Chapter 95

Counting the time, Shen Shui Yan was only a short period away from recovering his memories.

In order to "treat" Chu Mu Yun, Yu Qing buried himself into his research all day and really did put in a lot of effort.

Those who had no idea would think that he was willing to throw his life away in order to help, but those who did...Well, Chu Mu Yun expressed: fighting, brother, or you'll lose your chance when little Greed recovers his memories.

Chu Mu Yun wasn't worried about Yu Qing offing him. If he really did want to off him, why go through so much trouble? He could have just put on a straight face and told him he wouldn't save him.

Clearly, this man had an extremely deep connection with Shen Shui Yan, that he knew of his reincarnations and also his temperament.

How could it be enjoyable to simply destroy Greed's "belongings"? He had to give him a taste of a lifetime of unrelenting pain!

Chu Mu Yun was quite looking forward to what sort of chaos this old man could create.

And, he was also looking forward to the great Pride.

Mo Jiu Shao's nice guy act is seriously...Tsk tsk, you really can't trust anyone anymore.

To blur reality with such finesse, who in the world would dare call themselves no.1 if Mo Jiu Shao were to declare himself second place?

Each of them had their own different thoughts on this Antuo Mountain.

The boy with the Heavenly Disaster Body did not show up again that day. While chatting idly with Baby Zero, this was mentioned.

Yu Qing did not seem like a nice guy. There's an 80% chance that he was planning something by agreeing to save this young man. After for what, that would be hard to say. It might even have something to do with Shen Shui Yan. After all, the Heavenly Disaster Body was a powerful weapon you can use to trap someone if you used it right.

But it probably won't be used right now.

Shen Shui Yan cared very much for Chu Mu Yun and would watch over him without rest. He also never stopped that life-rejuvenation spell. In fact, Chu Mu Yun wouldn't die off that easily without it. Only, Shen Shui Yan couldn't feel at ease. He couldn't let any accidents happen at such a moment, and he definitely would not allow himself to lose this man after just learning how to obtain him.

Chu Mu Yun did not change his nature of greed in the slightest, he only taught him to give all the greed in his life to a single person.

In Shen Shui Yan's eyes, everything else was just trash. However, only one exception was left in his belongings.

Shen Shui Yan carefully landed a kiss on the pale face of the man in his arms and whispered, "Ah Yun, my Ah Yun."

Sadly, he still had no idea what Chu Mu Yun's real name was.

After watching this movie for more than half a month (friendly courtesy of DOS 4.0), Yu Qing finally came out.

The wrinkled smile that arose on the face of this aged man from his immense joy did not look all that better from a crying face.

He really was genuinely excited, and the ecstasy in his eyes could not be hidden. "It's done!"

Shen Shui Yan's eyes lit up. "Master Yu, have you found a way to cure Ah Yun?"

Yu Qing responded excitedly, "At last, I can live up to my promise. I will definitely be able to restore Mr. Shen to his former self!"

That was a very big promise.

Shen Shui Yan's brows furrowed slightly, but he quickly said to him, "Thank you very much, Master Yu!"

"Why thank me?" Yu Qing showed him an expression as if telling him not to mind. "You'll understand everything when you regain your memories!"

A strange thought flashed past Shen Shui Yan's mind, but that flash was too quickly that he was unable to catch it.

And, Yu Qing's next sentence also diverted all his attention.

"I have specifically studied the backlash and found that it can be reversed." He was referring to the backlash of Chu Mu Yun being unable to make love since being stripped of the Beast of Charm.

hearing that, Chief Chu pricked up his ears. "Even though it doesn't feel great being a bottom, it's better than abstaining from sex for the rest of my life or almost dying from f*cking one time."

Sigh...Life is a bitch. You wouldn't feel it without comparison, but when you do...A power top turning into a needy bottom was...

Shen Shui Yan quickly asked, "Is there really a way to solve it?"

"There is!" Yu Qing looked at Shen Shui Yan, his eyes glimmering with promise. "It's rare for you to be able to find someone you like. It would be pitiful if you were to abstain from touching him your whole life."

Anyone could see that Shen Shui Yan loved Shen Yun deeply.

Yu Qing knew a bit more, just like how cold-hearted and ruthless this senior brother of his could be. He also knew how terribly paranoid he could be once he sets his mind on something.

How ridiculous. Shen Shui Yan was hundreds of years older than him, but now, he was old and dying while this evil and capricious man in front of him still looked like a young boy, full of vigor and life...He even met someone he loved.

Yu Qing thought about those absurd years and he could no longer suppress the hatred in his heart.

Shen Shui Yan...I never thought this day would come for you.

It truly warms my heart to know that I can cause you so much suffering before my death!

Since he finally decided on a treatment plan, Yu Qing's entire body was glowing. This look was by no means faked and appeared to have come completely from his heart.

Of course, for a completely opposite purpose.

Time waits for no one. He worries that Shen Shui Yan will regain his memories, and he hoped Chu Mu Yun will be able to wake up earlier.

So, at this point, everyone's goals were the absolute same. They all wanted treatment to start as soon as possible.

In order to not be disturbed Yu Qing sealed off the entirety of Antuo Mountain. Don't even mention any outsiders, even his own disciples were not to see him. They have all been driven down the mountain.

Fortunately, with Shen Shui Yan and Mo Jiu Shao's barriers protecting him, he had no worries of being attacked.

After preparing everything, treatment began.

Even though he still couldn't figure out what this old man was up to, he really did seem dedicated to the treatment.

Chu Mu Yun could clearly feel his severed meridians gradually recovering, and his destroyed elixir field was beginning to gathering around again. Even though he lacked energy, his cultivation was slowly returning to him...Not only that, but the constant pain his body felt also began to reduce, and his pale, weak complexion gradually glowed with a luster that represented the force of life.

What an amazing old man.

Chu Mu Yun was impressed. After all, his current condition was similar to thousands of years later when he was f*cked by Pride.

How could anyone not be surprised that this Yu Qing was able to heal a body that even the Emperor of Pride could not help at that time?

But...he soon realized what price the old man had paid.

As Chu Mu Yun's body gradually recovered, Yu Qing's own became more and more emaciated. His already aged posture was simply turning into a pile of withered bones...

Mo Jiu Shao raised a brow, vaguely understanding that this must be a forbidden, life exchanging art.

It was extremely challenging to do and was very limited. And, you had to be completely willing to do this. Fortunately, Yu Qing could fulfill all those conditions.

But why was he going this far to save Shen Yun?

To pay such a great price...How was he going to torment Shen Shui Yan?

Amnesia? It wouldn't be that simple, so...What was it?

Mo Jiu Shao waited with interest.

The treatment lasted four days and five nights. After it was over, Chu Mu Yun opened his eyes while, like a candle in the wind, Yu Qing's body faltered.

The awakened Chu Mu Yun seemed to be in a trance. Shen Shui Yan carefully approached him and called out, "Ah Yun..."

Chu Mu Yun's eyes moved. The instant he saw Shen Shui Yan, there was no pleasure nor joy, instead...his eyes were filled with hate and despair.

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