Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 961: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 39)

The mist like picture changed to the second story: The girl and the young master.

The young master didn’t abandon her, he wanted to give her a unique name.

That night, he wanted to elope with the little girl, but he never thought that his grandmother would discover this matter and turn her into a sacrifice first.

The story of a couple, one that could make tears flow.

This story didn’t have an answer until four hundred years later.

The scene changed again to the third story: The girl and the monk.

The girl in that world wasn’t a human, rather she was a rabbit demon that had become a human, losing her memories after suffering her tribulation after falling in love with the monk.

The monk wanted to get closer to this girl who had lost her memories, wanting her to enter the temple.

That way he could protect her, but fate was disappointing.  He even wanted to move her again and tell her everything.

But he found that he was going against the heavens and time was running out.

Luo Qing Chen almost couldn’t control her emotions when she saw this.

No one was heartbroken, but there was a hundred years of solitude.  If they asked, then they would have been able to spend their life with someone, what was there to complain about.

Countless soul fragments filled the sky and the scene quickly changed, making people feel shocked.

When the mist turned into the fourth scene, it turned into a general in battle armour standing in front of her.

He was the male lead of the fourth story: The general.

A pair of childhood sweethearts, the princess and the general.  He married the barbarian woman not because of the relationship between the two countries nor was it for love.

On the final day of the battle, he was brave and invincible on the battlefield, but he was wounded by a poisoned arrow.

The doctor that made the poison arrow died on the battlefield and no one knew the antidote to this poison.

The barbarian girl was already fond of him, so not only did she decide to bring the two countries together, she decided to act out a play with him.

In fact, he never married the barbarian girl and lived alone in the mountains before dying of the poison.

After his death, his soul never scattered and never reincarnated.  Until the day his sweetheart appeared again did he realize that everything was fate.

The wait of two hundred years was worth it.

He reached out a hand and weakly grasped the fragments that were scattering, “This time, if I wait for you to the end, will you still come back?”

The final thing that appeared in the air was the fifth story: The brothel girl and the ghost.

That year, when the ghost learned that the silly girl wanted to kill his previous fiancee to become a ghost, his heart was filled with pain.

He was just a ghost, he wasn’t qualified to make her never reincarnate.  He couldn’t do this because he loved the brothel girl too much.

He just wanted to hear her sing forever and appear when she needed on.

When she didn’t need him, he would leave.  But it was a pity that it took him a long time to learn he was wrong.

After he learned that she was locked in the imperial tomb, he guarded the imperial tomb for an entire hundred years.

“Peng.”  When all the obsessions disappeared, the large power disappeared.  The blood corpse attacked Luo Qing Chen again with a strange smile, “I entered this obsession a long time ago, but I never thought you would escape.  You really are an interesting sacrifice!”

The souls scattered and wherever their obsession went, there would be great power.

Even the Ten Thousand Year Old Blood Corpse couldn’t enter.  He could only wait for the souls to dissipate before attacking!

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