My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 9: Seizing the Position

After walking for two days, Jing Yue arrived at a valley.

The valley was filled with grass and flowers, billowing with clouds. Under an enormous boulder, Jing Yue found young buds of the Golden Chestnut Flower, which remained unpicked because the appearance was quite similar to ordinary weeds.

With his objective achieved, Jing Yue could not help being happy about it. He carefully collected the flowers and kept them in his Qiankun pouch.

Suddenly, he noticed people coming this way, and he quickly hid behind the boulder, shrouding himself with divine consciousness.

From a distance, three young men appeared, and they looked quite unfamiliar.

The blue phoenix, who had been very obedient the past few days, said in a fawning manner, “I’ve seen them before. The two in front are the sons of the Chen family head, Chen Liu and Chen Fang, the taller one being Chen Liu. The one at the back was the son of the third wife, Chen Hui.”

Jing Yue rarely confined the blue phoenix. When he was cultivating, the blue phoenix would usually loiter outside, so it was not surprising for it to recognize people from the Chen family. Despite that, Jing Yue never imagined that the blue phoenix would read porn.

Chen Liu said, “The Chu family is getting more conceited. Ever since Chu Yun advanced to level 9 Qi Refining, even his son was swollen-headed, completely disregarding us!”

Chen Hui of the third wife sighed, “Since grandfather passed away, the strongest cultivator in our family, our second uncle, is only a level 8 Qi Refining. The realm of cultivation is dictated by strength. The family head of the Chu family is stronger than us, of course they’d have their noses up in the air.”

Chen Liu fumed, “What’s that supposed to mean? Are you putting the blame on my father? If grandfather did not favor the first wife that much and gave them all the good resources, with my father’s talents, he’d have established his foundation long ago! Humph, so what if they were favored? There’s nothing left in that lineage but a wastrel that can no longer cultivate!”

Hearing Chen Liu’s harsh words, Chen Hui was also getting angry, and deliberately scorned, “Even a wastrel like Chen Shi could s*ck up to the Hall of Fiery Pill. If he wanted to seize the position of the family head, Second Uncle would have no choice but to give it up with both hands. Furthermore, how did he end up being a wastrel in the first place, all of us are aware of the circumstances!”

Chen Liu, “You…”

“That’s enough! Say no more!” A silent Chen Fang finally spoke up, “We belong to the same family, and we must stay united in the face of adversity or prosperity. Internal fighting would only embarrass us in front of others!”

Next, he said to Chen Hui, “Hui, stop spouting nonsense. Jing Yue’s origins had not been verified. Although we heard there was a traveling disciple from the Hall of Fiery Pill, that person may not be him. In case he was just faking it and you’ve said something inappropriate, our family might get into trouble if the Hall of Fiery Pill pursued the matter!”

Jing Yue could not help laughing when he heard this and marveled at the coincidence. No wonder the Chen family did not disturb him in the past few months, it turned out that they were still uncertain about his identity.

Chen Hui pursed his lips. Would the internal fighting within the Chen family get any lesser?

At this moment, someone approached.

Chen Hui turned towards that direction unconsciously, and realized that it was the subject of their discussion, Chu Xiao, the son of Chu Yun, and… Chen Liu’s fiancée, Jiang Yu-er.

“Yu-er!” Chen Liu ran excitedly to her, quickly replaced by a sneer when he noticed Chu Xiao, “Why are you together with Yu-er?”

Chu Xiao smiled flippantly, “Yu-er, tell your fiancé why am I together with you?”

Jiang Yu-er flicked a glance at him and said coyly, “Who’s my fiancé? His cultivation level is less than mine, how could such a fool be worthy of me?”

Chen Liu was shocked and angry. Jiang Yu-er was betrothed to him six years ago. She was the niece of the Jiang family head, and their social standing was quite comparable. Originally, the planned wedding date was this year, but now, not only did Jiang Yu-er belittled him in front of Chu Xiao, but she also said he was unworthy of her?

Moreover, looking at the intimate attitude displayed by the two, their relationship was clearly not innocent!

Chen Liu’s face turned a myriad of colors, even his hands were shaking, “You… you slut! I’m going to tell my father about this!”

