Chapter 92

Of course Chu Mu Yun wouldn't die. He still hasn't proposed yet, and he hasn't even dealt with that little devil Lust. How can he die now?

He was only getting his beauty sleep. "This body seriously sucks, trying to breathe is like using a pump. It's on the verge of death."

But fortunately...

Chu Mu Yun, "00?"

Zero, "[photo][photo][photo][photo]..."

Chu Mu Yun, "Are you airing out all your crying emojis?"

Zero, " just the beginning. If I pull them all out, there's still 36,815 more to go..."

Chu Mu Yun, "..."

Zero, "...TAT, QAQ, o(╥﹏╥)o, (ó﹏ò)..."

Chu Mu Yun, "Stop!"

Zero sniffled.

Chu Mu Yun cleared his throat. "Did his portrait light up?"

Zero, "It did."

Chu Mu Yun, "How many corners?"

Zero, "All of it."

Chu Mu Yun was in a good mood. He didn't suffer for nothing.

Even though it's all lit up, he wasn't fit for proposing right now. He's on the verge of dying, Shen Shui Yan's probably going to be confused.jpg if he proposes now.

He just learned to love him and they're already proceeding to the wedding hall(not really)? This is probably going to be more of a shock than joy for Shen Shui Yan.

Also, this wasn't in line with Shen Yun's character. What he wants is Shen Shui Yan's happiness. It's selfless love. How can he bind him with marriage when he's about to die? It doesn't make sense.

But that's fine. It's not like he's going to be dying for a while anyway.

Chu Mu Yun was so sure not because of how proficient he was in medicine and alchemy, but because there's Mo Jiu Shao right outside.

How can our no zuo no die Lord Pride let him go so easily? Xie Qian Lan hasn't even shown up yet, how is Mo Jiu Shao going to abuse his little brother if his plan flips over?

At the end of the day, Shen Shui Yan was only an incidental casualty. His ultimate goal is that younger brother of his whom he shares the same vein of blood with but has been unhappy with for more than half his life.

At this moment, Baby Zero who has already calmed down his emotions came back. "~~~~(>_<)~~~~I upgraded."

Chief Chu showed him a pampering expression. "Go play." The difference of going from 3.0 to 4.0 for Baby Zero is probably...the ability to download even more emotes.

Unexpectedly, Baby Zero really did have normal functions for a "system". "Um, I think I have new functions."

Chu Mu Yun, "Hm?"

Zero read it out in a serious manner. "Do you wish to learn the support skill? 1, reduce the host's pain for a specified amount of time; 2, ensures the host to stay conscious for a specified amount of time. Please make your choice."

Support skills? Doesn't sound half bad.

Chu Mu Yun thought about it for a bit and said, "Number 2 then."

Zero wanted to say something, but after a long while of hesitation, he still decided against it.

Chu Mu Yun understood what he was thinking. "No. 1 is useless. Lowering the pain will only reduce my judgemental abilities. Staying conscious is more useful."

Zero still whispered, "But it really hurts."

Chu Mu Yun, "It's alright."

Zero hesitated for a while, but he still said, "You originally had to complete the mission so that you wouldn't have to experience a tragic death under the hands of the seven demon lords, but now..." He's already experiencing it...

Chu Mu Yun laughed. "Do you really think...your threat worked on me at all?"

Zero, "..."

Chu Mu Yun: ^_^

Zero: Alright then...he should just continue being a DOS4.0 who doesn't have to use his brain...

While Chu Mu Yun was unconscious, Shen Shui Yan cast a spell to wrap him carefully in a translucent, slightly red cocoon of light. If you paid attention, you'll find how amazing this light cocoon is. It wasn't just for simple protection.

There was an extremely small talisman in Shen Shui Yan's palm. It slipped down his ring finger to the vein at his wrist. This talisman is just like a guide to draw life from his own body to nourish the dying man inside the cocoon.

This is one way to rejuvenate a person's life.

In order for Chu Mu Yun to continue living, Shen Shui Yan was willing to offer his own life.

If this were Greed after he regained his memories, this may not even be of much consequence. After all, the seven demon lords were practically immortal. Giving life to another in such a way was no big deal.

But the current Shen Shui Yan was just Shen Shui Yan. For him to make this decision came with a completely different meaning.

But at this moment, Chu Mu Yun believed that this heartless little guy really did fall in love with him.

Such a pity...five years have already passed.

Chu Mu Yun sighed and converged his thoughts.

Shen Shui Yan carried Chu Mu Yun out the door. Mo Jiu Shao had been standing outside this whole time, and after seeing him walk out, he quickly looked over.

As soon as he did, there was a helpless look between his brows. In the end...he still did it.

Shen Shui Yan's face did not change, and he just asked him politely, "Mr. Mo, is there anyone in the Spirit Realm who can heal Ah Yun's body?"

Mo Jiu Shao was stunned.

Shen Shui Yan went on, "I know that Mr. Mo is from the Spirit Realm. Ah Yun came from there too...If there exist such capable men from the Spirit Realm, I'm sure there will definitely be someone who can cure Ah Yun as well."

Mo Jiu Shao paused for a moment before he said, "Indeed, there is."

Shen Shui Yan dropped his gaze and said seriously, "Then, if I may so trouble you to tell me the details..."

Mo Jiu Shao did not respond and instead asked a question of his own. "Do you know that Xie Qian Lan is still in the Spirit Realm?"

Shen Shui Yan looked down at the man in his arms that looked so weak that he could almost stop breathing and said, "I want Ah Yun to live."

He couldn't learn to love with Ah Yun did, he couldn't learn to still love something heh couldn't see, hear, or feel. He wanted something tangible, a love that he can feel, hold, and touch, a love that he can keep for all eternity.

But this time, he'll learn more about Ah Yun, to experience it earnestly so that he could give him a love that belonged to him.

So...Ah Yun, you can't die.

Mo Jiu Shao sighed. "I understand."

Whenever healing was mentioned, Chu Mu Yun would inevitably think of Jun Mo. This Lord of Sloth who will stand proud at the peak of the Demon Realm in a few thousand years, raising the dead with his alchemy techniques, and his reputation didn't come from nothing.

But if he remembered correctly, Jun Mo didn't seem exactly...popular at this time?

Even though it was the setting he wrote himself, the time skip was so far off from the original timeline that it wasn't so easy figuring it all out.

After all, Chu Mu Yun hadn't the time to run through the unimaginably long lives of the seven villains one by one.

Even though he had a few vague ideas, he couldn't be entirely sure. However, it doesn't matter. His priority this time is Lust. You had to take down one city before you go for another.

It wasn't easy going to the Spirit Realm. Only, things wouldn't be so good in the Human Realm if both Shen Shui Yan and Chu Mu Yun left.

But that makes sense. In the original history, the human race has already been defeated a millennium later and even falls on a decline after that.

If Chu Mu Yun and Shen Shui Yan remain in the Human Realm, then the whole cracked boundary war is going to end up miles and miles long.

Fortunately, a crack appeared just two days later, so Shen Shui Yan set off with Chu Mu Yun.

Because of Shen Shui Yan's life-rejuvenating talisman, Chu Mu Yun's complexion has gotten a lot better than before. But unfortunately, the talisman doesn't have the ability to repair the body. It will just keep pouring life force into Chu Mu Yun’s body, and his body is just like a ventilation duct right now. You can pour in as much as you want but the same amount comes right out. It doesn't hold in the slightest.

That's why they need a powerful healer.

The three arrived at the boundary wall and the rift was already extremely large. Just as Shen Shui Yan was about to enter, a looming red silhouette appeared.

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