Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 97: The Noble and Cold Eldest Senior Sister (2) Part 2

Although the second junior brother was curious, he was not surprised.

The eldest senior sister often bought all kinds of strange things to give away to people.

He was already accustomed to it, but this was the first time she bought a living thing.

When the two arrived back at the inn, other people had already gathered in the hall to drink tea.

Gu Qingmei saw Ah Jin carrying a birdcage back and curiously came forward.

"What a cute little bird. Eldest senior sister, did you buy it as a gift for master?"

Ah Jin put down the black cloth on the birdcage to block her view.

Coldly returned a sentence, "What's it to you?"

It was the first time Gu Qingmei was treated with such dislike by her eldest senior sister.

She was a bit aggrieved, and her eyes reddened.

"I'm just asking. Why are you so aggressive?"

After saying that, she stomped her foot and ran back to her room.

When the others saw this, they sent a signal to the second junior brother standing behind Ah Jin.

'What's wrong with eldest senior sister? Not in a good mood?'

The second junior brother replied with a wink.

'No. She was fine just now.'

Ah Jin stood between them and blocked their eye contact.

"Just say what you have to say. What's the point of keeping your mouth shut?"

The third junior brother clenched his fist with one hand.

He coughed dryly to cover his embarrassment.

"Ahem. Eldest Senior Sister, are you in a bad mood?"


The fourth junior brother then said, "Did junior sister do something wrong?"


The men were puzzled.

"Then why did you get angry just now?"

They had all grown up together.

The eldest senior sister had taken care of them since they were young.

They were familiar with some of her emotions.

Although she was usually serious and cold, they still knew if she was angry or not.

"She's too willful. It's time to grow up."

The crowd did not say anything.

She was the eldest senior sister.

She had the final say.

Gu Qingmei was the youngest one and the last one to join them.

Unlike the friendship they grew up with, the junior sister was already ten years old when she was admitted.

Although they had been together for six or seven years, they still trusted the eldest senior sister who had "raised" them.

They started to discuss where they should go next.

Someone said he wanted to take a job as a bodyguard.

One said that there was a rumor that there were bandits around Pingyang City and wanted to fight them.

Finally, Ah Jin tapped the table and said they would escort people to Pingyang City.

They could both escort the people and fight the bandits.

The second junior brother went to the Escort Agency while the rest of the group packed their bags and were ready to go.

Regarding the angry junior sister, the two remaining brothers looked at each other.

Though the junior sister was gentle and lovely, she was very unreasonable when she was angry.

It should be said that women were all unreasonable when they got angry.

Two people voted and tossed a coin.

In the end, the fourth junior brother won.

The third junior brother went to inform the junior sister.

With a bitter face, he reluctantly knocked on her door.

Gu Qingmei found him when she opened the door, her face eased up.

"Third senior brother."

The third junior brother scratched his head, saying, "I've come to inform you that we are going to do a mission later. We have agreed to escort people to Pingyang City and fight bandits on the way."

"Yes, I understand. Is there anything else?"

"Eldest senior sister told us to pack our bags and be prepared to leave at any time. And ah, eldest senior sister did it for your own good. Don't be angry."

Gu Qingmei dried the teardrops at the corner of her eyes, and she promised in a delicate voice,

"I know. I must have done something wrong. That's why eldest senior sister spoke of me like that. I won't be angry."

The third junior brother was relieved to hear her say so.

"In that case, come down quickly."

After saying that, he flew downstairs as if he was running for his life.

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