After Rebirth, the Scum All Cry for Forgiveness

Chapter 9 - Fiancé and younger brother both looked indifferent, what happened?!

Meng Shixuan tightly gripped the strap of her school bag and turned to look at the back of the classroom again.

She grew up with Shi Zhitang and Zhong Xiyou, and they usually went home together. Shi Zhitang will take her to the school gate and only enter the Shi family’s car after seeing her get onto hers. Yes, they have been like this for the past eighteen years.

Although it was an arranged betrothal made by the Zhong family and Shi family, Shi Zhitang doted on her a lot and was the perfect fiance. If she had forgotten to have breakfast in the morning, he would specially go to the small shop to buy a bento and gently put it on her table. This made Lan Jiajia and the others envious. It wasn't just Lan Jiajia. Who in the entire school wouldn't envy her? Shi Zhitang is tall, handsome and very talented, it is not an exaggeration to say that he is a prince on a white horse.

But now ——

She watched as Shi Zhitang stoically put his textbooks and pens into his school bag without so much as glancing at her, as if he had completely forgotten that she was waiting for him. She couldn’t help but frown. What is going on?

She was unable to refrain from walking over first: "Zhitang, are you still not leaving?"

Shi Zhitang raised his head and saw that Meng Shixuan had taken off her school uniform jacket and slung it over her arm with her school bag. She was wearing only a smoky-gray knitted dress, which outlined her elegant figure. She was leaning down slightly while smiling at him.

Meng Shixuan was elegant and beautiful. Even though the boys in the class knew about her relationship with Shi Zhitang, they couldn't help but ogle at her. After they felt satisfied from gazing at her beauty, they booed, "Shi Zhitang, what are you doing? Why are you making people wait for you?"

Wait? Shi Zhitang's heart was full of mockery. The memory of the cold shoulder that he was given in his last life was still revolving around in his mind. He realized that he had never seen Meng Shixuan clearly. Meng Shixuan is gentle and harmless on the surface, but what was she thinking in her heart? Bits and pieces from his previous life, played over and over in his mind these past two days, and he increasingly felt that Meng Shixuan was not as pure and gentle as she appeared on the surface.

"I have something to do, you go on ahead." Without even looking at Meng Shixuan, he threw his school bag onto his back and walked straight to the door.

These words all contained a sense of estrangement, which seemed to be very different from before.

Meng Shixuan can now confirm that these two days were indeed not her imagination and Shi Zhitang really was avoiding and treating her coldly, but why? She felt slightly angry, but she took a deep breath and smiled. She quickened her pace to follow him and spoke with a playful voice: "What’s wrong? Have something on your mind?"

"No." Shi Zhitang put one hand in his pocket and continued walking forward.

Two boys holding basketballs came walking towards them. They saw him and Meng Shixuan walking downstairs together, and one of them asked with a smile: "Oh, little sweethearts. Shi Zhitang, isn't tomorrow the weekend? Do you want to play basketball?"

When Shi Zhitang heard the words "little sweethearts", his brows furrowed in disgust, but when he heard the following sentence, he immediately turned around to Meng Shixuan, as if he was relieved of a heavy load, "I'm playing basketball, you go back yourself today. "

It turns out that he wanted to play basketball. Meng Shixuan's expression eased a little, her cheeks revealing dimples: "Okay."

Upon seeing this, the two boys facing them couldn't help teasing, "Such good feelings between you two, I’m so envious." One of the boys who wore glasses came over and handed two bottles of cold drinks to Shi Zhitang and Meng Shixuan, saying, "It's hot, I just bought it."

The boy was still blushing slightly and specially handed Meng Shixuan the strawberry flavor. Meng Shixuan is the goddess of the school. Even though everyone knew that she already has Shi Zhitang, the boyfriend who was betrothed to her, she was still an existence that people revolved around. Boys would buy two more bottles of cold drinks and remember to buy one bottle of the flavour she liked.

Meng Shixuan tucked her hair behind her ear and laughed, "Thank you."

The boy's eyes focused.

Meng Shixuan took the cold drink and subconsciously acted spoiled, curling her lips as she handed it to Shi Zhitang. Usually, Shi Zhitang would treat her with great care and would help her with anything, even if it was unscrewing a bottle cap. But now when she handed it over, Shi Zhitang turned around as if he hadn't seen it, and seemed to be a little impatient: "Quickly go home."

Meng Shixuan immediately froze with shock.

There were people watching her by the side and she had thoroughly lost face, wishing to dig and hide herself in a hole in the ground. She looked at Shi Zhitang and the bad premonition in her heart became stronger and stronger.

