Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 943: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 21)

Su Luo Luo stopped talking.  All the surrounding maids and eunuchs looked at her in a daze.

What should she say to make herself sound righteous?

“She…...She is just a scammer!”  Su Luo Luo said in a trembling voice, “In short, you can’t believe her!”

Those eyes were the same as hers, how could she not see through them?

“Can you say whether I am a scammer or not?”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and her deep eyes looked over her before she said in a cold voice, “Who’s the liar wolf in sheep's clothing, I think they know in their heart.”

Murong Han Xuan heard this and his eyes skipped a beat.  This Master Moon Control could see that Su Luo Luo’s face was false, she really was a master.

If she was in the palace, he wouldn’t need to fear any ghosts or monsters!

“Someone!”  He gave a cold snort and said to Su Luo Luo with knit brows, “The empress isn’t feeling well, escort her back to the Billowing Ripples Hall.”

“Big brother Han Xuan.”  Su Luo Luo looked at him in disbelief, he actually didn’t believe her.

“Why aren’t you leaving!”


Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes as she looked at Su Luo Luo’s disappointed back and her lips curled into a faint smile.

Since Murong Han Xuan still had his birthday celebration, he ordered someone to settle Luo Qing Chen and Murong Ming before heading back to the hall.

Murong Ming looked around and took off his mask, as a glass crystal came out of nowhere.

The crystal flickered and fell, but the sparkle it gave was like the stars in the night, making people lose their breath from its beauty.

“So beautiful, what is this?”  She came forward and found that this empty crystal suddenly had a drop of crystal water inside it.

Murong Ming’s lips curled as he said, “It seems like Ning’er has found her obsession.”

“Ning’er?”  She blinked her eyes in daze and said, “Who is that?”

“Do you remember the five stories Zhi Zi told you?”  Murong Ming raised his right hand and put the glass crystal in his arms, as a fine sparkle appeared in his blue eyes.

“I do.”

“Ning’er is the young miss of the large family and she found that fox.”  Murong Ming softly said, “The fact that she left behind this tear means that the fox didn’t abandon her.”

“What do you want these tears for!”  She asked him.

“Jumping into life and death after a hundred years.”  He turned over and gently said, “I want seven tears, they are the seven people who entered the imperial tomb in the seven hundred years.”


“Ah what.”  He lazily narrowed his eyes as he looked at her, “That includes you.”

“I won’t cry!”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips, “I don’t have a hundred year grudge, what is there to cry about!”

She looked away slightly with a bit of emotion in her eyes.

He noticed something, but didn’t say anything.  He just said with a slight nod, “That’s right.”

Inside the Billowing Ripples Hall.

“Scram, all of you scram!  I want to see my mother!”  Su Luo Luo roared while throwing porcelain objects, “I want to see my mother!”

“But empress, today is the emperor’s birthday.  Madame Luo and master Luo are in the hall celebrating!”  The maid on the side quickly knelt and said this.

Su Luo Luo heard this and her heart skipped a beat.  She couldn’t panic, she couldn’t trip herself, she was the daughter of the Luo Family!

“Un.”  She bit her lip and said, “Go invite Lord Wu Zhu to the Billowing Ripples Hall.”

Now that her enemy was in front of her, she couldn’t wait for death.

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