Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 932: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 10)

The second story was about a poor girl and a young master.

The girl and the young master were in love, but it was impossible for the young master to marry her.

She kept waiting, thinking that the young master would give her a side position.

But before she could receive it, she was framed by a young lady and became a sacrifice.

She had lived in the imperial tomb for four hundred years.  She really wanted to know whether that young master loved her or not.


The third story was about a girl who entered buddhism and a monk.

The monk was always kind to the girl and personally made her three meals each day.

Her clothes and shoes were all sewn by the monk, each thread was filled with emotions that no one knew about.

It didn’t take long for this girl’s heart to be moved.  After the monk learned of this, he had disappeared.

She never saw him again and after the abbot learned of this matter, he sent the girl out of the temple.

Not long after, she was found by the witches.  She thought the witches were kind, but she never thought that they would make her wear the bloody wedding dress and become a sacrifice.

This was three hundred years ago.


The fourth story was one of a princess and a general.

They were childhood friends.  The general fought all over and he would bring her a leaf every time he came back.

She knew that this was his longing.

The princess kept waiting for herself to reach eighteen, for the general to fight his final battle.

But he married a barbarian woman.  The emperor was overjoyed and the two countries made peace, letting the barbarians surrender without sacrificing a single soldier.

She cut off the general’s arm after learning of this and the general used his one hand to hold her.

As he said to her: Sorry, sorry…...

She willingly replaced her little sister as the sacrifice and entered the dark imperial tomb.

Time changed and now two hundred years had passed.


The fifth story was of a brothel girl and a ghost.

She was a girl who sold her body in the brothel and people couldn’t understand life in the brothel.

Others saw her smiling by the customers, but they never saw how lonely she was at night.

There was only that ghost, only that ghost saw…...

That ghost was a scholar in his past life and he had a fiancee, but that fiancee had not only run off with a rich man, she had even poisoned him to death.

He felt very sad, but he didn’t take revenge.  On the night he was poisoned to death, he heard someone singing in the brothel.

Letters in the courtyard with red plums.

The paper umbrella in the rain under the terrace.

There is a dream south of the river.

The dream includes you.

The ghost came to listen to her singing every night, spending countless lonely nights with her.  She gradually wanted to be like him, being together forever as ghosts.

Jumping into death a hundred years ago.

To become a ghost, she needed to turn into a vengeful spirit.  She killed someone for him, which was his past fiancee.

But when she was prepared to end it all, he angrily reprimanded her with eyes filled with hostility.

He disappeared and never appeared again.

She didn’t know why it became like this, was it because she killed his fiancee?

But later she didn’t get a chance to confirm this.  On the day she became a sacrifice, she told herself that it was fine to die since she could ask him…..why did he leave her.

It was a pity that even after a hundred years, she still hadn’t received an answer.

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