Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 925: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 3)

The moment Luo Qing Chen stood in the imperial tomb, she was completely numb and she remembered a single phrase in the status.

“Return to three hours before the female lead died…..”

Damn!  Why doesn’t the system just go to heaven!

[The system doesn’t like the sun, so the system doesn’t like being with it!]

There was a gloomy aura in the air, the place that she was in should be the imperial tomb’s first floor.

The previous host stayed here for three hours, just standing there without moving until the corpse appeared and took her away!

It was almost…...

System, give me the Exquisite Ring!

[Ding, the Exquisite Ring has been taken out of the spatial storage.]

When the Exquisite Ring appeared on her right ring finger, she felt her mind calm down a bit.

[Reminder: The Exquisite Ring is an ancient divine item, it is a thing of extreme yang.  This place is a place of extreme yin, so the use of the Exquisite Ring will draw in more spirits.]

She gave a soft snort.  A slight chill appeared in her eyes as she muttered, “I’ll kill as many as they come!”

Without knowing it, she felt like she belonged here.  The her in this place of yin, her blood couldn’t help boiling unconsciously.

[Host…..It can’t be that you thought of something, right?]  The system was suddenly a bit worried and tentatively asked this.

Should I remember something?

[Nothing!  Murong Ming is on the third floor, the host needs to pass through the first and second floors to see him.

Then I have a question to ask…...

[Host, please ask.]

The sacrifices each hundred years, where are they?  Weren’t they all normal people, how could they see Murong Ming?

[They never saw Murong Ming…..because they all died here.]

Luo Qing Chen’s heart skipped a beat before reacting.  So there were no corpses in the imperial tomb before.

The person who entered first failed to enter the second floor and became a resentful spirit after starving to death here.

And then, they killed the others one by one.

That means, there were a total of six vengeful spirits on the first floor and the first one had six hundred years of grudge.

System, can I first ask a question before fighting?

[Please ask, host.]  The system: Why doesn’t the host just ask each time, it’s tiring beating around the bush!

The male lead’s affection for the previous host is…...

[Knowing and still asking!]

Ai, it’s another male lead with zero affection!

“Si, si.”  Before Luo Qing Chen could react, there was this sound from in front that really sounded terrifying.

Luo Qing Chen looked down and wanted to see if there’s anything that could be lit on her.  When she touched her body, it felt wet and sticky.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, putting her hand to her nose to smell the scent of blood.

This scent didn’t seem like animal blood, rather it was…..human blood.

[Yes!  This is the wedding gown of a woman who was sentenced to death.]

Uh.  When the system spoke, she felt disgust.

The previous host really had a bad head, didn’t she feel strange wearing this?

[There was a strong incense in the previous host’s sedan, so she didn’t notice.]

Luo Qing Chen didn’t think much, she took off the outer layer of her wedding clothes and threw it to the ground.

There was a moon white dress inside that looked several times better than the blood soaked clothes.

She knit her brows.  That trash man and woman should be married already.  She had to find Murong Ming quickly, this was her first time meeting a male lead like this.

It was a bit strange…..but…..she was also a bit expectant.

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