Not only him, even Chen Hui who just argued with Chen Liu, was angry from the humiliation, “Jiang Yu-er, the words you uttered today, we’ll definitely ask the Jiang family head for a proper explanation!”


Chu Xiao and Jiang Yu-er laughed at the same time, and the latter said, “So what if Chen Yong knew about it? Speaking of which, he should be grateful to the Jiang family instead. If it wasn’t for the Jiang family, who kindly got rid of the descendants of the first wife for you, how could Chen Yong become the head of the family?”

Jiang Yu-er’s words struck like thunder in the ears of the Chen family. So, Chen Qi was actually harmed by the Jiang family?

Chen Fang was the first to react, and he drew his sword abruptly towards Jiang Yu-er. The latter moved away quickly, but her clothes were pierced. Livid, she drew out a whip and threw it at Chen Fang, and they fought each other at one side.

Chen Liu and Chen Hui finally came back to their senses and joined in the battle, while Chu Xiao, whose cultivation level was one step higher than the two, blocked them easily.

The two sides fought more and more intensely, finally releasing all the techniques they knew. Chu Xiao caught on to Chen Liu’s misstep and pierced through his heart with a fire-blade technique.

A desperate cry was heard from Chen Liu before he drew his last breath.

Chen Hui and Chen Fang were shocked. They never expected Chu Xiao to kill one of them! No wonder they revealed the truth about Chen Qi’s death, they had planned to kill them all along!

A trickle of fear rose in Chen Hui’s heart, and he crushed a teleportation charm given by the elders to escape from this place. Unfortunately, he was stopped by Chu Xiao, who severed his arms cruelly. Chen Hui rolled on the ground howling in pain.

Chen Fang was getting anxious and stepped up his offensive. He was Jiang Yu-er’s equal in strength, so the fight between the two was parallel for a while. Unpredictably, Chu Xiao launched a sneak attack on him, but with a loud ‘bang’, a translucent curtain lit up and blocked Chu Xiao’s assault.

Chen Fang was frightened out of his wits. If his father had not given him a low-grade item for self-protection, he would have lost his life!

While the item was still in effect, Chen Fang quickly crushed his teleportation charm and disappeared without a trace.

At this moment, the only people left on the scene were Chu Xiao, Jiang Yu-er, and Chen Hui, who was still howling on the ground.

Chu Xiao walked in front of Chen Hui and brandished his sword at him, “Your brother has escaped and left you here all alone.”

Chen Hui’s voice was hoarse and he gritted his teeth, “Chen Fang has escaped. What you did will be exposed. The Chen family is not going to let you off!”

Chu Xiao’s mouth turned up the corners, and his tone was casual, “So what? You’re going to die anyway.”

Jiang Yu-er furrowed her brows, “Stop talking nonsense with him!”

Chu Xiao said, “Since Yu-er has spoken, you should leave in peace then.”

With a cold flash of the sword, Chen Hui was gone.

Stepping in the pools of blood, Chu Xiao stripped the two corpses of their Qiankun pouch indifferently and broke through the restriction.

He shook the contents of the pouches onto the ground and asked Jiang Yu-er, “Anything you want?”

Jiang Yu-er’s eyes swept across the ground, noticed her handkerchief among Chen Liu’s belongings, and a look of disgust flashed across her expression, “So meaningless, a bunch of trash.”

After that, she turned and left. Chu Xiao smiled and shook his head, kept the Qiankun pouches and followed her.

Once everyone was gone, Jing Yue came out from his hiding place behind the boulder.

Just now, he was calmly watching as the drama unfolded, without a shred of sympathy.

Whether he was being ruthless or cold-blooded, he would never take the risk of rescuing a venomous snake; never ever.

Jing Yue gazed at the corpses on the ground and released a palm-lightning technique. A pit was blasted out of the ground, Jing Yue waved his hands, the corpses of Chen Hui and Chen Liu fell into the pit and the gravel fell on top, burying them.

He looked at the direction Chu Xiao and Jiang Yu-er headed to, and thought to himself. It turned out that the Jiang and Chen family had already joined forces, and Lil Pebble’s father was actually killed by the Jiang Family, but why had Chu Xiao and Jiang Yu-er spared Chen Fang’s life?

