My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 92: Tianshui Palace

The carriage traveled for several days and gradually entered the inner sea. Along the way, they met more and more carriages.

Most of the disciples who came out with Jing Yue this time had never encountered the outside world much. When rare birds and beasts passed by pulling other treasure carriages, they would always lean on the eaves of the window and take a few more glances. Some cultivators who noticed would bestow either a kind smile or a contemptuous glare. Even if it was the latter, the disciples wouldn’t get angry. At most, they would make a face and sit back, and then mutter about it in a group.

On this day, they came across a treasured carriage pulled by eight Starwhite Tigers, and collectively gasped aloud. The Starwhite tiger was a rare spiritual beast with extraordinary combat power, but it was only used to pull the carriage, and eight of them at once!

The owner of the carriage was a handsome young man. He glanced at them coldly through the window and then turned his face away.

“It’s someone from Bodhisattva Yu.” Daoist Tian Luo recognized it at one glance. “Tsk, they are so rich they don’t know what to do with the money. They don't know how to be humble and low-key at all.”

“Bodhisattva Yu? It thought it’s all monks there,” Song Xiaobao who came along said.

Daoist Tian Luo, “The monks are in Cihang Gate. Bodhisattva Yu is exactly the opposite of Cihang Gate. They prefer pleasure and indulgence. Only handsome men and beautiful women are accepted at the gate. The most famous is the Joyous Dual Cultivation Technique…”

Qin Yanzhi, who rarely participated in the chat, suddenly asked, “What is dual cultivation technique?”

“Dual cultivation technique is…”

“Why do you ask so many questions? You won’t be practicing it.” Jing Yue interrupted in time and said to Qin Yanzhi, “Close your eyes and practice your heart technique.”

Qin Yanzhi smiled obediently, “Okay.”

Blue phoenix sighed in his consciousness, “Jing-jing, you should have joined Bodhisattva Yu back then, but it’s okay. When Mini Frostcloud Sect is stronger, you can snatch the Joyous Dual Cultivation Technique from them.”

Jing Yue said in exasperation, “You shut up too!”

The other disciples sensed the sect leader’s displeasure, so they quelled their excitement and practiced in silence.

Amid the hush, the carriage gradually drove into a thick fog, and the shadow of Bigwave Mountain was visible in the distance.

Rather than a mountain, it should be called an island. The main island was very large with small islands densely scattered around.

The entire main island looked like rolling hills, but one side suffered the beating from the waves all year round where no grass grew, the exposed rocks smooth as mirrors; the other side was lush and green with many exotic flowers and plants, and the surrounding sea was also very calm, with no wind and waves.

Tianshui Palace was located on the green half of the mountainside.

At this time, the disciples of the Tianshui Palace were waiting outside the gate, receiving the guests.

The pill-making competition was held once every ten years. Tianshui Palace even prepared a Gold Lotus Elixir for the winner, which could increase the formation of the golden core by 10%. The refining of this pill was extremely difficult and even millions of spirit stones couldn’t buy one pill. No one below the Golden Core stage would not be moved. Therefore, countless cultivators participated in the competition each time, and the receiving disciples could also take the opportunity to earn some rewards. If they met a generous cultivator, not to mention spiritual stones, but even spiritual pills and magic treasures could be possible.

A carriage stopped not far away and one disciple greeted them, only to see about a dozen people getting down from the carriage. Their dressing was very simple and the faces were unfamiliar. Seven or eight of them only had level 4 or 5 Qi Refining stages. Although she could not see through the rest, it must not be that much higher.

In addition, the other party's carriage was only pulled by a very ordinary spiritual horse and didn’t look very wealthy at first glance, most likely from a small sect on a remote mountain. The receiving disciple immediately lost all enthusiasm.

She was inwardly disdainful and her attitude was a little slack, so how could Jing Yue not sense it?

He saw that the smile on this beautiful girl didn’t reach her eyes and said very little, and guessed that the other party must have scorned their shabbiness. However, neither he nor Qin Yanzhi or even Daoist Tian Luo had any complaints about it. She was just a Qi Refining cultivator. Would the giant whale need to consider the thoughts of small fish and shrimp?

The group followed the receiving disciple into the mountain gate. Before they could take a few steps, another 15 or 16-year-old girl approached. The receiving disciple’s eyes darted around and she said, “Zhou-shimei, can you help bring these guests to the guest house?”

Without waiting for the other party to answer, she apologized to Jing Yue and the others, “I’m very sorry. There are so many guests here today. I’ve other chores to do and can’t leave for too long. I’ll trouble Zhou-shimei to take care of you.”

