For Some Reason, the School Goddess Likes to Hang Out at My House

Chapter 9 - The Goddess is Somewhat Off? (リア神はどこかズレている?)

After I finished my part-time job, I walked on the road that I had gotten used to. Today, Wakamiya was walking beside me with light steps.

I'm sure it's because her parents didn't scold her today. After all, they always got angry at her for going home late at night.

Since it's still past six, the clear ultramarine west sky was dyed with a thin red color. If I took a picture of Wakamiya with that sky as the background, I might even win a competition.

This scenery matched Wakamiya so well. I guess it was something normal for such a picturesque girl.

"The sky is still bright."

"You're right. I think it's beautiful."

An experienced man would probably have said one or two cheesy lines here to praise Wakamiya.

Even so, I could only reply to her with a short 'yes'. It might take me decades before I could say something slightly better in this situation.

But of course, there was a great chance that I wouldn't be able to say it even after decades. How pitiful...

"By the way, we're walking on the same road as usual, but... Tokiwagi-san, this is really the way to your house, right?"

"What do you mean?"

"No, I'm wondering if you're trying to send me home so you can get away from your study."

"Hahaha. No way. My house is also in this way.”

"I didn't know that... Sorry for doubting you."

"Don't worry about it," I answered with an ambiguous smile However, I was thinking of doing that as my last stand... I couldn’t do that anymore now. "Hey, Wakamiya-san. You're really coming to my house?"

"Of course."

"...But I'm a man."

"I know that. I never thought that you're a woman."

"No, no, that's not what I'm trying to say... You're going to a young man's house... er... don't you think that's dangerous?"


Wakamiya looked like she just noticed the danger of her actions. Her cheeks became flushed.

"I had forgotten about that..."

"So you finally get it. Then let's cancel this study session——"

"It's rude if I don't bring a box of confectioneries when visiting, right!"

"What? Box of confectioneries?"

"Yes! I'm going to visit Tokiwagi-san's house. You have always been taking care of me, so it's very rude of me to your parents not to bring anything!"

"You're worrying about that!? Why!?"

"This is common sense."

"I've never heard of this, though... You don't need to prepare anything, you know?"

"I'll decide whether I need to do it or not."

She really didn't have to do that. There's no one at home anyway...

But Wakamiya's eyes were resolute. It's clear that she wouldn't withdraw. I had been talking to her in the last few days, but Wakamiya always rushed things recklessly, didn't she?

After this, Wakamiya forced me to go to a convenience store. There, she purchased a box of confectioneries.

Convenient store these days sure was handy...

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