Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 90

Ren Fengjiang was satisfied with the storm he had caused.

However, he was not satisfied with the comments.

He bought water army to increase the number of comments on his post.

He wanted to let people in the game community see it and let people in other networks know about it.

Some people were defending her.

Ah Jin's fans argued under the post, accusing him of making something out of nothing and throwing mud around.

Unfortunately, the netizens who had shit for brains didn't believe them.

The fans' posts were quickly flooded.

Xiao Jiu looked at the post and laughed maniacally, slapping You Qian's shoulder.

"I am dying of laughter ......hahaha."

In the post, each of them starred in different roles.

Xiao Jiu was the poor little girlfriend who didn't know her boyfriend was taken away from her, living in deception every day.

The "goddess wh*re" was treated sincerely as a bosom friend.

You Qian was the one having fun with the other girl.

You Qian, the scum, went behind his girlfriend’s back to mess around with the "goddess wh*re.”

You Qian's face darkened as he continued to read on.

There were even pictures posted below.

The pictures should have been secretly taken at a strange angle.

The three people in the photo stood in a triangular position.

Ah Jin's back was facing the camera, and her expression could not be seen.

Xiao Jiu was looking up at her, clinging to her arm and acting all cute.

Under the picture was a caption, “The scum man and scum woman lovingly look at each other.”

The scene was naturally not unfamiliar to You Qian.

Between them, such a scene was staged every day.

Of course, the truth was not "lovingly look at each other," as the picture stated.

Ah Jin was just using Xiao Jiu to provoke him madly.

He could still think of that smirking face in his mind.

You Qian looked at the cheerful Xiao Jiu.

Seriously, he said, "The post gave me a chance to be a scumbag. When are you going to give me a chance?"

Xiao Jiu grabbed her bag and said quickly, "I remember that Xiao Jin wants to see me for dinner.

I have to go now."

You Qian looked at her fleeing figure and shook his head helplessly.

When would the long road of chasing his wife end?

It was true that she had run away, and it was also true that she was meeting Ah Jin for dinner.

Xiao Jiu picked up a piece of the first-rate mutton.

The mutton was sliced to the right thickness, decorated with red and white snowflakes patterns.

It was cooked red in a buttered pan and was ready to eat in seconds.

The mutton was fatty but not greasy.

It was served with a hot and spicy base that left a lasting taste in the mouth.

Xiao Jiu was sweating profusely.

She couldn't be bothered to mention the post to Ah Jin.

After the duo buried themselves in their food, they ordered an after-dinner dessert to ease the spicy taste of the hot pot earlier.

It was then that Xiao Jiu spoke up and asked, "Sister, have you read the post? What are you going to do? Should we call the police and sue them?"

Ah Jin took a bite of the pudding.

The pudding was silky smooth and tender in the mouth.

Ah Jin narrowed her eyes in pleasure.

"What's done on the internet is done on the internet. Why be so serious?"

Xiao Jiu wondered, "What do you want to do?"

Ah Jin smiled, "I want him to lose his reputation."

Xiao Jiu looked at the lovely face and listened to her words.

How did she look like someone who was going to commit suicide?

Once again, she felt that You Qian was mistaken.

Ah Jin's words were not just words.

She had fleshed out Ren Fengjiang.

There was a reason why the scumbag was called a scumbag in the post.

He hooked up with all kinds of young girls in the game and hugged the female sponsor.

In reality, with his good looks, he also stepped into two boats at once.

That was why he refused to come out when the original character asked him out.

He was too busy for two.

He didn't have time for the third one.

The chat history was much better than the photos, where you could imagine things.

Ah Jin hacked his account and saved the chat messages, and posted them all in a thread.

The chat messages included those of the original character and the female sponsor and those of other young girls.

In the game, someone's reputation would be ruined if they were not as good as others.

This underhanded way sparked public outrage.

As soon as the reply post came out, it had been met with a thousand waves.

The keyboard warriors got their faces smashed in, and Ah Jin's fans were finally able to see the light of day again.

The situation in the post began to reverse.

The netizens and Ah Jin's fans, who had been punched in the face, swarmed against him.

Some of them even went to Ah Jin's house, following her address.

They went to her house and wrote vicious words all over her door.

Ren Fengjiang also received threatening messages and was almost beaten up when he was recognized when he went out to buy something.

Although outsiders did not beat him, his two girlfriends came together and beat him up.

Ren Fengjiang made a name for himself in the city.

The landlord was not willing to rent the house to him anymore.

He had no choice but to give up everything and leave the city for another small city.

Do you think that was the end of it?

Of course not.

The female sponsor had been played for a fool.

She was also outraged that she was almost cheated.

Naturally, she wanted revenge too.

Ren Fengjiang had finished his real-life ordeal.

But now, it was time for another torture in the game.

The female sponsor spent a lot of money to find someone who would kill him every day.

It was only when she killed him out of the game that she was able to take a breath of relief.

The scum couldn't play Fantasy World, but he wasn’t bummed out either.

It wasn't the only game he could play.

He could just play something else.

As it turned out, he bought a game and found that he couldn't log in at all.

The system refused to register him.

Ah Jin spent money on the game companies, and they were happy to receive the funds and free advertisements.

So, Ren Fengjiang read the news in the gaming circle that such and such game companies had blocklisted him.

Messages were sent from one company after another.

All he could see was blackness.

The end of his life should be at hand.

He had the idea that there was no point in living anymore.

At that moment, his mobile phone rang.

It was an unknown number.

He had changed his mobile phone number since he moved to this city.

Could it be someone from the internet calling again?

He didn't answer and hung up the phone.

But the person on the other end didn't seem to want to give up.

The person called him again and again.

Ren Fengjiang felt that he had already been scolded like that.

What difference would it make if he was scolded again?

It was better to answer the phone rather than to keep calling him over and over again.

He picked up the phone, "Hey?"

To his surprise, there was no nasty name-calling on the other end.

Instead, a soft female voice rang out.

"Hello, Ren Fengjiang."

Ren Fengjiang was relieved.

Fortunately, it was not a curser.

"What can I do for you?"

The female voice on the other side of the line chuckled.

"Oh, I should introduce myself. I am 'Come and K*ll Me'."

Ren Fengjiang's face cracked.

He shouted at the phone, "You've come to see me as a joke, haven't you? Now, are you satisfied? What the hell do you have against me!"

The female voice on the other end continued, "Take it easy. Hear me out. You should know me by another name."

Ren Fengjiang suppressed his anger and asked, "What name?"

Ah Jin's eyes darkened, and she laughed softly.

"Good Jin is Not Always Available."

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