Jing Yue didn't say a word and just heard the little girl’s reply. “Okay.”

After the receiving disciple had left, the little girl stepped forward and greeted them. With a very polite manner, she introduced herself as Zhou Xiaoxiu.

Jing Yue, “Are you always being bullied in the sect?”

“Huh?” Zhou Xiaoxiu's mind went blank for a moment. She didn't expect the guests to be so straightforward and she was very embarrassed for a while. “No, no…”

Jing Yue smiled. “It's okay, let's go, and thank you.”

Zhou Xiaoxiu was a little at a loss but she didn't know how to explain it. What the other party pointed out was indeed the truth. Otherwise, how would the shijie from before just order her to do things at will?

She stole a peek at Jing Yue and saw that the other party was a very gentle person. She couldn't help but feel better about it, and her attitude also became much positive.

Zhou Xiaoxiu introduced the layout of Tianshui Palace as they walked. Along the way, the water pavilion was shrouded in smoke, and the towering buildings were imposing yet elegant. Stone statues of different forms stood in front of each hall, and befitting hollow carvings could be seen everywhere on the wooden pillars and eaves.

When they passed in front of a bright and open hall, Zhou Xiaoxiu said, “This is the new Talisman Refining Hall in the sect. In the past, few people in Tianshui Palace refined talismans, but since the talismans of Mini Frostcloud Sect spread, more and more disciples have become interested in refining talismans.”

Jing Yue asked curiously, “Do many disciples of Tianshui Palace use the talismans from Mini Frostcloud Sect?”

Zhou Xiaoxiu, “Of course…”

She praised the talismans of Mini Frostcloud Sect to the skies and it could be seen that it was genuine. Not only were several disciples overjoyed, but even Daoist Tian Luo showed some pride. Needless to say, blue phoenix couldn’t wait to jerk its head to the sky.

After walking for about a quarter of an hour, they finally arrived at the guest house. Zhou Xiaoxiu took a plaque from her waist and handed it to Jing Yue, saying, “Guests, please take a good rest. If anything happens, you can call me at any time.”

Jing Yue, “Thank you very much.”

Zhou Xiaoxiu thought for a moment and added, “By the way, Whitewhale Island near Bigwave Mountain is the largest market around. If you’re interested, you can go shopping. Many of the goods sold in the market are unique to the inner sea and it’s most lively at night.”

Jing Yue was a little interested. He asked a few more questions about the market and once again thanked Zhou Xiaoxiu.

When Zhou Xiaoxiu came out of the guesthouse, she happened to meet the receiving disciple again. The other party smiled in a lukewarm manner. “What did they reward you with?”

Zhou Xiaoxiu lowered her head silently.

“Heh, so shabby indeed!” The receiving disciple turned around and left, rejoicing inwardly that she had successfully shoved these people away, so as not to waste her time.

But the receiving disciple didn’t notice it. After she turned around, Zhou Xiaoxiu's expression changed, her face full of joy. She squeezed the storage bag around her waist, thinking of the charm that the guest just gave her, and was so happy that she could not wait to turn ten somersaults! It was a sword talisman from Mini Frostcloud Sect. During the inner gates competition back then, Guan-shijie defeated Qiao-shijie with this talisman and entered the top ten. It was said that this talisman was worth more than 10,000 spirit stones outside!

Shabby? Some people just had no foresight or luck!

The sect leader of Mini Frostcloud Sect was as generous as could be!

In the evening, a loud noise suddenly came from the horizon, which could be heard throughout Tianshui Palace.

Jing Yue, who was meditating in the room, opened his eyes suddenly. Blue phoenix shrank into his arms, and Qin Yanzhi, who was not far away, also looked over doubtfully.

Jing Yue could feel that the water spiritual energy in the air was exceptionally active. With a thought, he took out the plaque and called for Zhou Xiaoxiu.

Soon, Zhou Xiaoxiu rushed through the door and explained, “Everyone, don’t worry. You should have seen it when you arrived here. The two sides of Bigwave Mountain are very different, which we call the wall of life and death. The living wall is naturally where Tianshui Palace is located. As for the dead wall, it will be hit by the waves in the evening.”

“The waves will carry some sea creatures with them. In the past, the ancestors of Bigwave Mountain were trapped in the sea and lack of food, so they refined a giant gold wire net. When the waves came, they opened the net and fixed it on the dead wall, so they could catch the fish and shrimp swept in by the waves for food consumption.”

