Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 944: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 22)

After Wu Zhu heard what she said, she tightly knit her brows and didn’t say a word!

“Mother, now that girl named Luo Qing Chen is out, I’ll be seen through if we don’t think of a way.”

“It is impossible for her to come out.”  Wu Zhu looked at the somewhat crazy looking Su Luo Luo and said, “Luo Luo, you have to know that if someone could come out of the imperial tomb, that terrifying person would have already come out!”

“Mother!  Believe me, it really is her!”  Su Luo Luo tightly bit her lip, “I always hated her eyes, those eyes that tried to entangle my big brother Han Xuan.  Even big brother Han Xuan said those eyes looked good, how could I mistaken them!”

Why did no one believe her!  She was telling the truth, why didn’t they believe her!

“You haven’t been good recently, rest up!”  Wu Zhu knit her brows and didn’t say anything else as she turned to leave.

Su Luo Luo was left alone in the Billowing Ripples Hall, feeling very unbearable.

Everything was clearly going smoothly, why did it suddenly change?

Murong Han Xuan’s birthday went smoothly, but the sky turned a deep blood red colour after it ended.

The faces of the witches all changed, even Wu Zhu’s expression fell!

Luo Qing Chen knit her brows as she looked at the sky outside.  She turned to Murong Ming and said, “Did you do this?”

“No.”   He narrowed his eyes with a deep chill in his eyes.

After a while, he said, “What’s coming is finally here.”

She slowly turned and looked into his deep eyes with a confused look.

After all, she never knew why he came into the palace with her.  Could it be there was something powerful here that made him come?

“Xiu.”  When she was about to ask, there was a white light that flashed outside the window.

“Ning’er.”  He narrowed his eyes and chased in Ning’er’s direction.

Luo Qing Chen quickly followed when she saw this.  Murong Ming wanted to jump onto the roof of the Billowing Ripples Hall before suddenly stopping.

“What is it?”  Luo Qing Chen looked around, “Where’s Ning’er?  Did she come back?  Where’s her fox?”

“You ask too much.”  Murong Ming raised his right hand and slowly took her waist, as he jumped onto the roof.

Pulling aside a tile, they clearly saw the situation in the Billowing Ripples Hall.

The current Su Luo Luo was reprimanding minister Chun who had been sitting by Murong Han Xuan today, who was their Zhi Zi!

“I want you to kneel, did you not hear me?”  Su Luo Luo was filled with rage already and this girl still won the affection of Murong Han Xuan.  She heard that Murong Han Xuan was laughing when he was talking to her today, sounding so happy!

Since she liked going head on against her, then don’t blame her for showing no mercy.

Zhi Zi rolled her eyes and leaned back in the chair.  She looked at her in disdain and said, “No, no, can’t hear you!”

“You……”  Su Luo Luo was stunned.  She never expected that this cowardly minister Chun would say this to her.  Her face turned red as she said, “Tui’er, slap her for me!”

Now even this minister Chun could bully her, she simply couldn’t accept this!

The maid standing by her rolled up her sleeve and revealed a thick smile.  She said in a strong manner, “This servant had rough hands, the consort shouldn’t blame this servant for being too strong!”

“Go ahead.”  Zhi Zi gave a shrug, saying in an uncaring voice, “It’s good if your hand doesn’t feel pain, my skin is very ‘thick’.”

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