Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 964: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 42)

The moment she fell from the life and death stage, she exchanged for teleportation, but the ice cold voice of the system almost scared her soul out.

What was this!  Was there a mistake!

What does it mean by this?  Exchange again!

[Ding, 500 exchange points has been taken.  Successfully exchanged for teleportation to a set point in the Ten Thousand Ghost Country.]

When she opened her eyes, there were sounds around her.

Luo Qing Chen looked around and found that she was in an unfamiliar place.  There were people around her all talking about her.

“How did this person fall from the sky.”

“It can’t be that she’s some kind of fairy, right!”

“She looks so beautiful!  She must be a fairy!”

“I never thought that such a beautiful fairy would appear in our place!”


Luo Qing Chen knit her brows and looked at the crowd.  They all looked very strange, but she couldn’t tell what was strange.

She quickly got up and went to a place without people without another word.

She didn’t forget to talk to the system as she was walking.

System, get out here for me!  Why did you send me to this damn place!

[The life and death stage is very powerful, the system couldn’t directly send the host back.]

Oh, so you were planning on sending me to death once it failed!

[How could the host talk about the system like this?  Didn’t the host find that the system has appeared very little in this world?]

Luo Qing Chen thought about it and it did seem that way.

This world, the system wasn’t active at all!

Why!  Does this ghost world suppress you?

[It’s because of the host…..This problem is very complicated!  In short, you have to believe the system did it for the host!]

Do you know why the sow climbed the tree?

[TL note: Chinese idiom for unreliable person.]


I’m too lazy to talk to you, tell me where this is!  I feel that it is a bit strange.

[This place is the Ten Thousand Ghost Country, it’s a country that exists in the tenth palace of the underworld.  It is a place that connects yin and yang!]


The people here are all ghosts?


Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help taking a deep breath.  She raised her head, but she was still a bit flustered!

From her memories, the underworld was divided into ten palaces and each palace was held by a ghost king.

There were all kinds of people, but people were split into good and bad after death.

Therefore, these ghosts were brought to the Ten Thousand Ghost Kingdom to be judged.

The Ten Thousand Ghost Kingdom was in the human world by day and the underworld by night.

No wonder, no wonder I felt this place was very strange.  It’s not like the human world, but it isn’t like another place.


What else can you say, at least tell me how to get back to the Mu An Country!

[There are two ways to return.  One: Through the life and death blood pool (The system doesn’t recommend this).  Two: Beat the black and white messenger to gain a chance to return to the human world!]

Good!  I got it!  Are there inns in the Ten Thousand Ghost Country?

[Yes!  But they require Nether Coins.]

System, remember to put the Nether Coins in my pocket, don’t ask me why!  You have to take responsibility for sending me to this damn place!

[Ding, the system presents the host with 100 Nether Coins! (Limited to use in the Ten Thousand Ghost Country!)]  The system helplessly spread its non-existent hands, feeling a bit reluctant!

Luo Qing Chen ignored it and patted her chest before walking towards the biggest ghost inn!

She knew that the reason why people didn’t recognize that she wasn’t a ghost was the Netherworld Ring.

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