Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 918: Crossdressing: Crown highness’ slight pampering (Part 50)

“Scram.”  He instantly answered Du Wan Er with concise words.

“Your…..Your highness.”  Du Wan Er bit her lips in a stunned manner, “Are you…..speaking to me?”

“You can’t understand?”  Hua Su Ye looked at her pretentious look and said in disgust, “Kneel and apologize to my wife before you scram, otherwise I can guarantee that master Du will not need to show up in court tomorrow!”

Now that concubine Lian and the eighth prince’s power were expanding, his father saw the Du Family as a thorn in his side, so that’s why he completely ignored Du Wan Er when picking the crown princess.

If he were to participate now, the Du Family would be completely defeated!

“I……”  Du Wan Er’s eyes opened wide and she knew that she had to submit!

This had developed too quickly, it was completely different from what she imagined!

How could Hua Su Ye care this much about Luo Qing Chen?  Shouldn’t he be disgusted by her!

How is this possible…...

She hesitantly bowed down as she said, “Wan’er greets the crown princess.”

“I wanted you to kneel, do you not understand?”  Hua Su Ye narrowed his cold eyes, “Someone, Du Wan Er has committed a crime.  If she doesn’t kneel, teach her how to kneel!”

“Yes, your highness.”

The eunuchs who had been standing on the side went from onlookers to supporters, as they came forward with excited looks on their faces.

“Don’t touch me.”  Du Wan Er bit her lip as her tears came out.  She hated these half men half women things the most, she felt disgusted by them.

“Dong.”  She kneeled down on the ground with her fists clenched, “Wan’er greets the crown princess!”

“I don’t accept it!”  Luo Qing Chen gave a cold snort, walking past her at the same time without even looking back.

When Hua Su Ye followed her, he didn’t forget to turn his head and add, “Remember that in front of her, you must call yourself a servant.”

When his voice fell, Du Wan Er’s face turned pale and blue, almost fainting from her anger.

Of course, this wasn’t Du Wan Er’s final ending.  Her ending was much worse than this humiliation.

Luo Qing Chen followed Hua Su Ye to the Praying Lotus Hall to serve the empress tea.  He held her hand the entire time which surprised the empress a bit.

“You have to live well together in the future!”  The empress sipped the tea before looking at Luo Qing Chen, “The crown prince is normally busy with politics, so Qing’er shouldn’t mind!”

Luo Qing Chen naturally knew what the empress meant by that.  It seemed like the news of Hua Su Ye spending the night in the study had been spread all over the palace.

It was no wonder Du Wan Er came looking for trouble this early.  She thought that she was a crown princess that would never be favoured!

“Un, Qing’er understands!”  Luo Qing Chen gave a dignified slight nod.

“No…..I’m not busy!”  Hua Su Ye turned to look at her.  Although there was a bit of pride in his voice, there was a pampering look in his eyes, “If I knew that it was you, I definitely…..wouldn’t have gone to any study…..”

“Oh?  Ye’er’s words has amused this one’s interest.”  The empress looked at him with a faint smile, “It can’t be that you think Qing’er looks too good that you regret being alone last night?”

“Un.”  He nodded without even thinking, “She looks good, better than anyone.”

“Ha, ha.”  The empress couldn’t help laughing, “I never thought that Ye’er would say such a thing.  It seems like I don’t need to worry about you in the future!”

“Empress, when the crown prince stood up for the crown princess, he really was handsome!”  Huan Huan said on the side with a smile, “You can be assured!”

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