My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 96.1: First Level pt. 2

The scene was as quiet as a tomb.

After a long time, Wang Yingfeng stepped forward and said, “Sect Leader Jing has powerful methods indeed, but it's useless for you to get hold of so many colored stones.”

“Yes, that’s right.” The others echoed as if they had converged as one and the fight just now was all an illusion.

Jing Yue, “But it’s useful for you guys, and you should need it to leave this floor, right?”

Wang Yingfeng choked. Everyone's expressions were different, and some even flashed a fierce glint in their eyes as if they wanted to snatch it from him.

Jing Yue feigned ignorance and added, “So, what do you want to exchange it with?”

Qin Yanzhi also naively asked, “We found it, so why should we exchange it with them?”

Jing Yue, “We need to help each other and avoid internal conflict. Although we are new, we still understand the rules.”

Everyone, “…” Shameless!

Wang Yingfeng took a deep breath. “In that case, Bluecloud Valley would like to exchange 200,000 spirit stones for four multicolored stones.”

Jing Yue, “It should be more than that, right? Is your Lichen Sword worth this price? Moreover, you’re asking for four stones. That’s a lot.”

“Don't be arrogant! Do you really think we can't do anything to you?” Luo Chenghai threatened. “I've put up with you long enough! Don’t push your luck if you know what’s good for you. Otherwise, if we join forces and besiege you, you might even lose your little lives here, Sect Leader Jing.”

Jing Yue, “Oh.”

Luo Haicheng was furious. Heat surged through his brain and he struck out at Jing Yue with one palm. Now that the colorful scaled fish had been caught, he was not afraid to destroy the environment, and the palm strike also carried some spiritual energy.

He and Jing Yue were both in the upper-level Foundation Establishment stage and their strengths were comparable in theory. He wanted to toss a bait and attract others to kill Jing Yue, but as soon as the palm strike was launched, his wrist went numb.

Luo Haicheng's movement paused and his eyes fell on his wrist.

He saw an extremely thin line of blood. Then, the palm of his hand fell and blood gushed out.


Luo Haicheng finally felt the delayed pain and quickly used his spiritual energy to stop the bleeding. He hunched over and grabbed his wrist, his face instantly turned as white as a zombie, and his eyes were full of fear.

Everyone froze. They maintained their original posture and expression as if petrified into a bloody and hideous painting. The palm that lied on the broken ice, as well as the blood that stained the lake, was the most eye-catching detail in the painting.

No, perhaps not the most eye-catching…

Qin Yanzhi held a peach wood sword in his hand, with crimson blood dripping from the blade, sliding down the tip of the sword, forming different shapes.

Wang Yingfeng jolted. He could see that this person had just reached the Foundation Establishment stage and had the worst cultivation level among these many people, but how come he didn’t even know how the other party made his move?

When did Mini Frostcloud Sect produce such a terrifying person?!

Jing Yue's eyelids also twitched. He didn't expect that Qin Yanzhi would suddenly hurt someone. At this moment, the latter was expressionless, with frost hidden in his eyes, like a killing god.

He really deserved to be the top person in each cultivation stage—in the big world, once Qin Yanzhi had entered the Foundation Establishment stage, he had never encountered an opponent in the same realm!

“You!” Pockmarks Yu and another Tiangang disciple drew their weapons. Although there was a residual shock in their eyes, they would never back down!

“That’s enough!” Xu Fenglan of Tianshui Palace stepped forward and stopped Tiangang Sect. “It's just a flesh wound. I'll give you a limb-regenerating pill! Or do you want to waste all your strength on the first level?”

She swept her eyes over several restless Bodhisattva Yu disciples. These words were addressed to them as well.

Those eager people were startled. Yes, they didn’t come here to fight and show off. Just in case, they had already prepared something for exchange. Now, they were just exchanging it with an unexpected party.

They could only blame Jing Yue for getting all 19 colored stones, making them anxious.

Besides, Jing Yue was not easy to deal with, and his helper was really impenetrable, making it almost impossible to win easily. If they lost too badly, even if they succeeded in killing Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi, they had to be careful that the disciples of other sects wouldn’t take advantage of the situation. They were already wary of each other and could fight each other 800 rounds if they had nothing better to do!

Pockmarks Yu exchanged glances with his fellow disciples and withdrew their weapons. “We’ll give face to Tianshui Palace!”

Xu Fenglan cupped her hands. “Thank you.”

She turned to Jing Yue. Seeing that the other party didn’t display any displeasure, she felt that it should be so. Due to the pill-making competition, she always held respect and affection toward Jing Yue. In her mind, this sect leader was always so calm and composed as if he would be unmoved even if facing the lightning tribulation (not at all).

