Chapter 90

He and Shen Shui Yan were the only people in the entirety of the Heaven's Rain Palace, so...that had to be Shen Shui Yan.

Without even thinking, Chu Mu Yun rushed over to him and was just about to speak when the man turned around under the moonlight.

In an instant, the glistening stars of the sky and the frosty moon were completely eclipsed.

The man had an astonishing temperament with ink-black hair flowing down like a stream, and a slender, graceful figure beneath his silvery-white robes like that of an immortal.

How could anyone be born with such an outstanding appearance...

Before Chu Mu Yun could even complete his thoughts, he saw his face through the illumination of the moonlight.

...Xie Qian Lan!

He sucked in a breath and a look of undisguised panic flashed past his eyes.

Why is Xie Qian Lan here? How could he be here? Does Shen Shui Yan know? How could he allow Xie Qian Lan to show up in the Heaven's Rain Palace?!

Chu Mu Yun's head was buzzing. Too many garbled thoughts were pouring into his mind and it left him confused. He couldn't make sense of anything at all.

And, right at this moment, Mo Jiu Shao smiled at him.

Chu Mu Yun met his eyes, and in almost an instant, he could feel his blood rapidly boiling from that familiar smile. The heat that seemed to drill into his bones was beginning to spread, layer by layer, just like the waves of the sea, surging, tumbling, before gradually overtaking his heart.

Memories of the countless nights where Xie Qian Lan granted him intense pleasure emerged in Chu Mu Yun's mind. The overwhelming pleasure, enough to drive a man insane, and enough satisfaction to make your scalp tingle...

Knowing that this man ruined him, that he was the culprit of all his disasters, he should draw his blade.

But at this moment, it felt as if Chu Mu Yun had fallen into a spell. Desire took over his reason and dominated his body completely.

He slowly came closer to him and raised his head slightly. Then, with impatience, he took his lips.

Mo Jiu Shao was slightly startled, but Chu Mu Yun put his arms around his neck and reached his tongue out, hooking him in through their mouths...

He really had been well-trained...Mo Jiu Shao lowered his gaze for a moment before pushing him hard. "Shen..."

Before he could finish, Chu Mu Yun spoke, "Xie Qian Lan..." He called out that name softly. In one slight motion from his fingers, his loose robes slid down his arms, and his fair skin was almost glowing underneath the pale moonlight.

Mo Jiu Shao's eyes were filled with surprise.

Chu Mu Yun came closer and stuck his hot skin over his cool robes. He seemed to be in much discomfort, and even his voice was extremely alluring. "Give it to me...please?"

Mo Jiu Shao's eyes deepened, but his expression seemed to show surprise. He felt a little overwhelmed by the current state of affairs, and he spoke in a polite voice, "Mr. Shen, you have the wrong person. I am not..."

But Chu Mu Yun kissed him again. His lips were burning hot, and so was the tip of his tongue. Clearly, he was not in his right mind due to his rut, but t his was such an alluring sight that he wished he could just press him down, and allow this man to tremble in his indulgence to no end.

Mo Jiu Shao almost gave in to the urge of returning his kiss, but fortunately, he picked up the life force of another person.

He pushed him away again, and even cast a spell so that Chu Mu Yun's fallen robes would return to his body.

But it seemed to bother Chu Mu Yun a lot. He easily shook off his loose robes and approached him again...

And, right then, a chill gushed over, and an overwhelming pressure mixed in with anger poured over, crushing the surrounding trees as the entire palace began to shake.

The taut atmosphere of this space that made it hard for even one to breathe allowed Chu Mu Yun to regain his senses a little. As soon as he turned around, he saw the beautifully dressed man standing a short distance away.

His face was ice cold and his pitch-black eyes seemed dark enough to swallow the night. His reason had clearly been burned away by his rage, but a smile still remained at his lips, in a wonderfully charming smile, and yet it felt like a flower floating on top of rotting filth, a frightening sight.

Chu Mu Yun froze.

Shen Shui Yan opened his mouth to speak. "You really can't stop thinking about him, can't you?"

Chu Mu Yun finally regained his senses. His mind spun extremely slowly, and due to the heat of his body, he had no idea what he had just done when he lost himself earlier.

But now...he saw it. He saw what he had done.

Inside the courtyard right outside his room, he took off his clothes and, without any shame, seduced a...a...a man.

Chu Mu Yun's face paled. He opened his mouth, wanting to explain. "Xiao Yan...I..."

Shen Shui Yan pulled him over and with great force, locked Chu Mu Yun in his arms. Following that, Shen Shui Yan secured his waist with one hand with enough force that he could snap him in half.

Chu Mu Yun did not dare to move a single muscle.

Shen Shui Yan said to Mo Jiu Shao, "My apologies for showing you such an embarrassing scene, Mr. Mo."

Mo Jiu Shao frowned slightly.

Without saying a single word more, Shen Shui Yan turned and left with Chu Mu Yun.

After returning to the room, Shen Shui Yan kissed him harshly before Chu Mu Yun could say anything. There was not a single hint of warmth in his eyes, only a clouded haze of hostility. "You want it that bad, do you? Fine! I'll give it to you! I'll screw you to death right now!"

Chu Mu Yun's body trembled as he spoke, "Xiao Yan, please, listen to me. I...Earlier..."

"Hear you say what? That you still can't forget about Xie Qian Lan? So much that you can't even resist yourself in front of a lookalike? He pushed you away twice, and what did you do? You threw yourself over like a slut! How could you...How could so vile!" Shen Shui Yan bit hard on his collarbone.

The intense pain caused Chu Mu Yun to wrinkle his brows, but he no longer had the energy to defend himself.

Shen Shui Yan was right...He was completely right...

How could he be so vile? Can he really not live without a man? He...didn't even know what he was doing anymore. Can someone like him who can't even control his own body still be considered human?

Ah, that's right. He wasn't human to begin with.

Ice Spirit Beast...Why...Why must Ice Spirit Beasts be this way?

Chu Mu Yun's eyes suddenly widened from Shen Shui Yan's savage brutality.

A tremendous sense of pleasure assaulted his mind, and he seemed to be able to hear all his nerves screaming out at that moment.

That night carried despair and destruction.

The next day, Shen Shui Yan opened his eyes abruptly. Panicking, he turned to his side, and his heart seemed to have stopped beating.

Ah Yun...Ah Yun...

Shen Shui Yan was stunned, and his body stiffened so much that he was just like a frozen statue.

Right at that instant, a knock came from outside.

Shen Shui Yan was so stunned that he didn't even hear it.

Mo Jiu Shao's voice sounded through the door. "Mr. Shen, I just realized that it slipped my mind. I did not think too much about it even though I took Mr. Shen's pulse before this. What happened yesterday night was so strange that I went to check some ancient books, and only then did I realize that Mr. Shen is actually a rare Ice Spirit Beast! Such beasts have to go through a certain estrus period during adulthood, and during this phase, the desires of their bodies will most certainly cause them to lose themselves..."

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