Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 946: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 24)

After Ning’er escaped, Luo Qing Chen and Murong Ming had already jumped off the roof, preparing to escape.

But they never thought that Wu Zhu’s voice would slowly sound, “Since the guests are here, how about coming forward.”

“Mo…..Master Wu Zu…...Ke, ke, ke……”  Su Luo Luo held her throat while coughing.  Her eyes were dim and her body couldn’t stop trembling.

Luo Qing Chen looked at Murong Ming who had a calm expression.  He didn’t seem nervous at all and he didn’t give her any advice.

She narrowed her eyes and walked towards the Billowing Ripples Hall with a wave of her sleeve.

Zhi Zi was still leaning back in the chair looking very relaxed.

With the miss and young master here, she had nothing to worry about.

Although she couldn’t completely deal with these witches, it was simple too easy for Murong Ming.

“This is Master Moon Control that the emperor mentioned!’  Wu Zhu looked over Luo Qing Chen before looking at Murong Ming beside her and her fingers couldn’t help trembling.

Although the girl was wearing a white silk mask, she gave a very indifferent feel.

As for the man beside her, he had a deep and lazy expression, but he was as terrifying as a soul eating ghost.

It was like all the ghosts in ten miles would retreat when they saw him.

“Yes.”  She gave a slight nod and didn’t say anything else.

“What Master Moon Control, you liar.”  Su Luo Luo jumped off the ground and as blood dripped from her head, she grabbed at her veil.

But when she was planning to leap back, Su Luo Luo’s hands were grabbed by two men.

One was Murong Ming.

The other was Murong Han Xuan who had just rushed over.

“Causing trouble!”  Murong Han Xuan angrily said, “How many times have I said it, Master Moon Control is this one’s honoured guest, why are you so stubborn!”

“I’m stubborn?”  Su Luo Luo gave a cold laugh and touched the back of her neck, “Look at what this is, it’s blood!  It was her, she did this!”

Murong Han Xuan saw her head covered in blood and had a complicated look in his eyes.  There was a bit of care, but it was also filled with disgust.

“Chen Yi told me about this, Tui’er attacked you after suddenly going crazy.”  Murong Han Xuan looked at Luo Qing Chen and said, “It was a good thing Master Moon Control was nearby and saved you.”

“She saved me?  Are you blind?”

“Audacious!”  Murong Han Xuan angrily said, “You actually talk to this one like that, do you not put this one in your eyes?”

Murong Han Xuan was very angry.  Without knowing why, before he married Su Luo Luo, he felt that she was a very gentle and kind woman.  She obeyed him and compared to that arrogant Luo Qing Chen, she was several times better.

It was because of this that he agreed to Su Luo Luo using that heaven defying method to change with Luo Qing Chen and making her the sacrifice.

But thinking about it now, although Luo Qing Chen was a bit arrogant and willful, she never talked to him like this!

He couldn’t help feeling a bit of regret!

“Big brother Han Xuan!”  Seeing that he had his hands crossed and looked angry, Su Luo Luo softened her tone and said, “I didn’t mean that, but she really isn’t a good person!”

“Alright!  Empress, don’t be excited!”  Wu Zhu took a deep look at Luo Qing Chen and said, “Master Moon Control is a god among the people, all the things that unsettled the people have disappeared since she arrived.  I believe that perhaps this is destiny.”

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