Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 954: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 32)

His world suddenly became confused and his mind filled with chaos, not knowing what to do.

His reasoning told him to run as fast as he could.  He definitely couldn’t deal with this ten thousand year old monster.

The female ghost had taken over Chun’er’s body, so she would be repaying Chun’er if she died and wasn’t worth pitying.

But the feelings in his heart called out to him: Can you really see through your heart?

Although Zhi Zi was a ghost that had been in this world for six hundred years, she was not a match at all when it came to the Ten Thousand Year Old Blood Corpse.

The blood corpse had blood pour from its head like a waterfall.  Its mouth, eyes, and ears, were all filled with this thick red liquid.

“Little thing, I will use your soul as an appetizer today!”  A powerful red light burst forth towards Zhi Zi and she used all her strength to resist, but she was still knocked to the ground.

“Pu.”  There was a sweet taste in her mouth as she spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Zhi Zi!”  Chen Yi rushed forward without even thinking, wanting to hug Zhi Zi, but he found a chill run down his back.

“Careful!”  Zhi Zi turned, exposing her soul and flesh.

At that moment, her first thought was to protect Chen Yi and the second thought was to protect this body.

If her soul scattered, at least that girl could be with him.  It was like…..the story was complete.

“Ah!”  She roared into the sky and used her six hundred years of cultivation to form an invisible barrier, protecting Chen Yi and Song Chun’s body.

After that.

“Peng.”  A powerful force hit her soul and the barrier shattered instantly.

And then her soul scattered.

There were white fragments in the air and a faint wisp of smoke.

“No!”  Chen Yi roared out in a heartbroken voice as he kept trying to grasp those white fragments.

But as long as he touched a fragment, it turned into a crystal tear that fell in his hand.

When Murong Ming and Luo Qing Chen arrived, the crystal glass in Luo Qing Chen’s hand released a faint blue glow as a crystal drop fell down.

“Zhi Zi……”  Her fingers trembled and her voice was a bit hoarse.

Murong Ming standing beside her tightly knit his brows and his ice cold eyes seemed like it could freeze people.

In less than a few seconds, the white fragments gradually disappeared and left just a few soft words.

“Chen Yi, I don’t hate you.  If there’s a next life, please don’t meet me.”

“Zhi Zi, Zhi Zi……”  He softly said before falling to his knees, as tears came from the corner of his eyes.

It was his fault, it was all his fault.  He couldn’t see through his heart, he didn’t understand that he was just friends with Song Chun.

As for his feelings for Zhi Zi, they were…...

The Ten Thousand Year Old Blood Corpse seemed a bit wild after seeing an old acquaintance.  Its body continued to shrink before it finally took human form.

His face was still rotten and although he had four limbs, the middle portion was flesh that was torn apart.

With dark red blood, it moved step by step towards Murong Ming, slowly saying in a strange voice, “You are the only person worthy of fighting me in this world, it’s a pity that you haven’t opened the life and death stage yet.”

“Un humph.”  He narrowed his eyes and with his right hand, he pulled Luo Qing Chen who had been standing in front of him behind him, then he said to the Ten Thousand Year Old Blood Corpse, “It doesn’t matter if I open the life or death stage when it comes to dealing with you.”

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