Today, the Foolish Scum Gong Screwed Me Over Again

Chapter 95 - Zhang Yuxuan x Liu Cheng (1)

The first time Liu Cheng heard someone use the word 'cheap' to describe him, it was Gu Yang who said it.

Gu Yang graduated from a well-known university and had returned from studying abroad. He came from a rich family and took over his father's company at a young age.

He was truly a young talent.

And such a person was his boyfriend.

At that time, Liu Cheng liked Gu Yang so much. He liked him so much that the sudden thought of Gu Yang while he was bartending would make him smile with crinkled eyes.

Liu Cheng was born good looking with thick eyebrows. The ambiguous way the light reflected off the corners of his curved lips was beautiful enough to take people aback.

It even shook the heart of the guest sitting on the opposite side of the bar.

"The cocktail you ordered." Liu Cheng put the mixed drink in front of the guest.

But instead of picking up the cocktail, the guest instead took Liu Cheng's hand.

Liu Cheng tried to shake off their grip but couldn't.

The guest was already somewhat drunk, but he held Liu Cheng's wrist tightly and stroked the inside of his arm ambiguously with an index finger.

Liu Cheng had already been working at this bar for a year. This sort of thing didn't even phase him.

He bent down and looked the guest in the eye. The bar's lights were reflected in this pair of light brown eyes, a moving sight. He whispered, "Sir, have you see the bodyguards to your left?"

The guest froze for a moment.

Liu Cheng's smile became brighter and brighter: "A wave from me and they'll come and throw you out."

The guest smirked before slowly letting go.

The guest's hand was about to leave Liu Cheng's arm completely when another man came from nowhere and yelled, "Let him go!"

This foreign man's voice was cold, like it was wrapped in several layers of ice.

The guest startled and quickly let go.

Half the bar turned to look in their direction.

Liu Cheng also turned, only to see a man sitting on the next seat over. A man wearing...a skirt.

That guest also saw the man's skirt. He looked the man up and down with disdain, squinting at him as he mocked, "What? It was just a per--"

The man suddenly stood up and took a step towards the guest.

The guests words suddenly cut off.

For standing up, this man in a skirt was more that 1.9 meters tall.

Not to mention his broad and powerful shoulders, his handsome and determined face, and those cold eyes of his. When he looked down at people like this, the man was quite intimidating.

Despite him wearing a skirt.

The guest was so taken aback by his presence that he took a step back. Then he glanced somewhat embarassed at Liu Cheng and the man before taking out his phone, randomly dialing on the phone and pretending nothing was wrong as he quickly left.

Although Liu Cheng could've solved the problem without this other guest's intervention, he still politely said thank you.

"Don't worry, don't worry about it. A good deed a day, right? When you encounter this kind of thing in the future, you can't..." The man suddenly stopped talking as he reached for his cocktail. He looked at his finger and cried, "Ah? Why are my new nails messy again?!"

His voice was lamenting and mournful...the fury from before was nowhere to be seen.

Liu Cheng: "......"

Liu Cheng was beginning to suspect this man had been possessed by something just now.

He followed the man's line of sight. Only then did he see the light pink nail polish applied to all ten of the man's nails.

Perhaps because of inattentiveness, the polish became messed up and chaotic.

"After all the trouble I went through applying it myself..." The man pursed his lips, his tone aggrieved. "The nail parlours are closed now and I have a video meeting with my senior late. How can I meet with Senior when they're so ugly, ah!"

Tears began to collect in the man's eyes.

Liu Cheng couldn't bear to see them in the eyes of someone who did just help him out. He glanced at his watch and found that it was almost time for his shift to end. Since he had nothing better to do, why not do something good? Liu Cheng turned and borrowed some nail polish and polish removal wipes from some of his female colleagues at the bar.

When he came back, the man was picking at his nails with red-rimmed eyes.

Liu Cheng set the nail supplies down before the man and said, "Do you want me to help do your nails?"

The man's eyes widened, still brimming with tears. "Would you really?"

Liu Cheng: "I've worked in a nail parlour before."

Liu Cheng started working when he was sixteen. Before he came here to be a bartender, he's done plenty of other jobs. Nail parlours, hair salons, bakeries, cafes, tea parlours... He worked anywhere that would take him.

