Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 957: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 35)

At the same time, at the witch clan’s divining altar.

“Wu Zhu, are we really sacrificing these five spirits to the blood corpse?”  The elder revealed a difficult look, “It will become stronger after swallowing them.”

“But…..the five ghosts will need to merge with the Ten Thousand Year Old Blood Corpse.”  Wu Zhu narrowed her eyes and looked at the dark life and death stage, “As long as the life and death stage is open, we can push them down while it is taking the time to fuse.”

Whether it was humans, demons, or ghosts, they couldn’t escape the life and death stage in this world.

They must die!

The witch clan definitely couldn’t be destroyed in her hands, whether it was the Ten Thousand Year Old Blood Corpse or Murong Ming who wanted to destroy them.

This time, the witch clan must take care of them before they could make a move.

The witch clan was weak and naturally couldn’t do it, so she had to wait to reap the benefits while they were fighting.

At midnight.

The bridge leading to the life and death stage was a bridge called ‘Regret’.  Normal people couldn’t see this and it could only be seen by people with the ability to see ghosts.

At any time, it was as bright as day.

There was an abyss no matter where one looked, but they could see a crystalline bridge that led to the life and death stage.

Looking down from the bridge, one could see the large underworld which had a strange red glow that made one’s heart palpitate.

Murong Ming’s expression wasn’t good.  When he was walking on the bridge, he turned around more than once to ask her, “Can’t you wait for me?”

Without knowing why, he was very flustered.  He couldn’t help thinking about what an expert had told him seven hundred years ago.

——You will encounter a calamity, either in this life or the next.  In that moment of the calamity, you will lose your most important person.  That person may be someone else, or it could be you.

These words had been echoing in his heart for hundreds of years.  He had been trapped in the imperial tomb for generations and he had never met any people important to him.

He always thought that the calamity this expert mentioned was for himself.

But now he suddenly wasn’t that certain.

“No.”  Luo Qing Chen said, “Even if you don’t believe in my abilities, you should believe in your own abilities!”

Murong Ming was definitely very strong and it was beyond her imagination.

The Netherworld Ring on her left hand explained everything, she dreamed of strange scenes when she wore it.

They all came from the underworld and the picture was real, it should be the story of the master of this ring.

This meant that Murong Ming had already been to the underworld.

The fact that he can walk under the sun and not reincarnate meant one thing——

He was a very important person in the underworld.

Although it was only a guess, she was almost certain of it.

After a while, he said with a sigh, “Then just follow me.  Anyway without your tear, whether it is me, the witch clan, or the blood corpse, we can’t open the life and death stage.”

Suddenly his thoughts unknowingly changed.  At first he wanted to quickly collect the seven tears and open the life and death stage, then destroy it.

Because as long as he opened it, he would regain his sealed abilities.

However, if it was destroyed, his calamity would never come.

But now, he didn’t want her tear that much.

It was like…...he couldn’t bear to see her sad.

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