Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 955: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 33)

“You’re as arrogant as seven hundred years ago.”  The Ten Thousand Year Old Blood Corpse took a deep look at him and said with a strange smile, “Tomorrow at midnight, this corpse will wait for you at the stage of life and death.  If you don’t open it, I’ll open it for you!”

He must see that he was nothing, just like back then.

As soon as his voice fell, the sky was filled with ten thousand blood flowers and a thick blood smell.

After a while, Murong Ming coldly looked at Chen Yi on the ground, “You owe her more than just this life.”

Luo Qing Chen didn’t know why Murong Ming said this, but she knew that the moment he did, he pulled her away from this Raksha Hall without even looking back.

“Can you tell me what role the life and death stage has other than sealing your powers?”  She threw off his hand and took the crystal glass from him.  She looked at him seriously as she asked word for word, “Can you not open the life and death stage if I don’t cry?  You will lose, right?”

“Yes.”  His blue eyes had a faint sparkle as he said, “But I won’t lose.”

“You’re lying!”  She took a deep breath and pursed her lips, “If you were so sure about dealing with him, you wouldn’t have cared that much about helping the sisters find their obsessions!”


“Because you knew as long as they found their obsessions, they would leave behind sincere tears!”  She took a deep breath before looking at him and continuing, “But you never thought that, you just wanted Zhi Zi to leave behind the sorrowful tears after seeing Chen Yi.  You never thought that she would be so moved that it would scatter her soul!”

She suddenly could see through the man in front of her a bit.

Mysteriousness with a touch of laziness and an indescribable gentleness.

“That is all correct.”  He looked at her with endless emotions.

He saw the faint dark glow of the Netherworld Ring on her left hand before intently looking at her.

“Murong Ming, but I can’t cry……”  Her brows trembled slightly as she said, “I know what kind of tear you want, I want to give it to you as well.”

The crystal glass tears were tears of deep obsession, not just any casual tears would work.

She knew that the situation was very dangerous, the witch race should know that the ten thousand year corpse broke his barrier.

But they didn’t come out to stop it.  It was clear that they couldn’t win and would find it hard to protect themselves.

She knew that Murong Ming didn’t have any desires to save the world, but he wanted to protect the people by him, she could see that.

After a while, he revealed a lazy smile and took her hand, “Don’t cry if you can’t cry!  Anyway, you wouldn’t look good if you cry.”

His tone was very soft, like he wanted to break this atmosphere.  There was also a bit of pampering and coaxing in his voice.

“In short, I want to go to the life and death stage with you tomorrow.”  Luo Qing Chen seriously looked at him, “Is that alright?”

She knew that she was facing a Ten Thousand Year Old Blood Corpse with a deep grudge against the world, even a six hundred year old wandering ghost like Zhi Zi had died instantly in front of him.

This kind of monster, her chances of winning was less than 50% even with the Exquisite Ring.

It wasn’t her underestimating herself, she had to calculate the odds facing such a strong enemy.

“We’ll talk tomorrow.”  He looked at Luo Qing Chen and suddenly felt that her serious appearance was a bit cuter than normal.

Her brows knit and her lips pursed, it made people want to…...

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