Chapter 94

The young man was dressed in grey, but the clothes were rough and loose, clearly not his own.

But such casual garments still could not hide his ethereal looks in the slightest. He had extremely fair skin, fair as flawless white jade, and he had a very unique hair color. Long grey locks that flowed down his back in a luxurious shine over his cheap clothes.

They insult him and push him, but his expression never changed and he only continued to stare quietly at them.

It was as if he never heard anything, never saw anything. Nothing bothered him...

But this appearance infuriated the people around him.

"You heartless monster!"

"Annoying devil!"

"You make everyone around you unlucky! You're an eyesore! Can't you stay out of the way if you know what you're like? You scourge!"

When he saw the cursing get worse and worse, the old man shouted angrily, "Back away!" Fearing their master's authority, the herb pickers quickly shut their mouths and bowed before heading off in a hurry.

Only the thin young man remained in the courtyard.

The old man looked at him with a complicated expression.

The young man was calm as ever, and even gave him a serious bow. He spoke, his voice exceptionally pleasant, "Master."

The old man frowned and looked silently at him for a long time.

The young man stood up straight with his hair billowing in the wind, revealing his fair neck. Hideous bruises could be seen there, and if you looked closely, you could see that they were whip marks. And, they were stacked one on top of the other, the striking sight a shock to see against that fair skin.

The old man did not speak but the young man was in no hurry either. He was exceptionally quiet, to the point where he almost felt lifeless. Instead of calling him human, he seemed more like...a wooden puppet. An exceptionally good-looking wooden puppet.

Mo Jiu Shao who was watching at the side had the slightest curve at his lips, but his eyes showed worry. "This young man, could it be...The Heavenly Disaster Body?"

The old man sighed.

Mo Jiu Shao began slowly, "It is truly a great kindness for you to take him in."

The old man's eyes flickered. He shook his head faintly and said, "I thought the thousands of years of accumulated good fortune on Antuo Mountain could suppress the Heavenly Disaster Body, but I would never have expected..."

Mo Jiu Shao said, "It is admirable to have such thoughts, Master Yu. It is not so easy to suppress the Heavenly Disaster Body."

Yu Qing shrugged. "In the end, it was I who overestimated my abilities."

While he talked with Mo Jiu Shao, the young man was constantly there, listening quietly. They were clearly speaking about him, but the young man didn't have the slightest care about it. His calm demeanor was as if nothing under the heavens could shake him.

Chu Mu Yun was lying unconscious on the bed so he couldn't see the scene outside. He could only faintly hear their conversation and caught a few keywords.

Heavenly Disaster Body. A body that brings about constant ruin wherever it goes.

Who was it? Which unlucky child was cursed with that body?

He was a little puzzled, but everyone had already returned inside.

Yu Qing seems to have been the one who sent for people to call for the young man. It was unknown what he wanted to do, but he naturally had to put it off for now as there were guests present.

Yu Qing said to the boy, "Return for now, I will ask someone to call you again another day."

The young man's voice was truly very pleasant. Even without any emotion, it felt refreshing like a frost on a hot summer day.

He left without dallying in the slightest, but whether he was coming or going, he did not have any bit of nervousness or excitement from seeing the master, much less dejection or unease after leaving without reason.

Just like what those people said from before. He was like a

This was only a minor incident. After everyone reentered, they began talking about the treatment.

Yu Qing was the current head of Antuo mountain, and he was the most renowned healer in the Spirit Realm. He was old and hasn't worked as a healer for many years. It was usually his apprentices who did the work on his behalf. However, he decided to do the work himself at Shen Shui Yan's reappearance. "Do not worry, since Mr. Shen is your cherished person, I will most definitely heal him to my greatest ability so that he may recover soon."

With this promise, Shen Shui Yan was able to relax slightly. He also gave him a sincere thank you and will remember this favor he is given.

Yu Qing definitely knew Shen Shui Yan, and their past relationship must not be shallow. Otherwise, how could he have promised to give his all into helping without asking anything in return?

But Shen Shui Yan could not remember. He didn't even have the slightest impression. But that did not bother Yu Qing as he just said, "Fret not, you will remember in time."

Shen Shui Yan felt that way too. So, he did not ask any more. His current priority was to see Chu mu Yun healed as fast as possible. Everything else can be put aside for now.

After Yu Qing asked for the cause of his illness, he was closed up in his room for more than three full days to come up with a treatment plan.

These days, Shen Shui Yan had constantly been staying at Chu Mu Yun's side and did not even step away for a moment.

Chu Mu Yun never woke up, but intermittent fragments constantly played in Shen Shui Yan's mind. It was blurry and he couldn't piece them together, but it was just like a dusty box being opened. Gradually, he was able to take a glimpse of the contents.

He was born in the Spirit Realm and lived for a very, very long time. The cultivation technique in which he trained in had the disadvantage of reincarnation, causing him to turn small and lose his memories...

Though he remembered this, what he knew of his identity was still very vague.

He was Shen Shui Yan. Yu Qing called him that.

But...Why did Ah Yun call him Shen Shui Yan when he picked him up?

Before this, did Ah Yun...know him?

Shen Shui Yan's heart would constantly pound these few days, as if something was reminding him of what was going to happen.

He hated this loss of control, or maybe it was the lack of memories that made him uneasy. Perhaps, there was just too much of the unknown in the Spirit Realm that just made him uneasy for now...

More importantly, Ah Yun's inability to wake up was like a knife hanging over his heart, constantly in danger of coming down.

Shen Shui Yan was distraught. He couldn't find the reason himself, but someone knew.

Mo Jiu Shao knew.

The unconscious Chu Mu Yun could also make a faint guess.

Zero, "I didn't think that Greed would be a guy with quite the connections. He even knew such a world-renowned doctor!"

Chu Mu Yun, "Heh."

Zero, "Did I...misunderstand again?"

Chu Mu Yun, "If there's a 'people person' ranking among the seven demon lords..."

Zero said instantly, "Gluttony is definitely dead last!"

Chu Mu Yun, "Greed can tie with him down there too, you know?"

Zero, "..."

Chu Mu Yun sighed. "Our current little Shui Yan has been trained into an obedient boy. There are only two true attributes in the eyes of Greed."

—His possessions, or trash.

Before meeting Chu Mu Yun, nothing in his list of possessions were ever living things. So...they were all trash.

So how could Greed have friends?

There would only be mortal enemies, and the type that he hated so much it pained him.

This Yu Qing was already old, but he knew him so well. He even knew he lost his memories. It was much he hated him.

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