Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 91

"What? You're Good Jin is Not Always Available?"

Ren Fengjiang was in disbelief at first.

What followed was anger.

"Are you just getting back at me like that because of what happened in the game? Everyone in the game is just playing around. No one would take it seriously. How could you be so ruthless!"

These words trashed the original character’s sincerity.

Ah Jin sneered and said, "I am just playing around. Don't take it seriously."

When Ren Fengjiang heard her say that, a glimmer of hope rose in his heart.

"Really? Then you should go online and clarify the situation. Tell them we were just joking around. It can't be taken seriously."

"Fine. I'll clear it up for you when you're dead."

After that, she hung up the phone.

Ren Fengjiang understood that he had been tricked when he heard a busy beep on the phone.

He called back angrily.

"Sorry. The number you have dialed is not available."

After trying three times in a row, Ren Fengjiang sat down on the floor in despair.

He couldn't figure it out.

He was just playing games on the internet.

He couldn't figure out why he had become so miserable when many people were doing it.

He dared not show his face.

He couldn't go home and even had to cower in a small city to survive on his own.

He was not reconciled to it!

Of course, he wasn't happy about it!

It wasn't like he was doing this sort of thing by himself.

It was the same for almost everyone in the game.

Why should he be subjected to this torture?

He decided to sue!

He prepared the documents.

He found a lawyer and wanted to sue Ah Jin for defamation.

He asked Ah Jin to pay for his emotional damages and his reputation.

He also demanded that the internet companies should withdraw their blocklisting of him.

He also wanted an apology and compensation.

The lawyer dug his ears out in disbelief.

He examined the man in front of him carefully.

After a moment's deliberation, he said politely, "Are you serious?"

Ren Fengjiang replied seriously, "Of course!"

The lawyer turned over the "evidence" he had given him and pointed to a particular spot.

"Look here. It's clear that you slandered someone in the first place. And look here. This picture, and this one, and this one. All of them need to be technically verified. Can you guarantee that you haven't falsified anything? If you are found to have falsified, you will be legally held responsible for fabricating facts."

Ren Fengjiang hesitated.

With some hesitation, he said, "Then delete the picture. Just save the content."

"Can you guarantee that the text is also true?"

The lawyer still didn't believe him.

Ren Fengjiang was annoyed.

"Why are you asking so many questions? As long as you can prosecute her, that's all. Why are you pursuing me?"

The lawyer fixed the gold-rimmed glasses on his nose and pushed the information back.

"I suggest you look elsewhere. I can't do this one."

Ren Fengjiang's fist slammed hard on the table.

There was a loud bang.

"You're afraid I won't pay you if you lose the case! I have money. I can afford it!"

The lawyer put his hands together on the table in front of his chest and calmly said, "It's not a question of money. I don't want to ruin my reputation with this kind of transaction."

Ren Fengjiang said sarcastically, "Don't pretend to be noble. You, lawyers, are all about money, aren't you? If you don't take it, someone else will."

He pulled the folder and slipped it under his armpit.

He walked away with his head held high.

He then went to several firms.

No one took his case.

Finally, he found a firm that was all about money but not about people.

The firm claimed that it would help him win his case by telling them he had been d*mned.

Ren Fengjiang was satisfied.

The only downside was that the firm's price was too high.

He had already spent most of his savings.

But he thought that if he won the case, he would have a large sum of money as compensation.

So he gritted his teeth and went ahead and paid the money.

When Ah Jin received the court notice, she smiled and was a little surprised.

It seemed that the scum of the earth wasn't particularly weak.

He knew how to fight back.

Ah Jin went back to the original post and had the court notice posted.

One thing led to another.

The netizens were shocked.

How could there be such shameless people in the World?

The post had not yet cooled down.

Now it even ignited the heat completely.

Netizens flooded Ah Jin with messages.

They were cheering her on.

They wished her a triumphant return.

Some of them even offered themselves as free lawyers for Ah Jin.

Ah Jin was now a wealthy woman with a lot of money.

Naturally, she hired a top-notch lawyer.

Not just one, but a team.

On the day of the trial, Ren Fengjiang saw the woman he hated so much for the first time.

Her delicate face, high-profile clothes, and the team of lawyers behind her.

All of them manifested one thing.

She was rich.

At that moment, if Ren Fengjiang didn't react, he would be an absolute fool.

He was completely fooled.

That woman was rich.

He had lost his chance of getting his hands on an invisible moneymaker.

The court was in session.

Ah Jin was indifferent the whole time.

She didn't even give him a look.

Under the attack of a powerful team of lawyers and solid evidence, Ren Fengjiang could not fight back.

Not only did he lose his case, but he had also been slapped in the face.

He had to pay Ah Jin a huge sum of money in compensation.

But he had spent all his money on the lawsuit.

He didn't have that kind of money.

He looked at Ah Jin, who was victorious.

He was so angry that he stood up.

Pointing at her and shouted, "I know! You must have gotten yourself involved in a scheme to take advantage of me. That's why you're framing me. You made yourself the victim! Judge, you have to believe me. It must be so! She's a poor student. How did she get the money? You have to investigate her closely!"

Ren Fengjiang's eyes were red.

He looked as if he was crazy.

The judge banged his gavel.

"Keep quiet. Do not make any noise!"

The lawyer hastened to stop him, and he was pushed back into his seat.

Only then did Ren Fengjiang reluctantly shut his mouth.

The judge announced his final verdict.

The court was then closed.

Ah Jin didn't even look at him until she left.

It was like polluting her eyes.

More people started to pay attention to the case.

The news started to pick up on it.

There were even reporters at the entrance of the court.

Ah Jin posed as a member of the legal team.

She got out without any problems.

The rest was left to He Shuchen to clean up.

It was hard for him.

Not only did he have to manage the company's affairs, but he also had to work overtime to clean up after his boss.

Ah Jin opened the car door and got into an inconspicuous black car.

Inside the car were a few people.

When Xiao Jiu saw Ah Jin got into the car, she hurriedly asked, "How was it? Did you have fun? Did you win?"

"No, it wasn't fun. It was incredibly boring. It was not even worth playing. I just came to give away money."

As they talked, Ren Fengjiang came out, too.

The reporters swarmed around him.

Ren Fengjiang was also excited to see the reporters and loudly spoke about his indignation to the camera.

He stressed once again that Ah Jin must have been adopted.

She was a poor student.

How could she get so much money?

He urged the netizens not to be cheated and to keep their eyes open.

At that moment, a reporter seized the opportunity and asked, "May I ask Mr. Ren. Did you win or lose?"

A touch of embarrassment appeared on Ren Fengjiang's excited face.

He looked at the camera and said firmly, "It doesn't matter if I lose this time. But I will definitely appeal again! I've been wrongly judged!"

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