The man's eyes immediately lit up at his response. He obediently presented all ten digits to Liu Cheng with a bright smile. "Thank you then!"

The man's fingers, which were quite slender, bounced excitedly on the table as the man cheerfully asked, "So what colour nail polish do you think I'll look good in, ah!"

Liu Cheng picked up a wipe and carefully wiped away the nail polish residue from the man's nails.

While he did that, he glanced at the man's outfit. It featured a milk-white dress with little blue flowers printed on it.

"How about something simple like clear nail polish? We can also draw little blue flowers on two fingers." Liu Cheng took out a box of toothpicks from who knows where to draw the flowers.

"Sure, sure!" The man happily agreed.

The man's eyes were clear and bright, his eyelashes voluminous. When he smiled happily, he was just like a cute little puppy.

Liu Cheng smiled before looking down and focusing on doing his nails.

"...Wow, so pretty!" The man couldn't help but exclaim as he admired his nails with wide eyes."

Liu Cheng cleaned up the supplies. "There's no light here to set your nails so they're still a bit wet now. Be careful not to smudge them again."

"En, en, en, en!"

The man nodded emphatically in response. He looked with at Liu Cheng with bright eyes, "By the way, what's your name? My name is Zhang..."

Liu Cheng's phone suddenly rang. He gesture for the man to wait as he turned to take the call."

The owner of the bar Liu Cheng worked at was Shen Xingwei.

Shen Xingwei seemed to like owning bars, because he owned more than ten in this city alone. Some were under chain management while others were independent establishments.

Liu Cheng didn't really work at any specific location. He basically went wherever he was needed.

The person calling him now was Little Xing, the bartender for that bar over on Sanjue Street. He wasn't feeling well and wanted Liu Cheng to cover his shift.

There was money to be earned covering shifts.

And Liu Cheng was in need of money.

It was almost Gu Yang's birthday, and Liu Cheng wanted to give his boyfriend a decent present.

So he accepted without even thinking about it.

He grabbed his stuff as soon as he hung up and ran outside.

The man wearing the skirt turned to look at him. "Um, you still haven't..."

"Good luck on your date with your senior." Liu Cheng said without much thought.

The man froze for a moment. His cheeks slowly reddened as he whispered, somewhat embarassed, "Thank you... It's actually not a date, la. We're not together yet...Cough cough... The main problem is I haven't confessed yet... It's actually not because I don't want to, it's that I don't have the guts to..."

Liu Cheng didn't really hear what this silly man was saying because he had already ran out of the bar.

Liu Cheng never thought he would see his boyfriend in a bar at two in the morning.

Even more so, he never thought he would see that...that Little Xing who asked him to cover his shift in his boyfriend's arms.

Little Xing poured alcohol for Gu Yang as he giggled and asked, "Mr. Gu, I heard you boyfriend also works for out bar, ah?"

Gu Yang's hand slipped into Little Xing's clothes and circled his waist. He spoke carelessly, "What boyfriend? Don't you know I don't do relationships?"

"I'm talking about Liu Cheng, ah. He said himself that you're his boyfriend." said Little Xing.

"That's right, Gu Yang." Gu Yang's rich second generation friend said in a teasing tone, "Didn't I see you two already living together the last time I went to your house? I thought you really were tied down for good this time.”

"Me? Tied down?" Gu Yang raised an eyebrow, his tone nonchalant. "Like I would be tied down by the likes of him."

His friend: "Sure. He's not so bad looking and he knows how to cook."

"So what? He's just a cheap toy that I got to keep things fresh. If you like him so much, I'll give him to you."

Gu Yang set his glass down on the table after saying that. However, he inadvertently glanced up and saw Liu Cheng standing not far away.

Gu Yang's body almost imperceptibly stiffened.

He was actually having second thoughts about what he just said.

It was his pride as a man that made him feel like a bartender who didn't even graduate from high school like Liu Cheng was far from worthy of him. But the only reason he had said those things was because his friend's flirtatious words made him want to set the record straight.

But he knew in his heart that Liu Cheng had never asked him for a cent. If Liu Cheng came over right now and confronted him, he would have a hard time talking his way out.

Yet words already spoke couldn't be taken back. He couldn't lose face in front of his friend and little lover, so Gu Yang could only bite the bullet and wave Liu Cheng over. "...Come here."

