Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 971: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 49)

“Ghost king, someone has trespassed in Ten Thousand Ghost City.  An Hun wasn’t able to stop her!”  An Hun clutched her chest and spat out a mouthful of blood as she grabbed the corner of his clothes with a sharp glow in her eyes.

After all this time, the ghost king had never looked at her.  Now that she was bullied and heavily injured.

Even this ice cold man would firmly take her hand.

She was waiting, waiting for his hand.

Meng Yuan quickly kneeled down, “No…..It isn’t like this!”

“This lowly ghost, you actually dare argue back!  What do you take this underworld for?”  An Hun angrily reprimanded as a dark red glow appeared in her eyes.

At this time, Murong Ming was walking towards Luo Qing Chen step by step, with each step making his heart tremble.

He could feel the Netherworld Ring, he could even smell a faint fragrance in the air.

The fragrance that only belonged to her.

The person under the mask held the jade fan and while he couldn’t see their face, it made his heart tremble.

“Reporting to the ghost king.”  Dong’er saw that Meng Yuan was so scared by An Hun that she couldn’t speak, so she immediately kneeled down, “Everything was Dong’er’s fault, it isn’t related to anyone else!  I ask the ghost king to understand!”

A person who rescued her was in danger because of her, she wouldn’t be a person if she ran now!

The blood red moon hung in the sky, she could no longer hear or see what the others around her were doing or saying.

The entire Ten Thousand Ghost City fell into absolute silence, there was only the person wearing the black robe in front of her.

He was walking towards her step by step.  There was a dim glow in his blue eyes and his lips were pursed as his eyes misted over.

When he was five meters away, he stopped.  It was like he wanted to say something, but it was stuck in his throat.

“Ghost king, please understand.  This masked person isn’t a ghost, she has trespassed in the underworld, this must be a large plot!”  An Hun’s eyes had a bit of disappointment because Murong Ming had never stopped in front of her for a second.

He didn’t reach his hand out to pull her up.  He had kept walking and stopped in a certain place, with his eyes looking forward, never saying a word!

After a while, when the air was frozen, he slowly said, “I know.”

A short two words, like he was responding to An Hun.

Her eyes lit up, thinking that the ghost king had believed her words.  She couldn’t help adding more fuel into the flames, “This person has a strange divine artifact, it must be related to a ghost.  I am reporting to the ghost king now to have this demon reveal her true face!”

As soon as her voice fell, she slowly stood up clutching her chest.  When she was about to leave while pretending to be weak, a blue barrier suddenly blocked her off.

She looked back with a confused gaze and tried to act tough as she said to Murong Ming, “Ghost king, please be assured, I only have small injuries…..Ke, ke…..There’s nothing to worry about!”

“Worry?”  He gave a cold laugh as he narrowed his lazy eyes and his lips curled into a dangerous smile, “There is only one person who can make me worry in this world.”

He looked at Luo Qing Chen and raised his right hand, a blue light surrounded her.

She was brought into this long lost embrace with a gentle force.

His left hand took her waist as his right hand went to her mask.

Without wasting a single breath, he pressed his lips firmly on hers.

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