Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 922: Side story: You are the glow that lights me up

Dedicating myself to my country, never forgetting both the blue sky and yellow springs.  ——Hua Su Ye

In the tenth year of the reign, the final thing I did before dying was being buried with her.

While dying, I laid in bed thinking that after she left, I had only lived ten months.

But I felt that every second of those ten months was hard.

It seemed the idiom days like years wasn’t enough to describe this difficulty.

When I remember the scenes of her, it was like they had happened yesterday as they passed by my eyes.

I seemed like the further the matter, the more I remembered it clearly.

The first time we met, when I first saw her, she didn’t notice me.

At the auction of the Drunken Moon House, her eyes were on the items on the stage, she didn’t look at other things.

Without knowing why, when she fought with Du Wan Er, I actually felt a ray of light that suddenly entered by heart.

It really was dazzling.

I wasn’t interested in the thing on stage, but I didn’t want her to suffer from others.

Actually, she was worth me doing this.

When we were on the rough seas, helping each other survive, we had four kids as we lived in a small wooden house.

Actually she didn’t know that this was the most exciting time in my life.

I wanted to get closer, but I couldn’t because of morals.  But my heart never agreed.

I fully confirmed this when I was surrounded by the wolves.

She was still as dazzling as she arrived in front of me.  In the blink of an eye, she covered my eyes and knocked down all the wolves.

I never thought that a person like her had this kind of power.

Right, I was convinced, I was completely convinced.

Then when we returned to the capital, before I could even find who she was, I saw her at my eastern palace.

At that time, she had someone else standing by her.  My heart was very unhappy at that moment and it spread inch by inch.

The so-called jealousy.

I never thought that I would look for this man who made me jealous on my wedding night.

But when he told me that my princess was her, I was filled with gratitude towards him.

I was grateful that he brought this dream like good news to me, bringing it to me who even wanted to give up my title.

It was a good thing that everything was still in time, it was a good thing we were married!

But she left me that early…..Just for my country, truly a fool…...

Actually, I should have died already…...

Ten months ago, when she died in my embrace, I should have gone with her.

But I knew I couldn’t, I had to help someone capable ascend to the throne.

I couldn’t let her efforts go to waste, definitely…..not!

It took me a long time to know that she had done many things to help me get rid of dissidents.

Really…..a fool!

I worked hard to stabilize the court just to let her live a safe, happy, and care-free life.

But I…...couldn’t do it.

I turned over to see her in the coffin by me.

Her face was like a picture, it looked that good.  I didn’t have much strength left, I could only close my eyes and mutter in my heart.

I couldn't do anything when you were alive and I couldn’t follow when you died, this time we couldn’t go together in life and death.

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 17/100]

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