Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 970: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 48)

“I am Ten Thousand Ghost City’s black and white messenger, naturally I have the right to stop her from seeing the ghost king!”  An Hun looked up and saw the red light in the sky, “Let me tell you, not only am I qualified to stop her from seeing the ghost king, I’m qualified to send you to the eighteenth level of hell!”

The anger that had been suppressed could finally be released, the time was here.

Someone was about to come…...

“What a joke.”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her cold eyes and looked at her as she said word for word, “Come if you have the skills!”

As soon as her voice fell, she spread her jade fan, showing no fear for this so-called black and white messenger.

Without knowing why, she was very displeased as soon as she saw this black and white messenger.  A woman’s sixth sense was very strong, there were people that definitely weren’t good.

“Xiu.”  An Hun jumped out and attacked her with her bare hands.

Her lips curled into a faint smile as she flicked her jade fan, attacking her with the power of the Netherworld Ring.

In an instant, she was planning on using the Exquisite Ring on her right hand to block where she was going to dodge.

But she actually charged forward.  The power of the Netherworld Ring was strong and sent her flying several meters.

The surrounding ghosts all took a cold breath.  Luo Qing Chen knit her brows as she revealed a confused look.

That attack just now, this black and white messenger should have been able to dodge.

It was because of this that she wanted to use the Exquisite Ring to stop her, but she never thought she would charge into her attack.

Before she could think it through, there was a cold wind that blew through that dropped the surrounding temperature.

Her heart skipped a beat as her eyes misted over.

This feeling, why did it feel so familiar?

“This is bad, the ghost king is here.  Miss, come behind me, I’ll take care of everything.”  Meng Yuan suddenly pulled her back.  She tightly clenched her fists to stop her hands from trembling.

Dong’er quickly came up in front of her and tightly held Meng Yuan’s hand, “Don’t be afraid, at worst our souls will be scattered.  I also killed myself.  We weren’t afraid when we were human, what is there to fear as ghosts!”

Her life had been miserable.  Her husband ran off with someone else and she had been tricked and sold into a brothel.  She wasn’t willing to take this, so she burned herself alive.

The funny thing was that the owner of the brothel had died with her, already entering the eighteenth level of hell and never being reincarnated.

“Un.”  Meng Yuan took a deep breath and gave a strong nod, “I’m not afraid.  With big sister Dong’er here, what is there to fear!”

Dong’er was the first time Meng Yuan felt affection, it was a kind of friendship and a kind of family love.

Her hand no longer trembled and she had her head raised high as she faced the hypocritical black and white messenger and the aloof ghost king.

Never retreating…...

Luo Qing Chen gave a chuckle, feeling that these two ghosts were cute.  She couldn’t help remembering the five sisters of the imperial tomb, they always liked to call her miss…..

But in the final moment, she couldn’t save their souls, she couldn’t save them.

The ten halls of Yama, walking in the domain of the ghosts, the city of ten thousand ghosts, never sleeping.

There was a dim glow that came through and a familiar figure appeared in front of her.  He lazily narrowed his eyes and his fingertips trembled.

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