Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 920: Crossdressing: Crown highness’ slight pampering (End)

In the three years after concubine Lian died, the court was stable.  Hua Su Ye had a few talented confidants, so everything had been going smoothly.

It was just that…..she was sick in bed.

As the emperor, struggling in the court and helping the citizens, he was very exhausted from everything he did.

Adding in the fact that she was always lively, he didn’t doubt it too much.

It was probably because he never thought that her body had been that ruined.

It wasn’t until a heavy snowfall when she puked blood in the flower garden that the imperial doctor told him the truth.

At that moment, he felt his world about to collapse!

“The empress’ heart has been blocked these years and the root of the illness came a long time ago.”  The imperial doctor was kneeling in front of Hua Su Ye, “The empress was afraid that the emperor would be distracted because of her, so she had this minister not mention it……”

“Scram.”  He angrily roared out before coming to her bed, “Qing’er, don’t be afraid.  I’m here, I’ll always be with you.”

He had never called himself ‘this one’ in front of her because in his heart, she was his wife and there was no title in the palace.

“Un.”  She had a slight smile on her pale face as she gave an obedient nod.

Actually the reason why she did all these things without caring about her body was one, to give Hua Su Ye a stable reign and second, because the system had told her that her body wouldn’t last.

She was filled with difficulty over how to use this short time.

But she knew that the person who left first would always have it easy and the one left behind would be filled with pain.

She didn’t want his reign to be in danger after she left and she didn’t want him to suffer from trouble from his enemies.

“Why didn’t you tell me…..”  Hua Su Ye softly held her hand.  His handsome appearance was completely gone as he sat there crying beside her.

“Because…..Ke, ke……”  She saw him crying and her eyes turned red.  Her right hand softly touched his cheek and she gave him a warm smile, “I am still that little girl who likes to lie…..”

That year she fell into the river with him disguised as a man, becoming the only ones on a deserted island.

That year, the emperor gave the decree for her to become his crown princess.

Now that she was leaving, she was the only one in the palace.

He had never felt calm, but he was satisfied as long as she was here.

“But…..”  He saw how she smiled as she called her a little girl and he couldn’t blame her.  He could only say in a trembling voice, “After you are gone, what should I do…..”

What should he do?

In the nights when he hadn’t finished his decrees and he was tired, he remembered that he could hold her and fall asleep as soon as he finished.

Every time someone opposed him in court and he was angry, as long as he thought of her, he would deal with the situation with a calm mind.

Because he knew that as long as he reigned as emperor, he could keep her safe.

“You……”  Her voice was a bit soft as she gradually closed her eyes.  Her lashes trembled as she said, “You have to live properly and let me see a prosperous world.  If you’re really lonely one day, come and find me.  I will probably be in another place…..waiting for you…..”

He fainted crying by her bed that night, but he never let go of her hand for even a second.


Ruling this world, I can’t move the world for you, but can’t I at least marry you?

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