Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 975: Side story: After you die, I will continue loving you while hiding it from everyone (Part 1)

The endless years in the mulberry fields, night and day, the scars on one’s heart are hidden.  ——Murong Ming

I am Murong Ming, my original identity was the tenth palace ghost king with unlimited rights.

Walking in the yin and yang realm, crossing the soul and becoming a wandering ghost.

But everything was changed by a sudden sacrifice to the underworld.

In order to take my place, he used all his ways to push me on the path of reincarnation, becoming a person I never imagined.

The world I was born in was filled with chaos, but there was no other way.

That year, the world was in chaos and the people didn’t have hope, so I became their hope.

A ghost army entering the battlefield and bringing peace to the world were not all legends.

After six years of chaos, I received the acknowledgement of all the countries and founded the Mu An Country.

I never thought that the heavens would play a large joke on me.  My little brother from the same father and a different mother colluded with the witch clan to kill me for the throne.

Torn to five pieces by horses, how bad it was!

He never thought that the sky would start raining blood after I died.  The witch clan naturally divined that I had become a wandering ghost and was after their lives.

Through negotiations, they made an imperial tomb for me.  They trapped my body in the imperial tomb in seven days and sealed the surrounding with blood wax, preventing my soul from leaving.

Although I was dead, I returned to the position of the tenth palace’s ghost king.  The sacrifice that had taken over for me had their soul burned by the flames of hell, never to reincarnate.

As for me, because my body was trapped, I could only move between the imperial tomb and the underworld, I couldn’t go to the human world.

The kings of the underworld said this was fate and perhaps changing of fate would mean the appearance of a calamity.

Life was death and death was life.  Good is bad and bad is good.

Perhaps peace was good…...

Every year, to stop the violent rampage of wandering ghosts, they chose sacrifices to escape the punishment of changing fate.

After seven hundred years of being lazy, my life was suddenly changed when the next sacrifice came.

This was my first time seeing someone easily pass through the female ghosts to reach the third floor.  She didn’t panic when she saw me, her eyes were clear and she was very calm.

I quickly sucked her blood and told her it was a meeting gift.

Actually, if people come in contact with ghosts, their vitality will be sucked away and I wasn’t a normal ghost.

If she stayed for more than an hour with me in the imperial tomb, she would lose her life.

I didn’t tell her this even at the end of the story.

I never thought that I would have any other relationships with her, until she said she wanted to make a deal.

She said: We have the same enemy.

And with a curl of her lip, she told me she could leave.

It was at that moment that she had a strange glow that caught my eyes.

It was because of that attraction that I put my ghost self into the Netherworld Ring to see if she really could get out.

I never thought that she would be able to leave in an instant.

How could a normal person do something like this?

I knew at that moment that she definitely wasn’t a normal person.  Although I didn’t know who she was, I always felt that she had a very big secret and I was a bit sad because I couldn’t see through it.

If you had to mention when she shocked me, it should be the night in the cemetery.

She stood in the middle of the thirty three ghosts with a strange cold smile, chanting the words to the divine artifact sacrifice spell.

It was like only destroying the world could satisfy the killing intent in her eyes…...

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