Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 916: Crossdressing: Crown highness’ slight pampering (Part 48)

“Young miss Du told me again and again that his highness wouldn’t like me, but this is a matter of the harem, so how is it related to her?”

She slightly knit her brows, but her eyes were as calm as water and her lips curled into a faint smile as she looked at concubine Lian, “I’m going into the palace to serve tea to the empress, but the time has already passed.  She blocked my way and beat the empress’ maid.  This kind of rebellious behaviour, I wonder if the emperor would punish the Du Family if he knew!”

“You……”  Du Wan Er tightly bit her lip, “You are spitting lies!”

“Alright!”  Concubine Lian cleared her throat, “With this one around, Wan’er can’t cause trouble.”

As soon as her voice fell, concubine Lian ignored Du Wan Er and walked away.

This kind of woman, it wasn’t suited to waste too much time on her.

If Du Wan Er really married into the palace, this idiot might even hurt her one day.

Luo Qing Chen watched concubine Lian leave before turning to Du Wan Er, “Your saviour is gone, do you want to scram?”

“You want me to scram!?”  Du Wan Er roared in a grating voice, “How are you qualified to make me scram?  Crown princess?  Don’t make me laugh so hard my teeth fall out!  His highness will never like you!  You can wait in the eastern palace for death, I, Du Wan Er will be waiting to laugh at you!”

“Young miss is right!”

“That’s right, we’ll never care about people like her!  Truly disgusting, thinking that you could become a phoenix!”

“Young miss, don’t be angry.  She is someone that is a joke.  Marrying his highness for her big sister and still having her nose high up!”


“You want to see who is a joke?”  When Luo Qing Chen was about to raise her hand to slap them, there was a familiar voice that came from behind.

There was a slight chill to it and an unknown excitement.


An hour ago, Hua Su Ye entered the palace early and found Qian Ye An on duty.

The night wind blew and Qian Ye An was stunned when he saw him.

Clenching his fist, he almost swung out.

“Greetings to your highness.”  The imperial guards all bowed.

“Un.”  Hua Su Ye gave a slight nod, but his eyes were fixed on Qian Ye An, “You….come with me.”

When the two went away, Qian Ye An said in an agitated tone, “Isn’t it your highness’ wedding night?  What did you come looking for me for!”

“Wedding night?”  He laughed at himself, “Marrying a girl that I’ve never met and would never love, what kind of wedding night is this!”

Hua Su Ye already no longer had time to investigate, he needed to find him and the fastest way was through Qian Ye An.

After that, it was fine to meet, run away, or do anything.

It’s fine…..to meet!

“Never met?”  Qian Ye An slightly knit his brows as what happened quickly turned in his mind.

Suddenly he said in a voice of understanding, “Do you not know who Qing Chen is?”

“Qing Chen?”  Hua Su Ye looked at Qian Ye An with a confused look, “You’re talking about my princess…..Luo Qing…...Chen.”

His expression changed as he kept talking.  At that moment, it was like he connected everything together, changing the impossible into possible……”

“It can’t be that your highness really doesn’t know that the girl who broke into the eastern palace and you kept behind is your current crown princess, right……”

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