Gu Yang thought that Liu Cheng would definitely storm away in a fit of rage. Then he could casually brush the whole matter off as a temperamental mistress.

But Gu Yang never expected Liu Cheng to actually come over.

Not only did he come over, there was no anger or indignation on his face. In fact, Liu Cheng was smiling.

His lips were curved and his eyes crinkled. It was as if Liu Cheng's smile became deeper and more vivacious with every step he took.

Liu Cheng already possessed remarkable looks. Gu Yang always felt like his sort of beauty was rather cheap. Pretty looking, but not intricate, vulgar even. Yet right now, as the red and green lights of the bar shone down on the narrow ends of his eyelashes, Liu Cheng seemed almost sensual.

Vulgar, yes.

But also beautiful.

Liu Cheng sat down beside Gu Yang on the sofa. He blinked his eyes and said with a smile, "Young Master Gu, are you really going to give me away?"

Song Chen looked them up and down from across the table with interest in his eyes. He interjected, "Your Young Master Gu said he's going to give you me. Are you willing?"

Liu Cheng's thin lips quirked up, his eyes all smiles. "Well that depends on the price Young Master Song is willing to offer."

"How much does Gu Yang give you?"

Liu Cheng: "Our Gu Yang is more than generous. He gives me $200,000 a month."

Song Chen was taken aback for a moment. Then he patted Gu Yang on the shoulder. "Not bad, ah. Gu Yang, you're pretty generous!"

Gu Yang's lips twitched but he didn't answer.

Liu Cheng sighed before continuing, "And our Gu Yang said he would pay me off in full after we broke up. Since I've been with him for more than a year, that means he owes a total of more than $3 million. To be honest. even I'm hesitant to ask for such a sum."

Song Chen chuckled. "What's there to be hesitant about? Gu Yang's willing to give it so you just have to accept."

"That's what I was thinking! It wouldn't do for me to offend Young Master Gu by refusing." Liu Cheng turned to Gu Yang with a smile. "That's why I came here today to get the money."

Gu Yang's entire body stiffened. He looked up at Liu Cheng.

But Liu Cheng was still smiling.

"...I don't have that much money on me." Gu Yang said somewhat stiffly.

"Check is fine too." Liu Cheng helpfully reminded him.

After Gu Yang bit the bullet and wrote the Cheng, Liu Cheng even let Song Chen examine it to see if everything was in order before accepting it.

Liu Cheng could admit he was doing this on purpose.

The night before, he overheard Gu Yang say on the phone that his company was having some cash flow problems right now.

Now that he's basically gouged $3 million from Gu Yang, his recent troubles would probably become even more difficult to handle.

But what did that had to do with Liu Cheng?

Liu Cheng looked at the veins popping out on Gu Yang's forehead. He felt nothing but happiness at the sight.

After Liu Cheng accepted the check, he went to sit on the other side, beside Song Chen. With practised motions he poured Song Chen a glass, smiling lasciviously. "Another glass, Young Master Song?"

The lights of the bar reflected in his eyes made them seem slutty yet bright.

Young Master Song's taken in many beautiful young men. Some pretended to be shy, some pretended to be reserved. Even the sluttiest of them all only showed their slutty side in his bed.

It was Song Chen's first time encountering someone like Liu Cheng, immediately throwing himself into the arms of his next rich client right in front of his former client who he extorted a break up fee from.

The words 'gold digger' and 'slut' were practically written on his face in big letters.

Without even an attempt at hiding them.

--Yet this honesty was what perked his interest.

Not to mention Song Chen's already had some unseemly thoughts about this lover of his friend.

Song Chen wrapped an arm around Liu Cheng's face while taking the glass to down it with another. He leaned over to Liu Cheng's ear. "So you've completely broken up with Gu Yang just like that?"

Liu Cheng tilted his face in his direction, his lips ever so lightly brushing past Song Chen's cheek. He spoke slowly in an ambiguous tone of voice, "If Young Master Song doesn't want me to break things off cleanly with him, I can do that too."

Song Chen laughed. He left the bar with Liu Cheng in his arms after greeting Gu Yang.

Leaving Gu Yang sitting there alone with a gloomy expression, his hand almost crushing the glass he was holding.

Liu Cheng's bright and slutty smile slowly dimmed as he came out of the bar and left Gu Yang's sight.