“They considered this a gift from heaven, and future generations have continued this tradition. What you just heard is the sound of the net opening.”

Jing Yue got his question answered and realized that it was just the tide coming in. No wonder the water spiritual energy was so abundant. This place was quite suitable for him to cultivate. If it was not so beneficial for Qin Yanzhi, he had half a mind to take this mountain for his own.

Zhou Xiaoxiu didn’t know that Jing Yue had covetous thoughts about Tianshui Palace’s territory and said enthusiastically, “This is the busiest time at the Whitewhale Island market. Should I bring you to have a look?”

Jing Yue thought, since Tianshui Palace was the holy land for pill refining in Haotian Realm, maybe there were some rare medicinal materials. Thus, he nodded.

The market was particularly lively at night. Under the lights, the crisscrossed streets extended in all directions. Vendors crowded on both sides of the street and the goods on display were dazzling. The fresh scent of food lingered in the air, such as grilled one-eyed squid, fried fish balls, steamed pointed-head prawns, fried colorful clams, and so on.

Both cultivators and mortals set up the stalls, but they were unusually harmonious here, without the alienation and difference of status.

Due to the pill-making competition, the market was bustling and crowded with customers. In the crowd, Qin Yanzhi smoothly took Jing Yue's hand.

“How old are you? Why are you still so clingy?” Jing Yue jerked his hand but didn’t manage to loosen his hold.

Qin Yanzhi said matter-of-factly, “It’s too crowded here.”

Jing Yue wanted to say more but felt blue phoenix pecking at him. It reminded him that Ji-ji once said stoically that it suspected Qin Yanzhi of contracting a disease called ‘skinship thirst syndrome’, which was caused by a lack of maternal love.

…Thirst … the heck! Anyone who believed Ji-ji would really be sick!

So, he still shrugged the hand away, unwilling to continue this effeminate behavior. Qin Yanzhi’s eyes darkened slightly before he followed as if nothing had happened.

After walking for a while, Jing Yue didn’t see anything that amazed him. Instead, he saw many talismans on sale that were branded with the name Mini Frostcloud Sect. However, a closer look would reveal different shapes and sizes of the Jadecloud Bell logo, and he could only laugh at it.

In this regard, Zhou Xiaoxiu was very ashamed. She didn't expect that the knockoffs from Bigwave Mountain to be sold in front of the owner and was so embarrassed that she could explode.

She was trying to think of ways to save her dignity when she heard the teenager beside Master Jing say, “Ge, look.”

Jing Yue looked in the direction of Qin Yanzhi's finger and saw that there was only a pot of fresh and tender plant being sold in a certain stall, but he suddenly became happy because he recognized it as a pot of blessing grass.

A flower would bloom when the blessing grass matured, with five pink and white petals, and looked like an ordinary flower.

But in reality, this plant was very special because its growth period was not fixed, and the type of maturation period was also very different. It was possible that it would remain as an ordinary flower, but also possible that the flower would grow into a spiritual herb and bear spiritual fruits, or even produce rare heavenly treasures.

The blessing grass was almost extinct in his previous life. Back then, Jing Yue had a hard time getting a seed, but he only got the most common spiritual herb after planting it. After his rebirth, he didn't find any traces of the blessing grass in the world of seven continents, but unexpectedly, there was one in Haotian Realm.

Jing Yue suddenly realized something amiss and asked, “Do you recognize this plant?”

Qin Yanzhi shook his head. Although he did not recognize it, as soon as he saw this pot of grass, he vaguely felt something unusual about it. “I think you will like it.”

Jing Yue said happily. “I like it very much.”

Seeing Jing Yue happy, Qin Yanzhi was naturally delighted. “I like what you like.”

After he said this, blue phoenix suddenly gave him a disgusted look, thinking—Ji-ji doesn’t want you to like it!

Author’s Notes:

Jing-jing: Ji-ji, why are you suddenly so close to Rouge lately?

Ji-ji: To care for the sick is everyone’s responsibility, and Ji-ji is also responsible.

Jing-jing: Who is sick?

Looking around sneakily, Ji-ji said: The dim-witted son is actually sick!

Jing-jing: ???

Rouge: I can hear you (walking out from behind Jing Yue silently)

Surprised Ji-ji: How can you hear Ji-ji talking?

Rouge: Did you only discover this problem nearly 100 chapters in? This is the power given to me by the mini-theater.

Rouge: What is dual cultivation?

Jing-jing: Why ask so many questions?

Rouge: It sounds very powerful. I want to practice with Gege.

Jing-jing: …

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