Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 929: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 7)

“You’re not the bride sent to me by the Murong Family?”  He lazily leaned against his coffin and raised a brow, “Sacrifices have the right to speak now?”

His eyes were cold and looked at the girl in front of him with a deep gaze.  She was not wearing wedding robes, rather she was wearing a moon white dress that seemed…..a bit good!

“That…..It’s different now!”  She touched her ears and said, “Times have changed and the living standards of the people have improved!  Sacrifices also have human rights now!”

This person was isolated for seven hundred years, she wouldn’t be seen through even if she told a lie!  Moreover, since he was the male lead, he wouldn’t just kill her!

It was because the other side was the male lead and a beautiful man that the fear in her heart decreased by half.

“This sounds reasonable.”  He raised a brow and said, “It’s a pity I don’t believe.”


“Believe it or not!”  Luo Qing Chen rolled her eyes, “But how did you know I was sent to be your bride!  Didn’t you never see a sacrifice before?”

Properly speaking, she should have been the only one to have come in seven hundred years, so how could he know about sacrifices?

“Ghost communicate.”  He learned from her actions and tapped his finger on the coffin as he said, “They can’t come here because I set up a barrier, but I go down to see them when I’m bored.”

“......”  Why did Luo Qing Chen feel that communicating with ghosts was tiring!

“So, why didn’t you reincarnate!”  She knit her brows and asked, “Could it be that you still care about your descendants?”

“Descendants?”  Murong Ming narrowed his eyes and said, “I would rather have them destroy the country and die.”

When this was said, Luo Qing Chen felt fear.  Could it be that this country founding emperor had some unknown secret!

“It seems like it’s a long story?”

“Not long.”  Murong Ming said, “I was framed by my brother and then died.”

“Ah?”  Luo Qing Chen was confused by this short and concise story.

This story wasn’t considered long, but it wasn’t short either!

“How did you die?”  She asked in a confused voice, “Why didn’t you reincarnate after dying, why did you become a wandering ghost!”

“Split by five horses!”  Murong Ming gave a shrug before a sharp glow appeared in his eyes, “Little sister, you really think this imperial tomb was built in memory of me?”

Luo Qing Chen looked at him in disbelief.  Everyone thought that Murong Ming abdicated in his later years and was buried in this separate imperial tomb alone.

But the rumours were far from the truth…...

She spent half an hour listening to Murong Ming’s story, it wasn’t a trash young miss who had scum siblings.

The imperial struggle was even more terrifying.

After Murong Ming united the six kingdoms, less than five years after ascending the throne, the previous dynasties all came back.

The most terrifying was his little brother Murong Bei because he never thought that this half brother would be the one to send him on the path of death.

Murong Bei colluded with the witches and used a blood sacrifice to change his appearance.  He was sentenced to death and was cruelly ripped apart by five horses in front of his subjects!

The witches knew that a blood sacrifice went against the heavens and that person would turn into a ghost, so they told Murong Bei that his body had to be put together and placed in an imperial tomb.

Moreover, the witches needed an altar to cast their spells, so they used blood methods to seal all the exits and left only one gate unsealed.

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