The check from Gu Yang was still in his pocket, but it felt like a fire burning away at his flesh.

It burned to to the point his stomach cramped. He pushed Song Chen away and vomited while leaning on a nearby tree.

Song Chen originally intended to spend the night with Liu Cheng, but he knew just by looking at the man that he wouldn't get what he wanted tonight. So he gave him name card to Liu Cheng and pretended to kindly advise him to go see a doctor if he needed before leaving.

Liu Cheng didn't end up throwing up, but tears ran down his face as he heaved.

At this time, a tissue appeared before his eyes.

Liu Cheng accepted it before looking up. Through his tears, he saw that strange man in a skirt again.

"Thanks." Liu Cheng used the tissue to wipe his face before standing up.

"I haven't thanked you yet for doing my nails." The man forced himself to smile. "Why don't I buy you a drink?"

Many men said they would buy Liu Cheng a drink.

However, he's never accepted any offer but Gu Yang's.

But he nodded now.

The first reason being that he really wanted a drink.

The second reason being he knew the man in front of him wasn't using this as a pretense for something else.

"Are you feeling down?" The man asked while pouring him a drink.

Liu Cheng: "I just broke up with someone."

The man remained silent for a beat before awkwardly comforting him, "...Things will get better."

But Liu Cheng couldn't help but think of Gu Yang.

He couldn't help but think of the first time they met...

Gu Yang confessing to him...

Gu Yang saying, "Like I would be tied down by the likes of him"...

Gu Yang saying, "He's just a cheap toy I that I got to keep things fresh. If you like him so much, I'll give him to you."

Liu Cheng suddenly felt like his heart was being torn out.

He downed a glass to ease the pain inside and changed the subject, "Why aren't you at your meeting yet? It's already this late."

"...It got cancelled." There was a tremor in the man's voice, "Senior said he was g-going abroad. I..."

Before he even finished his sentence, the man suddenly burst into tears.

Liu Cheng was startled. He frantically handed the man a tissue and comforted him.

It might not seem like it.

But that night.

It was basically two heartbroken people coming together to cry their hearts out.

To be more specific, it was a man wearing a skirt crying his heart out while hugging Liu Cheng.

And Liu Cheng was drinking.

The next day, Liu Cheng was sprawled out on the bar table, a dozen wine glasses in front of him. His head was killing him.

The man in the skirt was already nowhere to be seen.

Only an A4 sied sheet of paper was left on the coffee table.

Three sentences were written crookedly there using eyeliner.

"Thank you.”

"May this be the start of something new."

"Let's live spontaneously!"

With one hand holding his head and the other holding that sheet of paper, Liu Cheng suddenly laughed.

After Liu Cheng broke up with Gu Yang, he really did start living more spontaneously than before.

He stayed with Song Chen for a while before breaking up amicably.

Then he spent time with many rich clients in a row.

Liu Cheng even felt like his current lifestyle was even more freeing than the time he was foolishly in love.

It wasn't just the rich clients choosing him. He also chose his rich clients.

No one ugly, weak, unskilled or had special fetishes would do.

They would each take what they need to achieve happiness from the other person.

When someone tried to subtly insult him, Liu Cheng didn't care. He just flashed the black card given by his rich client and bragged: Look, not only is the man I'm seeing in good shape and skilled, he even pays me for my time.

Liu Cheng had a high EQ, good techniques, good looks and he knew how to act spoiled. He even broke up very amicably with each rich client.

He never expected to fall into the hands of Ye Hongyuan.

Liu Cheng and Ye Hongyuan met in a bar. Ye Hongyuan was tall and strong, charming yet graceful in conversation, gentle and completely loaded.

Liu Cheng once thought Ye Hongyuan was a high-quality specimen of the male gender.

He never expected him to be a top-tier scum instead.

Liu Cheng leaned against the doorway, tilting his head at Ye Hongyuan, who was calling his fiance.

Ye Hongyuan's tone made him sound like the most thoughtful and affectionate man in the world, but the smile faded from his eyes the moment the call ended.

He set his phone aside with tightly pursed lips and got to work like a robot.

Liu Cheng was puzzled. He suddenly asked, "Ye Hongyuan, why marry him if you're not in love with him?"

Ye Hongyuan put down his pen at the sound of his voice. His head slowly turned to expressionlessly regard Liu Cheng with a cold look in his eyes. "How long have you been standing there?"

