Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 967: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 45)

Who the ghost king of the tenth palace was something that everyone in the underworld knew.  The stunning king with a cold face, he rarely appeared in Ten Thousand Ghost City.

This person lived in the Yama Hall, how could he have a lover?

An Hun stared at Dong’er lying on the ground and all the ghosts standing by Dong’er had their legs turn soft.

They were ghosts, they couldn’t do anything in this Ten Thousand Ghost City when facing this powerful black and white messenger.

Their soul might be scattered if they were careless, but at this time, they still stood trembling by Dong’er’s side without retreating.

“It seems like you no longer want to live.”  An Hun’s eyes released an ice cold red glow as she tightly clenched her whip.

Her eyes were filled with killing intent, as if she would make Dong’er’s soul scatter with the next hit.

But she was just a black and white messenger, did she really dare do this?

Luo Qing Chen didn’t have time to think as An Huan already brought the whip down.

Dong’er tightly closed her eyes and raised her head, actually wanting to take this hit.

Luo Qing Chen raised a brow and raised her left hand.  With a dark blue glow, the Netherworld Ring attacked An Huan’s wrist.

There was a “dong” sound as the whip fell to the ground.

“Who!”  An Hun looked around in disbelief as her eyes filled with panic.

Who else could have power in Ten Thousand Ghost City other than her, this was definitely impossible!

Why did that dark blue glow give her a familiar feeling?  It was like she had seen it before.

Luo Qing Chen came out with a ghost mask and a jade fan, jumping on the window and falling beside Meng Yuan.

She waved her fan and looked at An Hun with a cold look in her eyes, “I never heard that a small black and white messenger of the underworld dared to scattered someone’s soul, is there no law?”

An Hun narrowed her eyes and vigilantly looked at Luo Qing Chen.  She raised her hand and Gui Bai behind her looked through her book before coming forward to report, “Report, there’s no such ghost.”

“None?”  An Hun’s heart skipped a beat as she muttered, “How is this possible?”

Ten Thousand Ghost City was a place that could only be reached through the tenth palace, all ghosts that reached this place had no powers.

But that blue light that had knocked her whip away was real, so who was this person?

“Whether you are a human or ghost, I have a way to make you never return after trespassing in Ten Thousand Ghost City.”  An Hun narrowed her eyes and raised her hand, bringing the whip back.

When Luo Qing Chen was about to take out the Nine Section Moon Whip, Meng Yuan suddenly kowtowed to An Hun, “It was my fault.  If the black and white messenger really needs to scatter a soul, please hit me!  It was my wishful thinking, I shouldn’t have had these strange ideas.”

When she said this, she threw the blue lily in her hand onto open ground and a crystal tear came down.

“That person who was just hit was right.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a cold laugh and slapped the jade fan in the palm of her hand.  She looked at An Hun and said, “Against this kind of person, how can you show weakness?”

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