Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 924: Ghost bride: A replacement bridal sacrifice (Part 2)

This story was a bit terrifying, but it also made her blood boil.

The previous host was the daughter of the Mu An Country’s chancellor of the left, born beautiful and proficient in all.

At the age of fourteen, the previous host entered the palace to see the young emperor Murong Han Xuan, the so-called supporting male lead.

The supporting male lead was indifferent, not feeling any joy when seeing the previous host.

The previous host didn’t mind since she never cared about things that weren’t easy to get.

The colder Murong Han Xuan was to her, the more she wanted to get closer.

She would always ask him, why did big brother emperor always have a straight face?

He always said in a cold voice, he was busy with politics.

It was a concise statement, but she believed.

Until Su Luo Luo appeared.  The previous host knew that it wasn’t that the big brother emperor didn’t know how to smile, rather he hadn’t met the person who made him smile.

Su Luo Luo, a groom’s daughter.  A girl who was ordinary to the bone, a humble lowly person.

Just by taming a treasured horse did she make Murong Han Xuan’s eyes light up and treat her sincerely.

But she never thought that although her father was a groom, her mother was the witch of the Mu An Country.

Birth of yin and yang, the eight words of birth, crossing into the netherworld and calming the soul.

With her identity and birth date, she was to be sacrificed at the age of sixteen.  She would marry a spirit that had died seven hundred years ago.

The founding emperor of the Mu An Country, Murong Ming.

But it was a coincidence that the previous host’s birth date was the same day as Su Luo Luo.

That day, the phoenix crown was raised and dancing and singing was heard all over.

The two were getting married at the same time.  The previous host was waiting to marry her big brother emperor and Su Luo Luo was to marry Murong Ming who had already died seven hundred years ago.

However, Murong Han Xuan naturally wouldn’t let his beloved be sacrificed.

On the day of the wedding, he and Su Luo Luo secretly exchanged vows.

The previous host was the unlucky one.  She thought that she would be marrying her big brother emperor, but she entered the imperial tombs before entering the imperial palace.

Once she entered the tomb specially constructed for Murong Ming, there was no return.

In these past seven hundred years, a terrifying spiritual event has happened every hundred years.

Baby girls disappeared without a trace, trees started dripping blood, and there would be cold wind that blue on a night with a full moon.

Each emperor was at a loss and turned to witches who had a bit of skills.  The witches used blood formations to offer sacrifices before coming to a conclusion.

When the Mu An Country was founded, there was too much slaughter and killing intent.  It created many life and death contracts with the underworld, creating a ghostly army that attacked all cities.

But this method went against the heavens and there were too many souls that died under this ghost army, bearing great hostility.

The mighty spirits went to heaven and the hostile spirits went under.  These unjust souls were killed by the ghost army, so they couldn’t enter the cycle of reincarnation.

In these hundred years, the hostility kept gathering and exploded every hundred years!

The purpose of the ghost bride was to invite the founding emperor, Murong Ming to have him calm down these spirits, letting the Mu An Country enter an age of peace and prosperity.

When the sacrifice entered the imperial tomb, in less than three days, all the ghostly phenomenon disappeared.

But the girl who entered never came out again.

There were many differing opinions.  Some people said that the girl who entered the tomb served Murong Ming every night and lived a good life.

Some people also said that these girls were sucked dry of their blood by Murong Ming after entering.

But the previous host had really died!  It wasn’t from having her blood sucked dry, rather she was killed by a mutated wet corpse in the imperial tomb!

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