Liu Cheng blinked and said honestly, "From the part where you said he should eat more because he's too thin."

The chill in Ye Hongyuan's eyes slightly lessened, but his expression was still cold. "Go outside. And knock when you come in from now on."

It wasn't until he stepped out that Liu Cheng realized Ye Hongyuan hadn't answered his question.

After the wedding, Jing Zeyu moved into Ye Hongyuan's house.

For some reason, Ye Hongyuan had Liu Cheng take the wheel when it was time to pick up Jing Zeyu.

It had suddenly started to rain that day. Not having brought an umbrella, Jing Zeyu stood waiting at the main entrance of the apartment.

Ye Hongyuan got out of the car with an umbrella and escorted Jing Zeyu over.

Ye Hongyuan's actions were those of a thoughtful gentleman. He allowed his left shoulder to get wet just to make sure not a drop hit Jing Zeyu. When he turned to speak to Jing Zeyu, his eyes stayed on the man the entire time.

Jing Zeyu and Ye Hongyuan were so into their conversation that they neglected to watch where they were stepping. A moment of inattention led to Jing Zeyu slipping, but luckily Ye Hongyuan quickly caught him in his arms.

The moment he embraced the other man, Ye Hongyuan's eyes crinkled as he breathed a sigh of relief.

Liu Cheng suddenly understood something.

Ye Hongyuan actually had genuine feelings for Jing Zeyu.

But he just wasn't willing to admit it to himself.

Liu Cheng suddenly found how contradicting a person Ye Hongyuan was very funny.

Ye Hongyuan had a little brother that he dearly loved. So when he heard that his little brother was running a fever, he immediately came back from overseas. But he paused upon arriving outside his brother's room. His voice became ice-cold. "Liu Cheng, you go take care of him."

With that, he headed straight into his own room without so much as a glance back.

Ye Hongyuan was sponsoring a lonely widow in an nursing home. He always returned from the nursing home in a calmer mood, but he only permitted himself to go once a month.

Liu Cheng sometimes cooked for Ye Hongyuan. He was feeling good that day so he filled the entire table with dishes.

Ye Hongyuan seemed to very much prefer the sweet potato stir-fry. He ate three pieces in a row. Liu Cheng swapped dishes so the sweet potato stir-fry was closer to Ye Hongyuan. "So you like these? Here I thought you didn't like anything sweet."

Ye Hongyuan's chopsticks paused in mid-air. He never went for the sweet potatoes again. Instead, he forced himself to eat the tossed bitter melon salad, even if every bite made him grimace.

Liu Cheng suddenly felt like Ye Hongyuan was a lunatic insistent on being contrary.

He clearly like Jing Zeyu, but pretended he didn't and even took on a little lover like Liu Cheng. Who knew if he was trying to disgust Jing Zeyu or himself?

He clearly cared for his little brother, but pretended he didn't.

He clearly liked to go visit that woman in the nursing home, but he forced himself not to.

He clearly like to eat sweet things, but he forced himself to eat bitten things instead.

It almost seemed like everything Ye Hongyuan did was done to deny who he was.

He denied his emotions, his feelings, his preferences.

....Like he wanted to deny even his own existence.

He used this sort of denial to split himself apart and discard who he really is in an effort to reinvent a new life for his idealized self.

Oh, that's right. Liu Cheng also heard that Ye Hongyuan once changed his name.

That probably had something to do with his strange and absurd mentality as well.

Ye Hongyuan threw away his original name and everything he liked, disguising himself with a new name and false preferences. It was like he wanted to shed his old identity like a shell and be reborn as a completely new individual.

...But why would he do such a thing? Did something traumatic happen to him?

Liu Cheng wondered carelessly about what it could've been.

That was when Ye Hongyuan and Jing Zeyu opened the car door and got in.

"This is?" Jing Zeyu glanced doubtfully in Liu Cheng's direction.

Liu Cheng started the engine before nodding with a smile at Jing Zeyu. "Hello Madam, I'm the new driver."

"Driver?" Jing Zeyu faintly frowned. "Did Uncle Wang quit?"

Ye Hongyuan took off his soaked suit jacket and set it to one side. "He's actually the new cook in the house. Uncle Wang asked for the day off so I had him step in today.”

