Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 926: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 4)

The temperature of the imperial tomb was low and the surroundings were dim.

She waved her right hand and the Exquisite Ring lit up.  It was only a bit bright, but what entered her eyes was a terrifying scene.

Six wet corpses wearing bloody wedding gowns stood in front of her.  Not a single one had a head and their skin had long rotted.

Looking carefully, she found that their heads were in their hands.  The eyeballs had fallen out and there were thick and white bloodshot eyes that kept turning.

She took a deep breath.  She first didn’t want to fight and wanted to look around first.

Other than the six terrifying and pitiful corpses on the first floor, there was a mirror and five candles.

This was an yin and yang method, entering a tomb was considered a taboo.

In order to avoid being attacked by ghosts, they used mirrors and candles to push them back.

The ones locked on by ghosts will be covered in a dark red light when looked in a mirror.

It was the same for the candle.  Someone who had a ghost on them, if they came close to the candle, the candle would burn much faster and make crackling sounds.

There are people who said that lighting candles pushed back the ghost.

She didn’t understand too much about this, but she knew a bit.  After passing the right door to the second floor, there was a five elemental array as a switch.  She really couldn’t tell which way was the right way.

But there was a problem that came up in her mind.  If the people behind couldn’t get to the second floor because they were killed by the first person, why didn’t the first person go to the second floor?

The five elemental array wasn’t hard, not to mention that there were only five directions.  You could just try several times, it was impossible to starve in here…...

[It’s because the first person was blind.]  The system’s voice sounded in her ear, making her heart skip a beat.

She turned to where the six people holding their heads were and indeed one of them didn’t have eyeballs, just eye sockets.

The whites of the eyes staring right at her were very terrifying.

She let out a sigh of relief and planned on heading to the door on the right.

But when she moved, there was a dark female voice that filled the air, floating there.

“How about we play a game?”  The female ghosts came together, giving off different wails.

It seemed like every person had a story, but had no one to tell it.

“What happens if I win or lose?”  She looked up with a bit of a chill in her eyes.

Against these things, the colder she was, the more powerful she seemed.

“You can go to the second floor if you win…..”  Their ghostly voices sounded in her ears before continuing, “If you lose, we will be sisters, ah, ha, ha, ha, ha.”

As soon as the voice fell there was a strange laughter.

She narrowed her cold eyes and revealed a faint smile, “Deal!”

“New sister, you are the calmest person I’ve seen.  All our sisters before never listened to the goal of the game and just wildly ran around.”  The blind head tilted and revealed a fierce look, “You…..are very special!”

“Stop wasting words, give the question!”  She narrowed her eyes and a dim glow appeared in her eyes.

These six female ghosts weren’t normal.  This imperial tomb was filled with yin energy, so their cultivation must be good from cultivating in here.

Even with the Exquisite Ring, she might not win, so it wasn’t the worst choice to outsmart them.

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