Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 913: Crossdressing: Crown highness’ slight pampering (Part 45)

The maid Huan Huan came in and looked at her in a cute manner, “This servant greets the princess.”

“Un, where’s his highness?”  She knit her brows.  It was already night time, shouldn’t he be back?

“Reporting to your highness, his highness is in the study, taking care of political matters.”  Huan Huan helped her take off the heavy headgear, “He told this servant to help the princess to bed and he would come tomorrow to greet the empress.”

Huan Huan was very obedient and very cautious when she spoke, her actions seemed like…..

“You are someone from the empress!”  Luo Qing Chen had a faint sparkle when she looked at her.

Only the people in the palace would be this trained, they were smarter than most people no matter what.

It was right when you thought about it, this kind of brain was trained from their work, naturally they learned to walk on ice.

“Reporting to the princess!”  Huan Huan’s eyes trembled before she gave a slight nod, “This servant used be the empress’ maid, but the empress was afraid that the princess wouldn’t be used to living in the eastern palace, so she had this servant take care of you.”

“So…..”  She paused before asking, “His highness is in the study taking care of political business……”

“Princess don’t worry, his highness hasn’t seen the princess yet……”  Huan Huan combed her hair as she said, “If he sees you, he would definitely be surprised by the princess!”

Luo Qing Chen didn’t reply and just gave a bitter laugh.  There was a strong moonlight outside and she was all alone in this large room this night.

Was this counted as being abandoned?

At the same time, in the study.

Hua Su Ye was sitting with his red wedding robe, staring out at his table with narrowed deep eyes.

The sun was gradually rising and no matter how he resisted, he had to go serve tea with his so-called princess in the palace today.

But he was unwilling.  He wanted to refute, but he didn’t have a reason to refute.

“Someone, I’m taking a trip into the palace.”  He thought for a long time and finally decided to follow his own ideas.

He must and had to do this.

“But your highness, it isn’t time to serve tea yet.”  Mo Yu replied in a confused voice.

“I’m going to the palace to find someone.”  His deep eyes had a sparkle as he said, “Qian Ye An.”


In the morning, she was wearing a vermillion snow silk robe, looking as perfect as a picture.

After being angry, she got into the sedan at the right time and went to the palace to serve tea.

Huan Huan told her that his highness was already in the palace and she shouldn’t worry.

Actually she really wasn’t worried at all.

Rather she was a bit expectant of how his highness would react when he learned that his princess was her.

She wasn’t angry at him, rather she was a bit worried that he would be angry at her.

After entering the palace, she didn’t use the sedan chair and walked herself.  Before she even went far, she bumped into Du Wan Er who came into the palace to see concubine Lian.

It seemed like the Du Family already knew that if their daughter didn’t go to the crown prince, they had to rely on the other side.

The Du Family had some relationship with concubine Lian before, but now they were getting closer.

“Ai, isn’t this the legendary crown princess?”  Du Wan Er came up with an arrogant look, not bowing at all.  Her eyes were filled with disdain as she said, “Why are you coming to greet the empress alone today?  Where’s his highness?”

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