Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 953: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 31)

“You are Chun’er, my beloved childhood sweetheart, Song Chun.”  He suddenly grabbed her by the skirt and pushed her against the broken barrier, “Why are you occupying her body, give me back Chun’er!”

Zhi Zi’s mind was completely empty.

Those clear eyes became bloodshot and the barrier behind her suddenly flickered as it released a chill.

It was like she had taken him as his most important person only to become the biggest joke in the world.

“Ao, si!”  The Raksha Hall trembled and the barrier shattered, as a bloodthirsty killing intent filled the air.

“You lied to me, right?”  Zhi Zi bit her lip and ignored the danger behind her, as her tears unconsciously came out.

There was only a tear of blood left.

Chen Yi was stunned and his heart filled with a bit of pain.  He had never felt this feeling before.

Song Chun was his childhood sweetheart.  He had been rather introverted since he was young, he never had a female playmate other than Song Chun.

He thought that when he was sixteen, he could propose to Song Chun.

But he never thought that when she went to a feast in the palace, she would fall in love with the emperor Murong Han Xuan at first sight.

The following year, she entered the harem as a concubine.

Murong Han Xuan wasn’t bad to her, probably because she looked beautiful and had a gentle disposition.

Not long after, she became his favourite concubine and gradually had no relations with the big brother she grew up with.

But he…..wasn’t willing.

In the end, he entered his palace with his martial arts.

The journey was bumpy, but the heavens didn’t let him down and he became Murong Han Xuan’s personal guard.

It was because of this that he felt Song Chun’s happiness in the palace.  At times she was lonely, but she was willing to accept this.

But at this time, when he saw the injured girl in front of him, he no longer thought of Song Chun.

Rather he thought of the cute female ghost…...

“I…..”  He wanted to explain something, but he couldn’t say anything.

A red light flickered not far away and quickly approached Zhi Zi who was moving back.  Chen Yi panicked and shouted in a daze, “Don’t go back.”

Zhi Zi was stunned and she knit her brows.  The large purple blood corpse behind her attacked, being covered in blood and being as tall as ten people.

It had a completely purple body, a blood red head, and it was covered in rotten skin.  One hand had ten fingers and they were all incomparably sharp.

The most terrifying thing was not his appearance, rather it was his blood red eyes.  It was so red that it seemed like it was flowing with blood and a bone chilling coldness made one tremble.

There was a deep and cold voice that filled the sky.

Daring to fight the heavens and earth, slaughter all people.

Going against the universe, reversing yin and yang, reincarnating into life again.

“Now, there is no one who can trap me!”  He gave an angry roar, as if he planned on destroying the world with these words.

Zhi Zi was taken aback.  A dim glow appeared on her right hand as she shouted to Zhi Zi, “Quickly leave, don’t let me see you again.”

As soon as her voice fell, she charged in the direction of the Ten Thousand Year Old Blood Corpse, giving Chen Yi more time to escape.

But Chen Yi felt like his feet couldn’t move at all.

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