Chapter 96

Shen Shui Yan's heart sank when he saw that.

And at this time, Yu Qing who was so old that it was a struggle to even stand had a wry smile on his lips.

Shen Shui Yan's fae remained unchanged and came a little closer. "Ah Yun, your body..."

Chu Mu Yun shrank back.

Shen Shui Yan's hand stopped in mid-air.

Yu Qing's coarse voice sounded as unpleasant as a pair of bellows. "How do you like my grand gift to you, Senior Brother?"

That sentence was like a strike of thunder splitting the dark, heavy clouds, allowing the rain to pour down and completely washing away the haze blocking his memories. Everything was cleared up now.

Shen Shui Yan was stunned for a short moment, but he quickly adjusted himself.

The young man shut his eyes and opened them again, those eyes becoming heavy with the years of his experiences.

He...remembered everything now.

The Greed who had lived so wantonly for countless of years had returned.

They were clearly still the same person, with the same awe-inspiring beauty, but his temperament changed abruptly.

There was no longer any youthfulness, nor any of his blind impulsiveness, much less any ignorance or confusion.

Shen Shui Yan raised his lips into a smile. Though he wore very plain and light clothes, his entire being seemed to be enveloped in an air of majesty and nobility. His beauty trailed out just like a dazzling meteor cutting through the night sky.

There was a flash of undisguised fascination in the aged Yu Qing's eyes, but it was quickly replaced by bone-deep hatred as he glared at him.

Shen Shui Yan was also watching him.

An old man was reflected in those gorgeous eyes, and the extreme contrast was filled with dense irony.

Yu Qing’s body trembled. Again, he felt the wretched feeling of being looked down on for his whole life, always being despised, and always behind others.

From the moment he met Shen Shui Yan, his nightmare began...

He admired, respected, worshipped, and even loved this aloft senior brother.

He chased after him with all he could, doing everything in hopes that he would notice him. Fighting so many years, he thought he was finally standing before him, but in the blink of an eye, he was discarded like trash.

He thought he was special, different, enough to gain the attention of this strong and beautiful man, but he very soon learned otherwise.

In Shen Shui Yan's eyes, he could not even compare to a pebble in his hands.

After all these years, he spent so much effort doing so much in order to gain his attention, but he could not even remember his name.

In the end...he had been abandoned forever because of something that wasn't even living.

Possessions, trash.

After knowing that he would forever be "trash" in Shen Shui Yan's eyes, he hated him deeply.

Shen Shui Yan looked at him, and when he spoke, there was no longer any of the crisp youthfulness in his voice. Rather, it was deep and indolent and also filled with a sense of danger. "You should know what happens if you touch my things."

Still the same...He still treats others as if they were ants. He's still his same old selfish and proud self!

A lifetime's worth of hatred bubbled up in Yu Qing's heart. He laughed exaggeratedly and h is eyes were filled with malice. "Shen Shui Yan! My life is going to end soon! What can you do to me? It's worth my life to give you a taste of what it means to be unable to obtain something, to make you feel unending pain!"

Shen Shui Yan did not move and just stared at him unblinkingly with his dark eyes.

Yu Qing felt shivers down his back, but he still gritted his teeth and said, "Don't even think about threatening with Antuo Mountain, my disciples have long left. It doesn't matter to me even if everyone left here dies!"

Shen Shui Yan's lips curved up slightly and he said, "Seems like your brain is starting to go with age. You won't die, and you won't eve learn what death is like for the rest of your life. Your disciples left? Don't worry. If I turn you into my doll, you will personally get everyone close to you back here."

Yu Qing's eyes suddenly went wide.

Shen Shui Yan approached him, and his pitch-black eyes seemed to be ab le to suck people in. He raised the corners of his lips like a demon who could bewitch a man's heart. "Moreover, I will keep you sober and awake the whole time, so you can watch as you bring all the people close to you back, and then torturing them to death with your own hands."

Yu Qing wanted to commit suicide, but Shen Shui Yan had already raised his hand. Intricate lined shot out from his fingertips at a speed indiscernible by the naked eye. The red lines wrapped around his fair hand, and in the next instant, his hand was thrust into Yu Qing's chest cavity, grabbing his heart with unerring precision.

Due to the intense pain, Yu Qing's eyes were filled with shock.

Shen Shui Yan's eyes were filled with disgust. "What a disgusting body." As he said that, the designs around his hand quickly circled the blood-red heart as if it had sprung to life. Immediately after that, dense but fine red light spread out from the heart through the lines, taking over all of the nerves and veins at a fast speed...

Talisman Doll Arts...

It turns out that the current Shen Shui Yan already knew such a deranged technique.

Chu Mu Yun took a deep breath and said quickly to Zero, "Absolute Consciousness."

Baby Zero reacted quickly. This is the support skill he had gotten during his previous upgrade, and he quickly cast it so that Chu Mu Yun's mind would not be affected.

Zero, "What exactly did Yu Qing do to you?"

Chu Mu Yun, "To turn a lover into your enemy, and an enemy into your lover. Quite vicious."

Zero, "..."

Chu Mu Yun calmed himself a little.

Zero, "Um, earlier you..."

Chu Mu Yun, "I like Shen Shui Yan quite a lot, so it's normal that I would be affected."

Zero didn't dare ask further.

Fortunately, Chu Mu Yun chose "Absolute Consciousness" back then. Otherwise, he really wouldn't be able to handle this route.

Yu Qing did some tricks that made it so that a person's feeling of love and hate were swapped around so that those who loved you and were close with you would find you disgusting and hate you, and those who scorned and hated you would instead long for and love you.

Of course, Chu Mu Yun did not love Shen Shui Yan that deeply, but he still had some feelings for him.

You would definitely like a kitten or puppy quite a lot after raising them for a few years, much less a beautiful young man.

Chu Mu Yun was fond of Shen Shui Yan, no doubt about that, but he also liked Xie Qian Lan. After all, they had quite a lot of fun together.

If he really was influenced by this bullshit, then it's hard to say what Chu Mu Yun would feel towards the seven demon lords. However, what he could be certain of was...that Baby Zero would definitely be hated.

Human emotions were the most variable.

The Confusion Pill last time and the Beast of Charm this time made Chu Mu Yun wary, and that was why he did not even hesitate when Baby Zero mentioned the "Absolute Consciousness" support skill.

And now, it was proven to have been the correct choice.

After dealing with Yu Qing, Shen Shui Yan turned to walk towards Chu mu Yun.

Chu Mu Yun had already calmed down and was free to unleash his acting skills.

Just as he was trying to figure out which type of act would be more appropriate, the sound of a qin suddenly broke through the air, instantly toppling the roof.

As the fierce wind went past, an enchanting man in red appeared, suspended in the air. He curved his lips. "My, what an oversight. So it is Wuqing-Jun."

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