Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 940: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 18)

The next morning, Luo Qing Chen felt that her body had mostly recovered and the wounds on her body didn’t hurt that much.

She was covered in cold sweat from the pain when she fell asleep last night, but there was a warm feeling from her wounds after a while.

She saw Murong Ming who was already up and a sparkle appeared in her eyes.

This was her first time sharing a bed with a ghost, it didn’t feel that bad.

“How do you feel?”  He raised a brow which seemed a bit lazy, but there was a bit of seriousness in his eyes as he said, “Do your wounds still hurt?”

“You should know better than me!”  Luo Qing Chen slowly stood up.  She couldn’t wear her clothes anymore, she could only ask the store owner to help her buy another set.

The white clothed immortal went to bathe after that, but the name of Master Moon Control had already spread across the capital.

The owner’s eyes weren’t bad.  They picked out a lotus blue silk dress for her and it fit just right when she put it on.

The wounds on her body still hurt a bit.  Murong Ming helped her put on her bells.

His movement wasn’t very skilled, but when his slender fingers slid across her waist, she felt a bit nervous.

“Thank you.”  She said with a slight nod, “Right…..you don’t need a body?  Are you planning to come into the palace with me as a ghost?”

“This is my body.”  Murong Ming lifted his head slightly and Luo Qing Chen could see the scars on his neck.

Although it was light, it was very long.  It created a shocking full circle around his neck.

“This is your body?”  Her heart trembled, this was unbelievable!

So he didn’t appear in front of her as a ghost, rather…...he was a human.

A person who had been ripped to pieces by horses.

She thought of how they shared a bed last night and she touched her face in embarrassment as she muttered, “Why didn’t you say anything!”

“What?  Are you afraid?”  Seeing her take a step back, his heart tensed and there was a feeling that wasn’t comfortable.

“Afraid my butt……”  She said, “Eh…..Who’s afraid!  I just……”

“Master Moon Control, Master Moon Control, Master Moon Control!”

When she wanted to give a serious explanation, there were the sounds of shouting from downstairs.

Murong Ming gave a chuckle before looking at her, “You have to properly experience becoming famous overnight.”

When she came to the street, she saw the panicked woman from yesterday holding a child who was only one.  It was unknown where the child came from, in short the guards found him under a tree early this morning.

A small face, big eyes, and crying.

“Master Moon Control!”  The woman immediately kneeled when she saw her, hugging her child as she cried, “You are simply an immortal.  You told me you would save my child yesterday and my child appeared today.  Even if I am a slave in my next life, I can’t repay you.”

Luo Qing Chen looked at Murong Ming beside her and saw that he covered his face, not intending to speak.  She helped the woman up as she cleared her throat and said, “The ghost story isn’t complete yet.  I could only control the ghosts for a while, they will be suppressed for a bit, but they won’t be suppressed forever.”

As soon as her voice fell, there were discussions all around.

But one thing was certain, the people all believed in her abilities.

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