Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 945: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 23)

Tui’er looked at Zhi Zi before spitting on her rough hands.  She then used all her strength to give a strong slap.

“Aiyo!”  There was a cry.

But it didn’t belong to Zhi Zi, rather it belonged to Tui’er who was hitting her.  The center of her palm was bleeding like she had just slapped a needle.

Zhi Zi’s expression became fierce and her face was scrunched up.  A long needle came out, just like a ghost that came out a body.

Tui’er saw it in time and fell to the ground in fear as she said in a trembling voice, “Ghost…...Ghost!”

“What ghost, beat her to death!”  When Su Luo Luo turned around, Zhi Zi had returned to normal.

Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help sighing at her fierce angry expression.

Some people were ghosts, looking ugly, but they were clean.

Some people were human, looking good, but they were just the walking dead.

When Tui’er shakily stood up, there was a cold wind that blew by.  There was a white wisp that entered into Tui’er’s body.

There was a smile that bloomed on that pale face.  It was like a bloody flower that suddenly released a cold aura.

“Ai!  The empress wants me to hit?”  There was a strange voice that had a trace of sharpness in it that came out.

Zhi Zi who was sitting down had her eyes light up as she revealed a faint smile.

There was a sense of joy of meeting old companions, one that couldn’t be spoken.

“Yes!  Do you not understand the human language?”  Su Luo Luo angrily shouted, “Beat her ghostly face into the ground and make her beg for mercy!”

“Ghost?”  Ning’er who possessed Tui’er gave a soft laugh.  She raised her brows as she revealed a ghostly smile, “I’m afraid there are more ghosts than people here.”

Su Luo Luo would never know that in this bright room, there would be two ghosts.

“What are you say…..Eh……”

Before Su Luo Luo finished, Tui’er came forward and grabbed her neck, slowly lifting her up.

Her white eyes suddenly became bloodshot and it filled her entire eyeball.

“I don’t like hitting, I like killing more!”  She suddenly pushed back and slammed her against the stone pillar, causing blood to pour from the back of her head.

“Blood…...It’s the scent of blood.”  She used more force as she grabbed Su Luo Luo’s neck.

Su Luo Luo’s hands tightly grabbed her hand and her tongue was stuck out as her eyes filled with blood.

“Peng.”  This bold ghost actually dared to hurt the empress

In a flash, when Su Luo Luo was about to become the same as them, Wu Zhu rushed in.

Ning’er knit her brows and turned into a white smoke, preparing to run away.  But when Wu Zhu lifted her staff, golden light suddenly appeared.

Luo Qing Chen was about to help Ning’er escape, but Murong Ming beside her narrowed his eyes and released a strong dark blue light that suppressed all of Wu Zhu’s golden light.

“Young master……”  Ning’er’s expression relaxed.  It was like she was pardoned as she quickly left.

Without knowing why, Luo Qing Chen admired Murong Ming standing beside her.

He wasn’t like a wild ghost who died for seven hundred years, rather there was a noble feeling to him.  There was also a touch of mystery that people couldn’t see through.

But would this kind of person really not fall in love with anyone like he said?

It was the first time she had a strange feeling that her aura as the female lead was gone!

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