Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 92

The idea was beautiful, but the reality was not.

The court rejected his second appeal.

Ren Fengjiang became a complete joke.

The netizens were all too happy to see what was going on.

They watched Ren Fengjiang jump up and down every day.

At first, it was a bit of a novelty, just like watching a monkey show.

Then gradually, no one paid attention to him anymore.

After all, netizens were busy.

There were so many new things going on every day.

They didn't have time to follow a fool.

If you didn't seek death by yourself, would you die?

The court pursued ren Fengjiang for compensation.

With no money, he had to sell the house his parents had bought for him years ago.

This time, he was really penniless.

He was afraid to go to a big city.

He had no choice but to hide in a small city.

With just enough money to live on, he was slowly looking for a way out.


Ah Jin sat in the car, listening to the sound of Xiao Jiu's chattering.

As she looked out the window at the scenery that flashed by so quickly, it was as if the original character's life had been.

It was short and meaningless.

"Song Jin, were you listening to me or not?"

Ah Jin withdrew her gaze to look at Xiao Jiu.

"I was listening."

Xiao Jiu's almond eyes glared.

"Then what did I just say?"

You Qian, who was driving, also glanced at her in the rear-view mirror.

"You said we are going to dine. Mo Shanghua is coming."

"What else?"

"No more."

Xiao Jiu puffed out her little face in anger and said, "How come there isn't anymore? I still have to help you celebrate the fact that you won your case today!"

Ah Jin leaned back in her seat and reached Xiao Jiu to tousle her unruly hair to the back of her head.

"It's just a small matter. No need to make a big deal out of it."

Xiao Jiu felt the warmth of Ah Jin's fingers, and her face blushed a little.

"I'm… I'm just happy for you."

You Qian braked suddenly, and the car came to a stop.

Everyone leaned forward.

Ah Jin grabbed Xiao Jiu in time to save her from hitting her head on the front seat.

Xiao Jiu barked, "What are you doing?"

You Qian said with a dark face, "There's a red light."

Xiao Jiu looked at the traffic light.

It was indeed a red light.

She gave You Qian a blank look.

"You watch the road. Don't listen to what we're saying."

You Qian ground his teeth in his mind.

How could he be so stupid as to let Xiao Jiu be around that woman?

At this rate, his wife would be abducted.

Xiao Jiu took Ah Jin's hand and continued, "Don't pay any attention to him. I'll tell you more. You'll know when you meet Mo Shanghua. He's even better looking in person than in the game, where he downplayed."

Ah Jin was intrigued, "Hmm? I'll have a good look then. I like good-looking people the most."

Xaiojiu hurriedly said, "You can't like him! He's just a good-looking guy. He's basically an iceberg. In all the years we've known each other, he's had countless girls fall for him. None of them have been successful. You mustn't do anything stupid!"

Ah Jin laughed, "What are you thinking? What I mean by like is appreciation."

Xiao Jiu remained uneasy.

Many girls had told her so.

But when they met him in person, they all fell in love.

In the end, it was them who got heartbroken.

She felt that she shouldn't take Ah Jin to see Mo Shanghua anymore.

But if she didn't, she wouldn't be able to finish the job.

She could only pray in her heart that Ah Jin would not fall for him.

That was what they had discussed earlier.

They asked Mo Shanghua to see if Ah Jin had any intention of committing suicide.

You Qian stopped the car in front of a restaurant.

They all got out of the car.

The staff led them to a private room.

Mo Shanghua had already arrived.

Ah Jin looked at Mo Shanghua.

This was probably the best-looking person she had encountered throughout her missions.

His features were almost perfect; short, clean-cut black hair, a cold, angular face, dark and deep eyes, and his lips were sexy.

The man was about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old in a black suit.

His back was straight, and his collar was slightly open.

This watered down the cold, ascetic feel of his body.

He was more casual and natural.

The moment their eyes met, Ah Jin knew that this man was not to be messed with.

If he were a foe, he would be a problem.

Ah Jin was the first to offer her hand.

"I've heard a lot about you, Mo Shanghua."

The man took Ah Jin's hand, and the two parted at the first touch.


It was as if You Qian didn't sense the exchange of words between the two.

He stepped forward and put his arm around the man's shoulders.

"What have you been up to? I haven't seen you for a while."

Mo Shanghua smacked his hand away.


You Qian looked at him with disdain.

"Who isn't busy with work? I'm busy too!"

Mo Shanghua cocked an eyebrow at him.

"If you don't give me any trouble, I'll be more relaxed."

You Qian instantly wrapped his arm around his neck.

"I'm not that kind of person!"

He gave him a secret look.

The two of them were childhood friends.

Mo Shanghua knew the look in his eyes all too well.

Saying he wasn't that kind of person, but his eyes were telling him to get to work.

Xiao Jiu pulled Ah Jin to sit down, not caring You Qian's eyes, and asked Mo Shanghua, "Brother Mo, have you ordered the food yet? I'm hungry."

Mo Shanghua shrugged off You Qian and replied, "Yes, I have."

He said and sat down next to Hua Jianli.

Four of the five people were already seated, leaving You Qian standing over there.

You Qian looked at the last seat available.

It was in between Ah Jin and Mo Shanghua.

He was about to ask to switch seats when he received a death glare from Xiao Jiu.

'I'm not changing. I want to sit next to Song Jin!'

Then he looked at Ah Jin.

She still looked at him with such a provocative expression that he was beaten up.

You Qian was not showing any emotion.

He sat down calmly.

Mo Shanghua looked at Ah Jin and said, "Miss Song, what do you think about the current economic situation?"

Ah Jin took a sip of tea from her cup.

It was a good tea, with a fresh fragrance and a sweet aftertaste.

"I don't understand."

Mo Shanghua's eyes flickered slightly, and he stopped asking questions.

The atmosphere at the table was a little awkward.

Xiao Jiu smiled at Ah Jin.

"Sister, you said before that you would teach me ways to become powerful. You haven't taught me yet."

Ah Jin put down her cup of tea and said, "How about if you move in with me, I'll teach you?"

Xiao Jiu's eyes lit up, then she became disappointed.

"I can't. My school is too far from your house."

"I can rent a house near your school. We could both live together!"

You Qian couldn't help himself.

He said, "No way! I disagree!"

Ah Jin played with the teacup in her hand and looked at him playfully.

"Why do you disagree? It doesn't seem to have anything to do with you, does it?"

You Qian jumped to his feet in anger.

"Why not? Xiao Jiu is my future wife. I can't leave her to someone as dangerous as you."

Hua Jianli looked at him coldly.

"When did my sister become your future wife? How come I don't know!"

Xiao Jiu blushed and said, "I… I'm not! Don't talk nonsense."

Ah Jin looked at You Qian's fuming face and was satisfied.

Daily Teasing of You Qian (1/1)

Mo Shanghua sipped his tea calmly.

He had long been used to this scene.

One person would deny it to death, and the other one was determined to get involved with it.

With Ah Jin's help, this was actually a good thing.

Otherwise, it would have taken years for the two of them to come to terms.

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