The Chen brothers were caught in the turmoil and oblivious to this, but Jing Yue saw everything clearly. The pair had more than enough skills to kill Chen Fang, but they allowed him to leave. Were they not afraid Chen Fang would expose them?

Looking at their brazen attitude, however, it seemed pre-arranged… deliberately revealing the cause of Chen Qi’s death, deliberately allowing Chen Fang’s escape.


Jing Yue suspected there was a change in the outside world, and since he had already obtained the Golden Chestnut Flower, so he hurried towards the exit of the hidden realm.

Another two days passed and Jing Yue finally returned to Megasun City.

Sure enough, the entire city was talking about the grudge between Chu-Jiang and the Chen.

According to hearsay, Chen Yong had lodged the case to the mayor’s office, with the hope that the Zhao family would seek justice for him. After learning about what happened in the hidden realm and the truth behind Chen Qi’s death, Mayor Zhao Huai agreed to protect the Chen family.

In the end, the mayor decided to host a banquet two days later, inviting the family heads of the three great families to jointly resolve this matter.

The city was soon abuzz with all sorts of rumors, some said the mayor had invited the Tower of Desert Snake to supervise the discussion, others said the Chu-Jiang had compromised with the mayor to share the resources of the Chen with the Zhao, and some even said the Zhao would cooperate with the Chen to overturn the Chu-Jiang…

In short, gossips were flying all over the sky.

In Minisun Town, Old man Liu was depressed. The Chen family had sent someone to invite him and Lil Pebble, with the hope he would discard the past animosity and support the Chen family during critical moments.

After all, there was a shortage of people at the Chen family now.

He was well aware that those people were mainly here for Jing Yue, but he was caught in a dilemma, wondering if he should attend. Although he was angry at the ruthless and hard-hearted Chen Yong, he owed a debt of gratitude to the Chen family, and the old patriarch of the Chen family, whom he owed his life to, had given his all to the Chen family.

Furthermore, Jiang family killed Chen Qi, caused the internal struggle within the Chen, and indirectly harmed Lil Pebble. Old man Liu was consumed with fury and wanted to rush into the Jiang family and avenge Chen Qi.

“You should go,” Jing Yue said placidly.

Old man Liu, “My cultivation level is too low. If anything happened, I’m afraid I can’t protect Lil Pebble.”

Jing Yue, “But if you don’t go, can you accept it? Can you watch the fall of the Chen family without doing anything? If you don’t go this time, Lil Pebble will never get another chance to reclaim the Chen family. People will always remember, when the Chen family was facing difficulties, he chose to stay away.”

Old man Liu fell silent.

On the night before the banquet, Jing Yue found a small wooden plaque and carved some twisted sigils on it. After that, he branded his divine consciousness on the sigils, and instantly, the wooden plaque seemed to come alive, emitting blue light.

In the flow of the dazzling light, the lines of the sigils shone brightly and merged into a few bold and powerful words – Frostcloud Sect.

The day of the banquet.

As soon as Old man Liu stepped into the great hall together with Lil Pebble and Jing Yue, he saw a young man dressed in yellow robes on the main seat. His skin was pale, with dark and piercing eyes, and a tattoo of a curled spiral snake on his chest,

Tower of Desert Snake!

Indeed, Zhao family had invited the Tower of Desert Snake to supervise the discussion!

Very soon, the heads of the four great families were seated. Among them, Chen Yong and Mayor Zhao Huai were placed on the right, while Chu and Jiang were placed on the left. The clear divide was quite startling, and undercurrent surged in the air.

At first, the participants were quite cautious in their approach, greeting each other pretentiously.

However, when Zhao Huai asked Chu Yun if he knew Chu Xiao had attacked and killed the juniors of the Chen family in the hidden realm, Chu Yun simply smiled arrogantly, as if Zhao Huai was an inferior.

Zhao Huai felt something off about it, narrowed his eyes and asked coldly, “Chu family head, what’s the meaning of this?”

Chu Yun stood up, flicked an imaginary speck of dust off his robes, and slowly lifted his eyes to meet Zhao Huai, “What I meant was, the position of the city mayor, it’s time for a change!”

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