Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 965: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 43)

The Netherworld Ring allowed her to see ghosts and it also covered up the aura of a human around her.

The Nether Coins from the system weren't considered little in Ten Thousand Ghost City, it was enough for her to live at an inn for a month.

There were many ghosts in the inn, there weren’t any absolute good or bad people here.

But they had one thing in common, their male god was the ghost king of the tenth palace.

Because when Luo Qing Chen entered the inn, she heard all kinds of excited gossip from them.

“Ah, ah, ah, tonight’s the visit of the ghost king again!”

“Then will you go for trial or do you want to stay behind!”

“Me, I still want to stay!”

“But miss Black and White won’t give you a chance to approach the Ghost King, let’s reincarnate as soon as possible!”


Miss Black and White…..

The black and white messenger wouldn’t be female, right…..

[She is!]


Luo Qing Chen didn’t care that much, she just found a room to stay.  The ghost staff treated her very well because she looked beautiful.

After a while, the Ten Thousand Ghost City was covered in a faint red mist.

She was woken up by the sound of fighting on the street, it was a fourteen year old ghost named Meng Yuan and the black and white messenger.

“I won’t go, I won’t go!  I’ll reincarnate tomorrow!”  Meng Yuan’s face was red and her hands were locked in chains by the black and white messenger.  She was holding a withered blue lily in her hand as her eyes were filled with stubbornness.

She wanted to see the ghost king again, she wanted to tell him that she had grown up!

[The host can choose to see Meng Yuan’s past. Yes/No!]

Yes!  She had a feeling that she was doing a mission!

The reason why Meng Yuan entered Ten Thousand Ghost City and became a ghost was because she had killed her little sister when she was younger.

Although it wasn’t intentional, she didn’t want her to live.

It was because her little sister took advantage of her and took all the love of their parents.

They were twin sisters from the same parents, but their fates were different the day they were born.

Her voice was bright and clear when she was born as the big sister, the woman who delivered her knew that she was a healthy child at first glance.

Her little sister wasn’t that lucky…...

It was unknown if she stole the nutrients from her little sister or if her little sister was naturally weak, but their parents worried about her since she was born.

Since young, Meng Yuan learned to walk, eat, dress, and read alone…...

As for her little sister, because she was weaker, she was dressed and fed like a little princess.

When she was fourteen, she asked her parents to take her to the Mid Autumn Festival for the first time.  In fourteen years, she had never been there before.  Her parents would always carry her little sister and give her everything.

They were clearly twins, could it be that she deserved this unfair treatment just because her body was better?  She shouldn't have received any love at all?

Her parents rejected her just like usual, saying the same words as the last fourteen years.

“Your little sister’s body isn’t good, mom and dad will take her to have fun tonight.  You can stay home and read!”

“He, he, he, you can read by yourself!”  Her little sister made a face at her before revealing an excited look.

She clenched her fist and there was a trace of evil thought in her mind.

The unwillingness gathered over the years exploded in that moment…...

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