Liu Cheng said with a smile, "Don't worry, Madam. I'm a very good driver.

Liu Cheng brought up ending the relationship with Ye Hongyuan as soon as they got home.

Liu Cheng wasn't a saint. He wasn't even a good person.

He only chose to be with Ye Hongyuan for fun in the first place. Now that things were getting complicated and he was about to become cannon fodder in someone else's love story, how could he not dip?

Luckily, Ye Hongyuan quickly agreed.

Liu Cheng hummed a tune to himself as he went to pack up his things.

Liu Cheng stayed here a while so his things were all over the place. However, there wasn't much.

Liu Cheng thought he would be out of here once he organized his things.

He felt lighter, his hands even folding clothes quicker.

But he didn't expect Jing Zeyu to be standing right behind him once he turned around.

Jing Zeyu looked at him expressionlessly. "You live here?"

Liu Cheng politely replied, "The bed in the servants' room had some problems, so Mr. Ye let me stay here. However, I'm about to leave in a moment."

Jing Zeyu was silent for a moment before he suddenly asked, "How long have you and Ye Hongyuan been together?"

Liu Cheng was taken aback. He blinked, "Madam, I'm not sure what you're saying."

Jing Zeyu just stared at him without speaking.

Liu Cheng sighed. He folded the clothes in his hands and put them in his suitcase. "I'm sorry."

Liu Cheng had already closed his eyes in anticipation for being slapped by Jing Zeyu. However, Jing Zeyu did nothing as he turned and walked away.

What a mature, calm individual.

Liu Cheng couldn't help but praise in his heart.

Once he packed his things, Liu Cheng went to Ye Hongyuan's study to warn him that Jing Zeyu had already found out about their relationship so he could be prepared for it.

But Liu Cheng didn't see anyone in the study.

When he frowned and was about to leave, Liu Cheng heard a strange noise.

"It's almost New Years! Recharge to receive amazing gifts! Get a 1% discount by recharging above $10,000! Piece by piece, Devour Dream hopes you find the dream you seek!"

Liu Cheng's steps came to a halt. He raised an eyebrow.

Ye Hongyuan actually played games? And such a terrifyingly stingy one at that?

Liu Cheng was a bit curious. He walked in the direction of that noise.

He found the 'phone' making all the noise on the desk. This phone had quite an odd shape. It was larger than your average phone, and still had a physical keypad in this day and age.

Liu Cheng just wanted to take a peek at what game this was.

He never expected to see such a strange interface.

Liu Chegn saw that the screen actually showed a 3D picture of him with scrolling blue letters on the side.

"Liu Cheng, 21 years old. Born April 5th, 1998. Orphan..."

Liu Cheng was taken aback.

Why would his personal information be on Ye Hongyuan's phone?

Liu Cheng subconsciously reached for the phone. Yet just as he put his hands on it, Ye Hongyuan's voice came from behind him, "What are you doing?"

Liu Cheng turned dumbly to look at Yet Hongyuan. He showed the phone to the man. "...What's this?"

Ye Hongyuan's expression immediately darkened. He suddenly reached over and violently grabbed Liu Cheng by the throat.

Liu Cheng was completely unprepared for this sudden assault. The phone in his hand also accidentally clattered to the ground.

Ye Hongyuan used so much force it was like he wanted to strangle Liu Cheng to death on the spot. Liu Cheng tried to pry his fingers away, but his struggles gradually weakened. He looked at Ye Hongyuan like he wanted to beg for mercy, but only intelligible noises came from his throat.

Jing Zeyu came to the door at some point.

Ye Hongyuan seamlessly kicked that phone under the bed. He also gradually released his hold on Liu Cheng's neck.

Liu Cheng collapsed to the ground after suddenly losing his support. He laid there, gasping for breath while clutching at his neck.

Ye Hongyuan glanced at Jing Zeyu in the doorway before squatting down to meet Liu Cheng's eyes with a grim expression. "Liu Cheng, apologize to my wife."

A shiver ran through Liu Cheng's entire body as he slowly lifted his head.

Jing Zeyu standing in the doorway, expressionlessly crossing his arms.

So, did Ye Hongyuan almost strangle him...because of Jing Zeyu?

Liu Cheng found it a bit strange, but this was the most logical explanation.