Xu Fenglan's attitude was respectful. “Sect Leader Jing guessed it correctly. The colored stone is indeed the key to the second floor. Only with the colored stone can we pass through the purple mist. If we did it by force, our bodies will be dissolved by the mysterious energy contained in the purple mist.”

“In the past, any sect that doesn’t have enough colored stones will use precious treasures to exchange with others. My Tianshui Palace has always used the Golden Lotus Elixir in exchange, but…” She smiled bitterly. “Sect Leader Jing is probably not interested in it. I wonder what you may ask for.”

Seeing Xu Fenglan’s thoughtfulness, Jing Yue gave her an admiring look. “Xu-daoyou is too kind. What I want is just the map of the secret realm drawn by your Tianshui Palace.”

As soon as the words were spoken, the people of the five immortal gates had a change of expressions. It should be known that not only the layout of the secret realm was drawn on their map, but also the valuable experiences that their predecessors had gained with blood and lives.

Xu Fenglan bluntly refused, “No way, I hope Sect Leader Jing can change the request.”

Jing Yue, “But I’m not interested in anything else.”

Xu Fenglan said anxiously, “Sect Leader Jing, we really can't exchange the map. Anything but the map!”

Jing Yue still shook his head. “I just want the map. If you refuse, I’ll destroy all the remaining 17 colored stones, and Yanzhi and I can leave anytime.”

Xu Fenglan, “You!”

Jing Yue, “Xu-daoyou, don't be anxious. I can make a vow that I’ll return the map to you after I’ve read it, not to mention that I won’t speak about it to anyone else.”

Xu Fenglan was still torn when she heard someone saying, “We’ll make the exchange.”

“Master Yongqing!” Xu Fenglan looked at a monk in shock. She never thought that the first to defect would be Cihang Gate!

“Amitabha,” Yongqing folded his hands together. “Master Jing, our Cihang Gate has a detailed map of the secret realm's first to third levels and would like to exchange it for four colorful stones. Is that feasible?”

Jing Yue smiled and said, “Of course.”

Yongqing was very decisive. He took out the map directly from his arms and gave it to Jing Yue. Jing Yue was not worried about Yongqing cheating him. Since Cihang Gate was willing to do the exchange, there must be other immortal sects that would also exchange it. He only needed to compare it to know whether it was true or not. Besides, he couldn't rely on the map completely. He just wanted to change the passive situation of ‘everyone knows but me’.

Jing Yue opened the map and looked at it. The layout of the first to third floors was drawn in detail with many notes on the situations and precautions he would encounter on each floor. With that basic knowledge in his mind, he handed over four colorful stones and returned the map to Yongqing.

“Thank you, Master.”

Yongqing smiled faintly, “Thank you, Master Jing.”

Jing Yue guessed that the notes on each map should be different. The other immortal sects cherished that information and were reluctant to share their experiences. Perhaps he would have the opportunity to summarize it today.

Thus, he said, “Anyone else wants to exchange? Just the map.”

He turned his eyes and smiled faintly at Wang Yingfeng.

Wang Yingfeng instantly had a huge chill and said stiffly, “Sect Leader Jing, since you already have a copy, why bother with other maps?”

Jing Yue, “Wang-daoyou, I heard that your sect had been on the fourth level. Can you show that to me?”

Of course Wang Yingfeng was unwilling. Now that they were the first to take the lead, how could they let others take advantage? Besides, Cihang Gate only had three levels on their map and they exchanged them for 4 stones. But they had reached the fourth level! If they also exchanged for 4 stones, wouldn't they be making a big loss?

Hmph! He must refuse decisively!

Jing Yue sighed. “Forget it then, but if you can't even get to the second floor this time, in the next hundred years, you might bump into the disciples of Cihang Gate on the fourth floor by then.”

Wang Yingfeng, “…”

That’s right! If Cihang Gate’s journey went smoothly, they were likely to reach the fourth level. After a hundred years, what was the point of Bluecloud Valley’s lead? Wang Yingfeng was about to faint with anger. He didn't expect Jing Yue to be so shameless! Originally, they planned to use Mini Frostcloud Sect to attract some hatred. But now, there was no need for this. Everyone in Mini Frostcloud Sect, including that chicken, had a taunting face, and people would hate them wherever they went!

However, people’s mana was so thick that they could withstand it! They were the ones who were constrained instead!

Wang Yingfeng spent a long time on psychological construction and finally looked gloomily at his fellow disciples. The four exchanged glances and experienced the disappointment of "I really can't help it" to the despair of "It seems I should accept my fate", and they resignedly agreed.

