Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 935: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 13)

As soon as her voice fell, she flicked her sleeve and walked over to the panicking woman.

Everyone saw her white clothes and they all stopped moving.

“I was passing by and felt something off.  Could it be that there is something happening here?”  She raised her right hand and the Exquisite Ring released a faint golden glow, but there was a deep chill in her eyes.

The woman seemed to have found a straw to grasp at as she wildly grabbed Ye Yu Xi’s clothes, “Master, please save me child, please save my child.”

Luo Qing Chen listened to this woman’s words and pretended to casually calculate with her fingers, “If the ghosts run rampant, there must be villains among the rich.  If you want to solve the disaster, you have to completely solve them.”

“Master…...Master, what should I do!”  The woman was kneeling on the ground, looking up at the immortal like woman in the white silk mask.

She said, “I will stop these ghosts tonight.  I can’t guarantee whether I can save your child or not, but after I leave this place tonight, this disaster will be harder to break…..”

When she said this, Murong Han Xuan and Su Luo Luo had just walked out of the Luo Manor.

Su Luo Luo heard this and her face turned pale.  She tightly held Murong Han Xuan’s hand and couldn’t stand straight.

“Chen Yi.”

“This subordinate is here.”

“If nothing happens tonight, invite that master to the palace tomorrow.”  Murong Han Xuan slightly knit his brows as complicated emotions filled his eyes.

The imperial hall.

There was only Murong Han Xuan, Su Luo Luo, and Lord Wu Zhu, who was Su Luo Luo’s birth mother.

“I told you back then, changing faces and changing sacrifices goes against the heavens.”  Wu Zhu was dressed in a light blue robe and she had her brows tightly knit.

“You…..For the reputation of the witch clan, you actually had your daughter be a sacrifice!”  Su Luo Luo angrily shouted, “Why can’t I have the right to choose!  Since someone has to die, just let her die!  Big brother Han Xuan doesn’t like a clingy girl like her!”

“Shut up!”  Wu Zhu angrily said, “Do you know what the sacrifice is?  Do you know why these strange things are still happening?”

“Lord Wu Zhu means……”  Murong Han Xuan’s eyes trembled, “Luo Qing Chen isn’t dead?”

“Of course she’s not dead.”  Wu Zhu narrowed her eyes, “If she’s dead, those thirty three ghosts wouldn’t come out to cause trouble!”

“She’s not dead…..How could she not be dead!”  Su Luo Luo turned to Murong Han Xuan, “Didn’t big brother Han Xuan say that all the sacrifices every hundred years would die?”

“Luo Luo, don’t panic.”  Murong Ming knit his brows, “You are this one’s express, that is your identity!  Not to mention that whether she dies or not, she can’t come out of the imperial tomb.”

One could only enter the imperial tomb, it was impossible to open the doors from inside.

“It isn’t important whether she is dead or not.”  Wu Zhu said with a sigh, “The most important thing are those thirty three ghosts.  Without the resentment of the sacrifice, they will definitely get worse and it won’t just be the commoners suffering.”

“They…..They’ll come into the palace?”  Su Luo Luo said in a voice of disbelief, “But big brother Han Xuan is the emperor, the ghosts can’t approach him.”

“They aren’t normal ghosts.  If they were that easy to deal with, mother wouldn’t have steeled her heart to make you a sacrifice.”  Wu Zhu narrowed her eyes, “If there’s no expert that helps us, it will be hard to escape this disaster.”

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