Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 96: The Noble and Cold Eldest Senior Sister (1) Part 1

San Qi waited for Ah Jin to finish absorbing the energy, then asked, "Boss, I have a proposal."

"Tell me about it."

Ah Jin lazily looked at  San Qi as she rested on the rocking chair.

"With your current abilities, you have enough power to go to the Advanced World. I propose that you go to the Advanced World and complete the mission. This way, you will get more energy, and at the same time, you won't feel bored."

Ah Jin didn't think it was an excellent opportunity without reason.

She asked straight to the point, "What are the rules for the Advanced World?"

San Qi said cautiously, "The rules of the Advanced World are already well established, and the taskmasters are required to fit in with the original characters as closely as possible. They must not mess with the original character. Moreover, they may need to meet up with the World's Children, the Light of the Realm kinds of people."

Ah Jin narrowed her eyes.

"The World's Children? The Light of the Realm?"

"Er, right. It's commonly known as the male lead and the female lead. Setting the whole realm on fire, pushing them to the top, and then lead the whole realm to the top."

"What happens if I don't follow the persona of the client?"

San Qi explained, "There would be bugs. There would be loopholes in and out of the realm rules. Then there would be an opportunity for some people with ill intentions to take advantage of it. For example, those who have crossed over and those who have been reborn.

They'll do everything they can to claim the power of the World's Children to get themselves to the top. Nothing is gained from their existence, and the whole realm gets nothing. It would cost them their lives."

Ah Jin's mind was set, "I'll take it. Let's start the mission."

San Qi found a task and transmitted the plot to Ah Jin, and sent her out.

Ah Jin's figure gradually began to disappear.

At that moment, she suddenly told San Qi that, "By the way, you said before that it was a bit lonely in space. Then why don't you come with me on this mission?"

San Qi's eyes widened in horror, "Wh-?!"

Before the words left its mouth, San Qi was grabbed by Ah Jin.

In a flash, it disappeared together with Ah Jin from the space.

All that was left in the space were a few feathers floating down slowly to the ground.

San Qi chose a Martial Arts World for Ah Jin.

The client was the eldest senior sister of the Tianshan Sect.

She was beautiful, noble, and cold.

Her martial power was strong, and a marriage contract was formed between her and the male lead.

The client's name was Yao Jin, an orphan.

She was brought back to the Tianshan Sect by her master as a disciple.

She was taught martial arts, literacy, and the ways of the world.

In her heart, Yao Jin had long regarded him as her father.

On one occasion, her master took her on a mission to Hengshui.

The Hengshui master found her very pleasing.

The little girl had a righteous spirit, and her small face was so cute.

So, he decided to introduce his best disciple, Lu Zhiyu.

Both sides were satisfied and agreed on marriage.

To maintain the ties between the two sects, marriage was the best way.

Neither the original nor the male protagonist objected.

For one thing, the sect had been kind to them.

Secondly, both parties had no ill feelings towards each other.

So the marriage contract was kept.

As the eldest senior sister of the sect, the original character not only had to raise her junior brothers and sisters, she also had to deal with the trivialities within the sect.

She grew in power and authority.

As a result, she became known as a noble and cold beauty.

It was during one of the sect's outdoor training experiences that an accident occurred.

She led her 4 junior brothers and her junior sister down the mountain.

They came across Lu Zhiyu, alone in the mountains.

Her junior sister, Gu Qingmei, instantly fell in love with that handsome man and couldn't take her eyes off him.

But when she learned that the man she loved was her eldest senior sister's fiancé, she was overcome with grief.

She had the idea that she was a disciple of the Tianshan Sect and could also be joined in marriage with Lu Zhiyu.

In any case, the two had no feelings for each other.

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