live.

“Then what do you want to do!”  Allen said with a sigh, “The fault is with being born to the royal family, there are some things that you can’t choose!”

“Send her back!”  Luo Wan crossed her arms and seriously said, “The nobles have a bad opinion of her and she can’t handle all this pressure!  I can’t let my daughter die, so I’d rather send her back to experience a new life.”


“China!”  Luo Wan firmly said, “She was in China until she was eight, there’s nothing wrong with going back now!”

“......”  Allen said in a worried voice, “But she isn’t familiar with living there, can she live there alone with how sick she is?”

“The Li Family can cover the entire sky in A City, I’ll talk to uncle Li.  With my relationship…..with his daughter, it’s enough for the Li Family to take care of her.”

Luo Wan couldn’t let her daughter stay here, every noble here could rip her apart in an instant.

She needed a new environment to make a new self.

In the end, Allen consulted with the doctor.  The doctor agreed that for someone with suicidal tendencies, it was better to change their environment.

After considering it, Allen agreed, but he told Luo Qing Chen that no one in China could know her identity.

Since this was considered a secret of the state.

Before leaving, Luo Wan took Luo Qing Chen to a room and said with an unwilling look, “You have to be good after leaving mother.  You have to report every day and I hope that you won’t one day…..suddenly leave mother……”

She wasn’t willing to let her daughter leave her, she really wasn’t leaving.  But whether she was locked up or freed, it was impossible to stay in this so-called royal family!

A daughter that was suicidal, what should she do?  She was most afraid that she would be gone one day…...

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