Liu Cheng knelt on the floor and hoarsely apologized to Jing Zeyu.

He said sorry, it was him who lured Mr. Ye astray.

He said sorry, he'll be leaving right away.

After Liu Cheng left Ye Hongyuan's house, he started cursing his head off in its general direction.

You trash.

What kind of trash pushed all the blame to Liu Cheng instead of taking responsibility for his own sordid affairs?

Liu Cheng's neck hurt for two days. On the morning of the third day, he received a call from Ye Hongyuan.

Ye Hongyuan asked, "What did you see on my phone that day?"

Liu Cheng scoffed coldly, "Mr. He, are you going to blackmail me now after attempting to strangle me?"

Ye Hongyuan's voice seemed to be covered in frost. He repeated himself somewhat impatiently, "I asked you what exactly you saw on my phone that day."

Liu Cheng deliberated for a moment before replying honestly, "I saw a 3D model of me as well as my personal information. Ye Hongyuan, turns out you looking into me before getting together with me, ah. But what was that 3D model for?"

Ye Hongyuan ignored him and hung up.

You trash.

Liu Cheng silently cursed him out before gingering rubbing his still aching neck. He silently thought that he would definitely get Ye Hongyuan back if he had the ability to do so.

But Liu Cheng was only thinking that. Unexpectedly, he actually got his wish.

He time travelled.

To four months ago.

It sounded ridiculous, but it was the truth.

Liu Cheng went to bed one day and woke up four month earlier.

It took two days of wandering around before Liu Cheng accepted the truth.

Liu Cheng continued with his life, but he ran into Ye Hongyuan again at the bar on the night of August 20th.

Ye Hongyuan had a familiar expression on his face, wore familiar clothes, and opened up with a familiar line.

Everything was the same as last time.

The only difference was that Liu Cheng's neck ached whenever he saw Ye Hongyuan.

Liu Cheng's left and unconsciously touched his neck before he raised his head. The narrow corners of his eyes were tinged with a hint of heat. His tone was slow, ambiguous and even somewhat seductive. "What kind of wind would you like to drink, Mister? I'll mix it up for you."

He said the same lines as last time with the very same smile.

As expected, this produced the exact same response as before.

However, Liu Cheng intentionally let things progress quicker than last time.

He also let Jing Zeyu know earlier about his relationship with Ye Hongyuan.

And Jing Zeyu's reaction was just as placid and emotionless as before.

He even calmly invited Liu Cheng to have dinner with him.

The night was late and the lights were dim. Jing Zeyu's soft gaze was like the crescent moon hanging outside the window.

Then, for some reason, Liu Cheng got in bed with him.

Liu Cheng was used to being spontaneous, so he didn't find this development strange.

On the contrary, the thought of the wife of the man who almost strangled him to death moaning beneath him was quite...interesting.

But said interest only lasted for half an hour.

Ye Hongyuan kicked down the door with a dark expression, causing Liu Cheng to jump. Jing Zeyu, on the other hand, put on his clothes at a leisurely pace. He spoke calmly, "You came earlier than expected."

It was only then Liu Cheng realized that he had been used.

Taking advantage of the time Ye Hongyuan and Jing Zeyu spent talking, Liu Cheng quickly put on his own clothes.

Ye Hongyuan and Jing Zeyu's argument escalated by the time Liu Cheng was ready to run. Ye Hongyuan ripped his tie off and very brutishly tied Jing Zeyu's hands to the head of the bed.

And he tied a permanent knot.

Liu Cheng saw that things were devolving so he put on his shoes and made a run for it. However, Ye Hongyuan stood up and pulled a gun on him.

Liu Cheng's heart almost stopped beating.

Only now did he realize what a big grave he's dug for himself.

Ye Hongyuan liked Jing Zeyu.

That Liu Cheng understood.

Ye Hongyuan was a lunatic.

That was something Liu Cheng should've understood as well.

After all, only a lunatic would bring a gun when going to catch their partner being unfaithful.


This inside look on Ye Hongyuan’s life was quite interesting. Liu Cheng was right to describe him as a walking contradiction.

Also I got chills when Ye Hongyuan walked into that bar after the reset and acted the exact same way as before. Like I don’t even remember what I did yesterday and homeboy’s here retracing his steps from four months ago…

Finally, Zhang Yuxuan is as cute as ever >///<

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