Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 966: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 44)

Before setting off that day, she put more sleeping medicine in her sister’s daily medicine.

She just wanted her little sister to sleep a bit longer, that way she could see the lanterns with her parents.

But she never thought that her little sister would never wake up again.

Because she was blamed by her parents, she chose to hang herself!

She had accidentally killed her little sister, so she wouldn’t have come to the Ten Thousand Ghost City.  But since hanging herself is one of the ten original sins, she needed to be punished in the underworld.

It was because of this that she was brought to this gray area.

“Just a lowly female ghost wants to see the Lord Ghost King, who gave you this courage?”  The black and white messenger narrowed her eyes, looking at Meng Yuan in disdain.

An Hun was the black and white messenger of the tenth palace, she was in charge of maintaining security and reincarnation in the Ten Thousand Ghost City.

She also had followers, one called Gui Hei and one called Gui Bai.

Looking around, the two followers had their nose up high, revealing looks filled with disdain.

“Black and white messenger, Meng Yuan just wishes to thank the ghost king, how about just letting her stay another night!”

“Audacious!”  An Ming used her whip to hit a young girl’s face, burning the part of the skin that the whip hit.

That person quickly covered their face and cried out in pain.

That girl was called Dong’er, she was a ghost that had been in Ten Thousand Ghost City for a rather long time.

She looked pure, but An Hun was already jealous of her since the ghost king had spoken of her before.

In these years, the only person in the underworld that stayed by the ghost king’s side was An Hun.

She naturally thought that her position in his heart was different from these lowly ghosts.

“You…..Don’t go too far!”  Meng Yuan pursed her lips, “What has Dong’er said for you to treat her like this!”

“Anything wrong?”  An Hun gave a cold snort, “You are just a bunch of wandering ghosts, how could Lord Ghost King care about you?”

“I……”  Meng Yuan took a deep breath before saying in a sad voice, “I know you are the black and white messenger, responsible for maintaining order in Ten Thousand Ghost City.  I just want to see big brother ghost king again, then I’ll leave!”

When she was sitting on the Regret Bridge feeling confused, it was Murong Ming who saw her.  He had brought her from the third palace to the tenth palace to reconduct her trial.

Ten Thousand Ghost City wasn’t a gray are to her, rather it was a place warmer than her home!

“In your dreams!”  An Hun pulled on the ghost chains and the soul at her wrist disappeared a bit!

“Meng Yuan, don’t beg her!”  Dong’er bit her lip and said, “I haven’t been here long, but it hasn’t been short.  I know exactly what she is thinking in her impure heart!”

“Pa!”  An Hun’s whip came out again, falling onto Dong’er’s back.  Her soul trembled and faint white fragments scattered.

Her face was very pale and she spat out a mouthful of blood, as she fell to the ground.

“Dong’er!  Stop hitting, stop hitting, I’ll go with you, I’ll go with you!”  Meng Yuan called out as she cried while begging her.

An Hun gave a cold snort, “A ghost dares to be this arrogant in front of me!  You should know that another whip from me will make your soul disappear forever!”

When she held her head up high and was prepared to pull Meng Yuan away, Dong’er on the ground said with a strange laugh, “Cheap person, you think that ghost king will like you?  Why don’t you look in the mirror!”

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