Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 978: Hello, demonic school hunk (Part 2)

The previous host was a person with depression and was a princess of the French Royal Family.

Her father was French and her mother was Chinese, so her eyes had a trace of the foreigner feel.

Her eyes were deep and brown, with lashes that were two and a half centimeter look, looking quite good.

Before the age of right, she lived in China, but she went to France after she turned eight.

This was the beginning of a new life, but it opened the door of restraint for her.

Fate wasn’t fair to her.  She suffered from depression when she was sixteen and the pure girl began to collapse.

The bar was where she normally went.

The previous host liked the noisy music, the flashing lights, and drinking cocktails one after another.

The faint scent of cigarettes and what she loved the most were sleeping pills.

But as a princess of the royal family, how could her family let her act like this?

They kept catching her and putting her under house arrest which made her depression worse and worse.

When her heart was filled with negative emotions and she had nowhere to vent.

There was only one thought in her mind, suicide.

At first she took one sleeping pill every night, then it was two, and then it was three…..

No one could understand her feelings, she could only write it down.  She wrote things down in her diary that was also filled with cute stick figures.

The previous host’s only friend was Han Zai Zi, someone who was a foreign exchange student and was in the same class as her.

She could feel the positive energy that came from Han Zai Zi when she saw him, but one day she found that her best friend wasn’t all that bright.

He loved a person and that person…...

Was a man!

That man rejected him on his birthday.  When he brought a cake to share with that man, that man knocked him to the ground and called him a lunatic.

At that moment, the previous host took the cake knife and wildly slashed at that man.

The depression that built up in her heart exploded.  The knife was very blunt, so although the man was injured, it wasn’t fatal.

From that day on, the previous host was locked up by the royal family and wasn’t allowed to take a single step out.

She ate more and more sleeping pills every night.  It reached a point where she had to take a hundred sleeping pills to shut her eyes.

But when she closed them, she never opened them again.

There were no memories of the male lead, none at all!  She didn’t have any memories of the supporting female lead or the cannon fodder either!

When she opened her eyes, it was a silent night.

In the soft princess bed, in that large room, everything was luxurious and filled with extravagance.

When her consciousness fully came back, she felt a pain coming from her stomach.

She narrowed her eyes to look at the empty bottle by her bed and she remembered what the system said.

Return to one hour before the female lead died…...

Damn, the system is more and more vicious, isn’t this trying to kill her!

Luo Qing Chen didn’t even think as she called for a French ambulance, running to the bathroom to vomit out the sleeping pills.

She kept throwing up and she didn’t know how much she threw up, but she knew that her body was getting weaker and weaker.

In the end, everything went black!


It can’t be that before seeing the male lead, before starting the mission, she would die here, right!

If it was like this, the system was completely responsible and wasn’t related to her!  Don’t take away her experience points!!!

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