She thought back about this all the way to the school gate. What was happening between her and Shi Zhitang these days? Shi Zhitang was not only avoiding her, but even the look in his eyes had changed. Shi Zhitang's cold and indifferent tone earlier made her very uncomfortable. If it wasn’t because other people were present, she would’ve flared up —— but what happened?

Even though Meng Shixuan already knew her true past, she had been pampered and spoiled in the Zhong family for the past fifteen years! What's more, even after the Zhong family knew her of real past, they still loved her very much! She already tried treating him nicely once and was given the cold shoulder, so how could she still continue doing it?

She finally couldn't suppress her anger and walked quickly to the school gate, thinking with a sneer, it seems that Shi Zhitang doesn't want to marry her anymore. Fine! The one who will come back and beg when the time comes won’t be her anyway!


When she opened the car door and entered, she found that Zhong Xiyou was not waiting for her in the car. Meng Shixuan was shocked again. She frowned and threw the schoolbag aside, combed her hair, and asked, "Where is Xiyou?"

The Zhong family’s driver said: "Young Miss, Young Master seems to have something urgent. He did not get into the car and left first."

"Okay, go home first." Meng Shixuan wrinkled her brows and crossed her arms, looking out the window in a bad mood. It wasn’t only Shi Zhitang who had a bad attitude, even Zhong Xiyou was a little strange.

This younger brother of hers was someone who was completely devoted to his sister and he was usually very obedient, extremely caring, and treated her more intimately than Shi Zhitang. After all, the two have grown up together and out of the 24 hours in a day, they were stuck to each other for more than 10. No one can destroy the relationship between them.

When Zhong Youyou returned to the house, she was worried that Zhong Xiyou would not be firm enough and that his feelings for her would be divided and given to Zhong Youyou. But who knew that even though Zhong Xiyou knew that Zhong Youyou was his biological sister, he still unconditionally stood by her side the same as before. He was even afraid that Zhong Youyou will bully her and protected her regardless of whether she was right or wrong.

In all these years, whether it was windy or rainy, Zhong Xiyou will definitely wait for her at the school gate. Lan Jiajia laughed and said, if it wasn’t known that Zhong Xiyou and her were siblings, she would have thought that Zhong Xiyou was in love with his biological elder sister — for something that can be said to never change no matter what, how could it have changed today? What urgent matter did he have to actually make him abandon her?

Meng Shixuan thought of Zhong Xiyou's somewhat cold tone in the morning and the bad feeling in her heart became stronger.

She urged the driver to get home quicker.


Meanwhile, Zhong Youyou walked around the mall till she became dizzy, carrying a dozen bags on both arms that left marks on her delicate fair skin. When passing the security guard at the escalator, she smiled when she saw the security guard looking at her all the time.

Who knew that when this beautiful smile fell in the eyes of the security guard who had never seen the world and just got on duty, the security guard blushed and came up to ask her if she needed a delivery service. The things bought in the mall can be packed directly in the service area and then delivered to her door.

Zhong Youyou naturally nodded.

Just now, she had madly used up part of her fortune and bought a few large bags filled with all kinds of beautiful skirts and sheepskin high heels, and only paid less than 100,000. She couldn’t believe how the original owner had lost all 90 million. With this money, she could leave the Zhongs and live alone, find a small city, and eat without needing to work until she died, okay?! Why would you insist on mingling with that outrageous family?!

I have to say, clothes maketh the man.

Although a Zhong Youyou in a school uniform can support that beautiful face, when she transformed into a Zhong Youyou in a delicately tailored skirt, she had changed even more. She looked natural and unrestrained, had a leisurely and elegant posture, and looked more like a tasteful Ms Perfect than before.

Ms Perfect - internet slang for fair-skinned, rich and beautiful

As long as the original owner found some fashion magazines to read, or casually buy them, her taste wouldn’t have been so messy and vulgar.

There was a dazzling array of goods in the mall. Once you have money, paradise awaits you. Zhong Youyou had never thought about this before because she had no money. But now, with the money overflowing from her pockets, her body felt light and refreshed all over!

Fortunately, she was a person with self-control. When she reached her goal, she didn't stay in the mall any longer. That’s right, she has goals.

The original owner was very beautiful, and so she wanted to maximise this body’s beauty. She understood very well that her excellent grades and her pretty face were all her weapons. Now, what she has to do now is to strengthen her weapons.

The author has something to say:

I saw a small partner urging to hurry Meng Shixuan out of this house, but the abuse must be done step by step.

What can be guaranteed is that I like feel-good texts and will not abuse the heroine.

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