The map of Bluecloud Valley was naturally better than that of Cihang Gate. Not only did it have the structure of the fourth floor, but the remarks were also more comprehensive, and could be said to be a very detailed strategy. Jing Yue also found that in some aspects, Bluecloud Valley’s proposed approach was very different from that of Cihang Gate, but it seemed to have no impact on the outcome.

He quickly finished reading it. When he looked up, he saw Zhao Ying, a disciple of Bodhisattva Yu, also came forward and said. “Since Sect Leader Jing already has two maps, he must not be interested in our Bodhisattva Yu's maps. We have a Dream God dual cultivation method. I wonder if Sect Leader Jing is interested in it?”

Hearing the term dual cultivation again, Qin Yanzhi could not help but be curious and secretly perked up his ears.

Jing Yue, “No.”

Qin Yanzhi, “…”

Zhao Ying said in annoyance, “The Dream God Dual Cultivation Method is no weaker than the Joyous Dual Cultivation Method. The latter is the core technique of my Bodhisattva Yu and I naturally can't give it to you. However, I think our sincerity is sufficient, so I don't know what other dissatisfaction Sect Leader Jing has.”

Jing Yue, “I just want the map.”

“We already have one colorful stone and only need two more. Isn’t it too much to ask for the map in exchange?”

Jing Yue, “It’s up to you.”

Zhao Ying was so angry that he wanted to explode, but he was not in a good position to do so. Especially Cihang Gate and Bluecloud Valley had already handed in the maps, they pretended to persuade him kindly at this time, “Zhao-daoyou, it's just a map, why are you so stingy?”

Zhao Ying wanted to hit someone when he heard that, but in the end, he could only be ‘generous’ for once.

In this way, Xu Fenglan knew that her persistence was meaningless, so she gave a wry smile and exchanged the map for the colorful stones.

After Jing Yue had seen the four maps and made some references and comparisons, he looked at Luo Haicheng.

Luo Haicheng had just taken the pills from Tianshui Palace. His palm had not fully grown out and there was a small growth on his wrist. He looked at Jing Yue with hatred and resentment in his eyes and said roughly, “Let’s exchange it if you want to!”

Pockmarks Yu took the map out and handed it to Jing Yue, but the latter said, “Who said I want your map?”

Seeing that everyone was stunned, Jing Yue added, “I’ve seen four of them and don’t lack the one from Tiangang Sect.”

Pockmarks Yu was angry. “Then what do you want?”

Jing Yue, “I cultivate in the mountains all year round and don't really know what goodies you have in Tiangang Sect. Why don't we discuss it and see what is suitable for exchange?”

Wang Yingfeng was a bit upset at first when he saw that Tiangang Sect didn’t have to hand in the map, but after listening to Jing Yue’s words, he understood that Tiangang Sect was about to make a huge loss. After some comparison, they didn’t seem to lose that much. After all, only Jing Yue alone had seen the map, so he said briskly, “This proposal is good! Let me see…”

Like pouring a sack of beans, he listed all the treasures of Tiangang Sect, some of which were untold secrets within the sect. The monks of Cihang Gate also pretended to add in a few words. Bodhisattva Yu was allied with Tiangang Sect and couldn’t say much, but even they interjected sometimes. Only the people from Tianshui Palace smiled drily and waited aside, looking very pious. But in fact, the other three factions had already finished talking about people’s background and they really couldn't think of anything else.

The disciples of Tiangang Sect clenched their fists and Pockmarks Yu was trembling all over. Seeing the obnoxious look on Jing Yue’s face, he couldn’t wait to rush up and tear him apart. However, with their current abilities, they probably couldn’t win in a fight, and could only watch as Jing Yue held a Q&A session with the rest.

In the end, Jing Yue selected seven or eight valuable treasures of Tiangang Sect, and all of those that Luo Haicheng and the others could take out at this time. He said, “Thank you for your generosity. Mini Frostcloud Sect was founded not long ago and these items will certainly come in handy.”

Pockmarks Yu forced a sentence between his gritted teeth, “You’re welcome. Sect Leader Jing must keep, it, properly.”

Jing Yue, “Of course.”

Seeing the massive bleeding of Tiangang Sect, the other sects were finally appeased. The so-called misery comparison was when you see others more miserable than yourself, and you would be embarrassed to lament your misery, as that would be pretentious.

As a result, everyone happily took the colorful stones and walked through the purple mist, laughing and chattering. The atmosphere was unexpectedly harmonious.

Of course, Tiangang Sect was not included in this.

The sky spun around and the surrounding scenery changed.

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