Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 95: Red-named Expert (END) Part 2

Song Jin sat on the floor and cried, whimpering sounds escaping her lips.

She shook her head desperately.

Her words were unable to form sentences from her mouth.

San Qi did not have the heart to turn to the side to look at her.

Ah Jin did not comfort her.

She just let her sit on the floor and cry to release her emotions.

At first, Song Jin cried in a repressed manner.

The sound of her voice was an intermittent whimper.

But later, it became louder and louder until she was crying so loudly that she was hoarse.

Then, as she lay on the floor, she fell into a deep sleep.

Ah Jin looked at the girl who was still crying in her sleep.

She couldn't bear it.

She and San Qi bought a blanket and covered her gently with it.

San Qi was touched.

It was not because Ah Jin had covered her with a blanket.

It was because it was the first time Ah Jin had bought something without haggling over the price.

There was no day or night in space.

Time did not exist.

When Song Jin woke up, she felt lighter in body and mind.

Her head was much clearer.

She returned the blanket to Ah Jin, "Thank you.”

Ah Jin took the blanket and said, "Take a look at what's going on in your world now."

Again, San Qi opened the World to follow up.

Song Jin's body was still lying in the ward.

She had been in a coma for three days.

Xiao Jiu was peeling an apple at her bedside.

"They said that if the skin of an apple is peeled continuously, you could make a wish. Xiao Jin, I've made three wishes already. Why don't you wake up? The doctors said you didn't want to wake up on your own, and nothing they could do about it. I've looked into you before. I know you have no one at home. Don't be angry. I won't do it again. When you wake up, I'll tell you everything. We'll be best friends. Don't leave us alone. We'll be your family from now on, okay?"

Tears fell on the apple.

They dripped down the apple and onto the bed.

The sheets were soaked with tears.

Among her relatives, only Song Jin's uncle visited her.

He sat in front of the hospital bed for a long time in silence.

He sighed and put down the fruit and left.

Ah Jin asked San Qi to stop the follow-up.

She told Song Jin, "Go back. People are waiting for you. Without your family, you still have friends. You will have your own family and children."

Song Jin's eyes began to redden again.

"Thank you. I know I won't remember you when I go back. But I still want to thank you."

Ah Jin gave a faint smile.

"Go now. Don't come back."

San Qi had the good sense to send Song Jin away in a hurry.

Having sent Song Jin away without incident, San Qi let out a long breath.

It was finally over.

Before it could wipe off its sweat, a blanket appeared in front of it.

"She's out. Return it."

San Qi, "!!!"

It wondered why Ah Jin hadn't bargained.

So she was waiting for this.

In tears, it said, "Boss, we don't give refunds or returns. Besides, you've already used it."

Its voice got lower and lower as it went on.

Ah Jin felt a bit bad for it too.

She took a step back and let it go.

"In that case, let's take 50% off."

San Qi, "..."

'My boss is a cheapskate. How to deal with this? Deal her! It's impossible to do that. It's too much of a handful.'

San Qi had to give in and give up.

It gave the 50% off.

San Qi clutched its wallet.

It hurt like hell.

Once again, its purse had shrunk.

It had already been psychologically disturbed by Ah Jin's shopping.

‘Please don't buy!’

Naturally, Ah Jin did not know what it was thinking.

She spoke, "Settle the mission."

This time, the task was settled smoothly.

The task was not too difficult, so only 2000 energy was given.

The rare thing was that Song Jin gave Ah Jin 2000 energy as thanks.

All the extra stuff given by the client went to Ah Jin.

There was no need to split it with San Qi.

Ah Jin was very satisfied that everything she did was not wasted

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